Help Make G. E. Gallas’ ‘The Plague and Doctor Caim’ Graphic Novel a Reality

G.E. Gallas' unique graphic novel has almost reached its crowdfunding goal in its first two days and you can help Doctor Caim become a reality! 

The UK-based independent publisher Cast Iron Books launched a Kickstarter for G.E. Gallas' graphic novel The Plague and Doctor Caim this week and it has already raised over $3000 of the necessary $5,500 to fund production and distribution costs. And who wouldn't want a gorgeous 112-page full-color original graphic novel from the acclaimed creator G.E. Gallas?

The Plague and Doctor Caim follows the life of a 17th-century plague doctor: an Everyman with a beak. One day, Doctor Caim is hired by a village to treat both the rich and the poor. The doctor readily accepts this position but goes about the work with much trial and error. Doctor Caim encounters patients from all walks of life, experimenting with treatments while monitoring his own health and watching the stars for omens… With the aesthetic of a medieval illuminated manuscript,  you won't want to miss out on this wholly unique experience.

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Did that catch your attention? If so, you are probably wondering what's in it for you. Well, Cast Iron Books explains on Kickstarter that every backer will receive an e-book edition of The Plague and Doctor Caim, as well as a bookmark, bookplate, art print or postcard set, and a Limited Edition Doctor Caim Coin badge! These benefits vary, depending on which level you choose to support the graphic novel.

G. E. Gallas is a writer and illustrator best known for her graphic novel The Poet and the Flea about the poet-painter William Blake. After studying the Japanese language and culture for many years, she spent a year abroad in Tokyo, Japan. She graduated from New York University: Gallatin School of Individualized Study with a major involving cross-cultural storytelling. She has spoken upon invitation to The Blake Society (London), Yale University School of Drama, and Germanna College (Virginia). Gallas specializes in historical fiction with touches of the fantastical and macabre and is the Founder and member of The Historical Comics Collective.

Once the Kickstarter goal is achieved, Cast Iron Books is aiming to have the book in the hands of readers by June 2021. If you want to help make Gallas' newest graphic novel a reality, you can check out the Kickstarter here.

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