Sam (Calm): Hey Mike what’s up?

Michael (Panicked): Hey…um Sam listen, man, I need you to come down to Maine. Please, man, this is fucking urgent goddamn it!

Michael (voice breaking): I really need you man, PLEASE!

Sam (confused): Slow down Michael, what’s going on???!

Michael (Scared): Get fucked man! I want to li-

Sam (Confused): I’m coming, what’s wrong man?

*Michael Hangs up*

Sam (Questioning): The fuck?

Sam began to question what happened. What was going on? Why did Michael want him to come over? He supposes he wants him to help him load some Drinks to his car. He is a heavy drinker.

Later that day on an invigorating afternoon, Sam was driving to Michael’s estate at an intersection when he saw a white arched figure with ripped clothing from the bush, it had no eyes and ooze of blood raining down from its eye sockets all the way down to its cheek.

Its mouth was wide but it was hard to make out cause of the Sun’s rays hitting down on his car window, it ran faster than a raccoon as it hid back into the bushes and into the woods. The car was put to a halt.

There was no noise just silence as Sam’s heart raced in surprise. He couldn’t comprehend what he just saw thinking to himself that it was just some drunk guy or some wild animal he had never seen before but Sam didn’t care for the thing as long as it stays away from him.

He turns on the radio and steps on the gas and begins driving up to the Estate. The sun was setting and the gate of the estate was closed Sam thought. Sam presses the button to activate the voice box.

Sam: Hey Michael, you there? It’s me, Sam, open the fucking gate dude?

There was no answer. Then at the corner of his eye, the side door for the gate’s security was half-opened. Sam goes inside and activates the gate, Sam then runs back to his car and drives in and parks the car in front of Quadrant house A and the gate closed.

The estate was completely empty. No cars, no visitors, no sound, just the dull wind blowing. Sam could feel the chill blow of isolation with every step and breath he took. Sam goes into the house and goes into the kitchen to see if his cousin was here. There was a note saying:

“Dear Sam, I’m in a meeting with some of my consumers in Quadrant B wait in Quadrant A till I get there I will call to tell you when I’m almost there, in the meantime just watch TV or relax upstairs I’ll be there in a moment.”

Sam could feel a sigh of relief in him, knowing that his cousin was in the house across the way. Sam then decides to do his daily routine by making dinner and watching his favorite television programs nothing unusual.

Then it was night Sam was watching TV and was in the middle of a nap. He heard the phone rang and answered it. It was his cousin calling.

Michael (Dull): I’ll be arriving at Quadrant A soon my nephew, my meeting is done. You should get some rest until I arrive.

Sam (Confused): Michael what the hell’s going on? Why are you talking like that? And why were you calling me on the phone yesterday so scared and shit? Dude the fuck is going on?

Michael (Dull): Don’t worry my cousin we are going to eat when I get there just wait there and don’t leave the Quadrant.

Sam (Confused): Uh…fucking weird much? It’s getting late anyway I’ll just get some sleep or some shit.

Michael (Dull): Yes get some sleep I’ll be there very soon.

*Hangs up*

Michael thought for a brief moment how odd that conversation was, how his cousin was disturbed and scared and seemed panicked. Now Michael seemed dull and careless like an old dog. But that didn't bother Sam as long as his cousin was alright.

Sam then drank some low-fat milk but was hungry for meat. Sam grabbed some freshly baked baby back ribs from the fridge but only cut the center part. But his cousin was a vegetarian? So what was this doing here? How odd Sam thought, Maybe it must be for a friend maybe?

Sam felt too tired to care so he went upstairs; put on his pj's and fell asleep. The night remained silent, with no noise. Sam remained asleep. Then a sound filled one of the rooms across from Sam’s bedroom like a metal pan hitting the counter. Sam opened his eyes and heard loud footsteps.

Sam assumed it must be his cousin. Sam gets up to check but stopped mid-way at the door. Sam saw a big long shadow at the edge of the door; he could remember that creature’s size, how big and thin and tall it was, it had been made of only skin and bones.

Sam thinks fast and closes the door and locks it trying to be very quiet. Sam’s heart begins to panic, his adrenaline kicks in. Sam thinks of his next move carefully and what that monster would do to him.

Sam could feel his death with every move the monster made hoping that it wasn’t coming over to his bedroom as it moved closer, it was quiet, no noise. Sam felt a sigh of relief that the monster had gone away. Then a fast loud shriek was heard behind the door.

Sam then heads for the window quietly with his heart still beating very rapidly. Sam blends in with the bushes for the time. Sam felt so woozy. He was scared out of his mind.

Sam thought to himself that his brother might still be alive and if he manages to get to the other house in time then he might be able to call for help and rescue Michael.

Sam quickly and quietly ran to the house. When Sam got there he prayed for a few moments then got back up on his feet. Sam heads to the phone only to find nothing more than an answering machine with blood coming off it from the antenna to the screen of the contact list then to the floor below the counters.

Sam begins to follow the trail which leads down the hall to the edge of the basement door. Sam thought to himself if he dared to go down there alone? But Sam continued moving and moving as the blood path begins to appear somewhat faded. The grey halls are lit with old used light bulbs.

Sam moves closer to the center door, Sam could smell what is believed to be rotten garbage. But as the door opens if makes a loud creak when the door slides open he could see his cousin Michael on the floor with his ooze of blood where his eye was supposed to be.

