Give a Little, Take a Little

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Give a Little, Take a Little

Do you have something you want? Something you wish for, but simply cannot find or are too embarrassed to go out and get? Or something that's simply illegal to acquire in your country?

There is a website, titled “givealittletakealittle,” located somewhere within the depths of the internet, that can help you, friend.

But there is no real easily-accessible link to it, you must find it on your own. It's well worth it, though.
Most of who have visited it say they found it on what is called “The Deep Web,” the unindexed part of the internet, but there have been reports of it being found on popular websites and forums.

If you want to attempt to visit the website, you're going to have to know of its existence. Then, you must make an active search. No finding it by chance.

The link can usually be found on websites dealing with buying and selling, so auction websites, warehouse sites (such as, but better chances come with lesser-known sites, as corporations usually delete the link when it surfaces), and even product review websites. The link will most likely be located in the comments sections, under an anonymous poster, or hidden within the website's interface, archives, or just the fine print.

You'll know the link when you've found it. Click on it, and it will probably redirect you through a few other websites first. The website itself varies in appearance, some have described a nearly blank, bare-bones site, while others say it was more decorated and stylized, with pictures usually revolving around barter and trade. One individual described it as all the text written through jpg's of letters, as though it was a ransom note.

Though, every single report shares the same basic features: a title reading, “Give a little, take a little,” 2 text boxes, one blank, one titled “specifications”, an address/zip code form, and a “submit” button. Now, once you arrive, you may place the name of any item you desire in the text box. There are some restrictions, though.

1: The item must be able to fit on your property. It can fit on your front porch, lawn, mailbox, or even your living room.
2: The item must exist. It cannot be a cure for cancer or a philosopher's stone.
3: The item cannot be living.
4: The item must be reasonable to transport and deliver. (e.g., no asking for a piece of the sun.) A good rule of thumb is that if it is not deliverable via a van or towing service, it is not viable for delivery.
5: The item must not be unique. You cannot ask for the original Mona Lisa.
6: The item cannot cause major disturbances. You cannot ask for the entirety of the contents of Fort Knox.
Tl;dr: don't ask for stupid shit.

So knowing your parameters, enter your item and the address of delivery. Put any specifications about delivery or about the item in the “specifications” box.

Once you are done, press “submit” and then exit the website. Then, simply wait a few business days. Make sure to leave your door unlocked if you asked it to be delivered into your home, or the gate unlocked if you wanted it on your lawn.

The item you requested will arrive, as long as you didn't ask for something not allowed by the above rules or made it impossible to deliver. But don't be surprised if something else goes missing, especially if it was of equal value as the thing you got. It could be a few dollars from your wallet, some jewelry, or even more expensive things like computers, TV's, and in one extreme case, a car.

It might take longer to happen if you ordered the item to a P.O. box. Don't try and stop it, and don't think it won't happen. You entered your address, remember?

After all, it's, “Give a little, take a little,” right?

Credit: Gabe Henry


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