Get a $10 Xbox Gift Card Free Every Month

If you’re looking to get the most out of your new Xbox Series X or Series S console, there’s one huge money-saving tip you need to know about.

Microsoft Rewards App on Xbox One and Series X

Whether you’re a Game Pass subscriber who plays every game you can get your hands on or just someone who wants to get as much as possible out of every dollar; step one is to install and familiarize yourself with the Microsoft Rewards app. If it’s not already listed on your console’s apps page, you can find and download it for free from the Xbox Store.

In the rewards app, explore the “Earn” tab and its various sections to learn how to accrue Microsoft Rewards points quickly and with minimal effort. The “quests” are gamified and generally pretty simple.

They involve installing or playing a particular Game Pass game, logging into a certain app, or purchasing a given title. For instance, between now and December 24, simply buying Cyberpunk 2077 through the Xbox Store will award you with 6,000 Rewards points.

Auto-Redeem Microsoft Rewards Points to Save

Once you’ve got your Rewards account set up, navigate over to the “Auto Redeem” tab (upper-right link in the app) to maximize your savings. Here, you can opt in to have your points automatically cashed in once per month for a $10 Xbox gift card.

Previously, when I was routinely buying gift cards with my Rewards points, a $10 credit would cost me 9,300. With auto redeem, I get a $10 Microsoft credit every month for just 8,750 points. And your remaining points will carry over to give you a headstart on next month’s balance, and so on. It’s unbelievably easy.

With all the game and movie sales Xbox runs from week to week, I’ve got loads of games, battle passes, and digital movies for free this way. The first time I thought to cash in my points, I redeemed them for Divinity: Original Sin 2 — a $60 new release at the time — and Microsoft Rewards paid for the whole game.

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