The body was nothing more than ash as cracked asbestos fell from the ceiling to the remains of his cousin’s corpse. His cousin had suffered before death by the hands of some monster.

Sam cried softly so he wouldn't make a sound. Sam grabbed on to the phone with both hands. He dialed anything he could think of but the phone was not able to reach any operating system. The service was out of contract from any emergency line. The phone began to ring. Sam felt a relief yet sadden look on his face, Sam answered the phone.

Sam (desperate and quiet): Please anyone there? I need someone, anyone, I don’t care.

Mystery man (dull): Hello.

Sam (Desperate and quiet): I want to get out of here. Bring someone to distract the monster, bring a gun, a bat? Fuck I don’t know, a fucking swat team!

Mystery man (dull): I’m hungry…

Sam (Angry and quiet): I don’t give a shit man! I don’t want to die! I want to see my family, please!

Mystery man (Dull): I know you. You are in quadrant B.

Mystery man (Dull): I want my wife.

Sam (Panicking and yelling): Who are you!? Who the fuck are you! What do you want? Leave me alone!

Mystery man (Dull): You took my stuff, you felt big and tough but when I’m there you‘ll be nothing more than a bluff. You are my food. I am the Grin, I came to feast. You trapped me here forevermore. You won’t escape; I’ll claw your pores.

Sam finally realized where IT was, IT was back at the house. Sam throws the phone against the wall and runs out the back door he closes all doors and jumps over the concrete wall. Sam continued to run and evade until he got to his car, but his tires were flat.

Someone must have deflated them while Sam was sleeping. Sam grabs a crowbar and a flashlight and runs full speed into the woods thinking that if he ran on the road IT would find him.

Sam starts hearing voices, whispers, and the trees seem to become bigger than when he arrived. Sam grows tired from running and begins to walk. He keeps walking and walking, but the more he walked the more the noise grew.

It scared him but he kept walking and walking. Yet the noise grew louder and louder. He wanted it to stop. Sam then felt as though a shadow was following him. He began to run; he pointed his flashlight to the direction of the shadow but there was only a broken branch.

The noise deepened. But Sam kept walking, Sam felt he wasn't going anywhere that he was going in circles, the sky was pitch black and the only light he could see was from the light of his flashlight. Sam was dazed, eyes are facing directly to a tree, Sam was in massive fear but continued to run and run.

Sam could hear the monster behind him coming closer, running and running he could feel the monster was no longer in the trees but he was walking, Sam took one look at him and ran.

Sam had seen a monster with pitch-black eyes, all white and pale skin, and claws as sharp as a lion’s tusk. The monster was over 8 feet tall and had the creepiest grin he had ever seen. The monster was not moving it was just observing him as he ran.

Then the monster gave out the loudest scream of all screams as his jaw widened and bled. Sam saw the monster scream for one minute then chase after him the next minute with his claws out still screaming.

Sam ran as fast as he could, and then dropped his flashlight. Sam and the monster both disappeared in the wood. The view is set facing only the flashlight. It’s morning though a sound is not heard; only the sound of birds chirping as the sun is still rising.

Author's notes:
To sum things up that I never mentioned. A few things throughout the story. Michael’s body has vanished. But nevertheless, that may or may not have been the issue.

The issue was that Michael and Sam had stolen an urn from a cemetery.  They were getting drunk at a cemetery after a wild party and one night they stumbled to a gravesite of a dead witch named Nonique.

During the years of 1904 near the Great Plains, Nonique had fallen in love with a demon she had to bless with using copper and stone. They had called him “Grinny” or “Grin” for short. They often made rude tales of Grinny and the witch. It often depressed Grin.

Nonique was always there for him to make Grin feel more human than all the other humans. One day his Nonique became termly ill and suffered from smallpox and was put on bed rest. Nonique later died from her condition giving Grin her last voice.

The Grin became mad and upset and went into a deep depression. Grin promised his wife that he will watch over her forevermore even after her death. Grin had never left her side.

Years had gone by and the Grin was still waiting as gargoyle looking down at the tomb of his beautiful wife Nonique. That night Michael and Sam were on Flunitrazepam. Michael and Sam start digging.

Sam (drunk): Hey, are you sure we're scoring?
Sam (drunk): I desperately need to smoke some shit?
Michael (drunk and laughing): Fuck man I think there’s fucking shit down there.
*Sam and Michael both begin to laugh out of humor*
Michael (drunk): Just keep fucking digging will get there.
*Michael hits something hard and made of wood*
*Michael opens the coffin and finds a Jar with Grin’s signature on it*
Sam (drunk): Dude, what the hell is that writing on th-
Michael (drunk and laughing): It says “I don’t give a fuck”
*The inscription says “Nonique I’m sorry, you’ve brought me love, life, and happiness. I wish you were alive and well, I love you Nonique and always will.*
Michael takes the urn and smokes it as if it was his own bag. Michael sits in front of the fireplace and thinks about what he just did and signs with regret and guilt.

Now let me explain the ending. The ending is actually explaining a whole different world. This is why Michael’s body was never found. Grin takes his victims to a duplication of the real world which leaves Sam’s fate to be left ambiguous. Who knows? Maybe you can still hear Sam’s screaming and cries for help as he is still running in the woods or maybe he’s dead? We'll never know? But I think it’s best if we don’t.

Credit To – my odd mind

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