Welcome to Geek Short Stories


At Your Money Geek, we are all about making personal finance fun! In launching the blog and getting to know our readers, we realized that many of our readers shared our passion for science fiction, horror, scary movies, and other pop culture.  

It has been a lot of fun bonding with readers over our favorite movies and books, and our shared interest has led to YMG being fortunate enough to interview some of the coolest authors and actors in fandom. Given the popularity of our geeky posts, we felt we could do more to profile and support aspiring writers and indie authors, so we launched Geek Short Stories. 

Geek Short Stories


Geek Short Stories (GSS) is an opportunity for writers to have their work shared with a new audience. Additionaly, it's a way for sci-fi and horror fans to find fresh new short stories and meet new writers. (Everyone Wins!!!)

How Geek Short Stories Works


Writers can submit original* short stories via our hand submission form below, and once they are approved, they will be published on our blog. Your Money Geek readers will be encouraged to read, comment, and vote of their favorite contributions. The most popular submissions will receive the honor of being shared in our Saturday newsletter, as a Fan Favorite.  

Note: we are in the early pre-launch stage so that some minor details may change. 

Why You Should Contribute

  1. It's Fun!!! (You don't need to be a published author, but who knows maybe Geek Short Stories will launch your  new writing career) 
  2. Your Money Geek readers will see your story; this is an excellent opportunity to introduce your work to a potentially new audience. 
  3. You will receive an author bio on Your Money Geek where you can promote your work, your site, and even your social media profiles.
  4.  Did we mention its fun? 

Looking for an example? Check out Return Rewind

What is a Geek Short Story?


Geek Short Stories are short original sci-fi, horror, and fan fiction contributions between 800 and 2500 words. 

Note: Geek Short Stories are not Crappypastas you may find Crappypastas here

We want to encourage creativity and participation; however, we do have a few rules.

  1. Contributions should be PG-13. (Assume minors may read the post)
  2. Posts need to be inclusive, i.e., we won't accept contributions that are deemed sexist, racist, or homophobic. 
  3. Our editors reserve the right to reject any submission that does not meet our criteria. (If you have questions about what may or may not be accepted, please feel free to send us a preliminary pitch)

Who May Submit a Short?


Submission is open to aspiring writers, dreamers, fans, indie authors, and even professional writers. As long as you are at least 18 years or older, you may submit a contribution. 

New to Writing?

Check out our guide on how to write a story

How to Submit a Story

You may use our handy submission form below to submit a post. If you have questions, feel free to join our Facebook writers group

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* On a limited basis, we may accept work for Geek Short Stories that has been previously published. If you are interested in having us consider your previously published work please reach out to us.