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Herobrine’s Story- Based on a True Story

Hey, I’m back with a twisted true story that happened to me, but not this bad.

For everyone who knows me, or checked out my youtube account, I love Minecraft. This when herobrine came to play.

As usual, I go to boot up my X-box when my brother sent me a message on my phone

“Found a map for Youtube for you,” texted my brother.

“O.K, I look at it,” I replied

I was lying; I didn’t care about his new idea. Upside-down rollercoasters and a mod that can fly and poops out rainbows. So, this time I gave him a chance. I typed up the seed and named it “SAVE SANTA CRAFT”. I set the game to invite-only so no one would wreck it.

I was going to use the map for an adventure map when I spawned in a forest. The forest was bare of leaves. I didn’t care at all, It just gave me more space. I started the spawn area and started on the map…

3 weeks later…

I completed the areas and was on the boss battle. the idea is to create a TNT launcher to defeat Poopsie, a giant ice monster. I finished the area and was creating the victory platform when my friend, Douglas, ask for chat knowing I was busy. I was chatting about how I was going to start a youtube account and that’s when I saw it.

Netherack. One piece of netherack. I thought it was odd so I mined it and I saw him. I screamed I’m not joking. Douglas thought I had been stabbed. I told him who I saw and of course, he didn’t believe me. I left space and came back, he was gone, all was left was a sign saying

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“Hear the sound of Hell”

I told Douglas,

“Douglas, Invite now.”

With no rush, he joined. He had only one idea: the Nether. It’s once I jumped into the portal and sound was made. it sounded like a ghast but seemed too real. Like a little child being tortured. A message popped up, Scared because no one can make messages appear unless you die or spawn too many animals:

“See how it feels”

The screen went dark and Douglas was kicked from the game by a player who called “H.I.M”

A new message appeared,

“Look at me!”

This message repeated 7 times until the screen was no longer black and I saw Herobrine, He was covered with scars and his white eyes look like he had been crying. I started to cry, No longer having Douglas to tell.

Without any idea, I shouted:

“How did this happened”
He seemed to listen to me.
“He Did.”

I thought for a while and remembered. Notch. He has been trying to get rid of Herobrine but it didn’t work. Each time he tried, he tortured Herobrine and that’s why his pupils are gone. Herobrine must have been a “Steve” who want to leave so Notch tried to get rid of him. He replied,

“Kill me”

I knew how to do it. I left the game and I knew what to do. I went to delete save and clicked yes. Just to make sure Herobrine was dead, I grabbed my grans’ old lighter and set the piece of paper with the seed, what I transferred from the phone, on it on fire. I then went to delete the text, I came back and the ashes stoped burning with only three letters on it.

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Credit To – I hope this one is better the last, Luigi’s end, and just to annoy everyone, HERE’S MY YOUTUBE ACCOUNT! PS. the only bit was true was the map name and The scream bit. I made up the rest but I have refused for me and Douglas to tell, till now.

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Not much is known about Brian Z. Some say it's because he is secretly preparing for the Z poc, others say it's because of the "incident" at Chicago Walker Stalker Con. All that we know for certain is he loves sci-fi, horror, and zombies.

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