When you’re wandering the aisles of a grocery store, one of the best moments is when you see the freebie and free sample table.

Whether you’re hungry or not, you’re apt to swing by to check out what they’re offering. It’s the part of the shopping experience you look forward to, and a chance to capitalize on a quick snack. Not to mention – it’s free and novel — what’s not to love about that?

If you’re on a continual quest to find the next best thing, free samples are your go-to. They allow you to test new items that you are hesitant to purchase in large quantities for fear that you may not like the product.

Free samples are an excellent way to try something new and discover items that you may have otherwise bypassed. The problem is, they can be challenging to come by.

To ease the difficulty of searching, we’ve put together a list of ways you can get free samples and freebies, from the comfort of your living room table. These are free products, delivered to your front door, with little to no work on your end.

Ready to discover new products and try a ton of new items for free? Continue reading to find out how you can find free samples.

Three Ways to Score Freebies and Free Stuff

Option 1: Manufacturers That Offer Free Samples

Some manufacturers are stingy about offering samples. They’re the hubs for production, and their focus is creating, testing and distributing their products for resale. There are some manufacturers, though, who are eager to have you sample their products.

For the mere cost of shipping, you can try samples through these manufacturers. Read below, to find out which manufacturers are happy to send some products your way, in hopes of gaining your business.

Procter & Gamble

Are you familiar with Procter & Gamble? At first glance, you may not be, but in reality, you are familiar with more of their products than you think. They are the parent company for brands like Olay skincare, Pampers baby diapers, Tide detergent, and many more. It will be surprising to us if you have not tried at least one of the products they produce.

Procter & Gamble is a company that is happy to provide interested consumers with opportunities to test free samples. In order to receive samples from this manufacturer, you will have to go through their third party request site.

This site will ask you a few basic questions to find out your general interests and uses of products that they sell. This helps them get an idea for what free samples would best fit you and your lifestyle. After you’ve completed the requested information, free samples of new products will be on their way in exchange for your honest feedback.


Fabric.com is an excellent site if you’re a professional (or novice!) seamstress, embroiderer, or interior designer. The site provides access to thousands of fabrics for any use you can imagine. If you’re creating a custom gown or looking for fabric to reupholster your grandmother’s armchair, Fabric.com is your online go-to.

Fabric.com is another manufacturer that is happy to provide free samples. Let’s say you’ve chosen a fabric pattern. You will want to get a small piece to decide if the blue you’ve picked matches the rug you have. All you will have to do is navigate to the “request” portion of the page to receive a sample.

Fabric.com does require individuals to pay the cost of shipping, a standard charge of $5.95. Once you pay for shipment, an 8×8 sample of the fabric you like will be on the way to your front door!


Choosing a baby formula, that fits your needs and doesn’t upset the stomach of your infant, is a daunting task. As a new parent or even a veteran one, you know that every baby is different and has different preferences. That’s why being able to sample formula is such a necessary convenience.

Enfamil is a manufacturer that is happy to send your growing family a sample of their product. You can navigate to their site and find opportunities to request a sample as well as coupons to use if you do decide to go with their brand.

Giving parents the choice of ordering a sample online provides a much-needed convenience. It’s a bonus if it’s also a place to find regular discount coupons. Both of these perks help to ease the process of bringing home a newborn.

Option #2: Sites That Offer Third-Party Free Samples

What happens if you want to avoid going to a manufacturer for a free sample (or received a rejection from one)? If you’re open to trying free samples, without knowledge of what you’ll receive, then tapping into third-party distributors is a great option.

Third-party distributors are companies that sell products from a variety of manufacturers. They often receive samples to provide to customers. Since they want to secure your business, you may be a prime candidate to receive these free samples.


Did you know that Amazon sends its customers free samples? We sure didn’t!

Amazon is a third party vendor who has access to and regularly distributes, samples to their customers. To benefit from this perk, you sign-up through your Amazon account. From there, you will select categories of products that you would like to receive.

Amazon does not guarantee that you will be eligible to receive free samples. If you qualify, they cannot promise you will receive samples regularly. It’s worth signing up to see if you are one of the lucky customers who will benefit from the free samples they have to send out!

Note: With some planning, you can also earn free Amazon gift cards


Digitry is a third party company that’s entire platform basis is on providing consumers with free samples. To start your sample experience, Digitry requests that you create a profile. They ask for personal information, such as age, location, and demographics.

After this, they will require you to select your specific interests in the type of free samples you want to receive. The product types you can choose include health & beautify, food, pet care, and more.

Once you’ve completed your profile, Digitry will email you when there is a product that they believe you will be a good fit for. In exchange for receiving a free sample of the product, you must complete a survey afterward.

This survey will record your feedback on your experience. Completing this final step will ensure that you have the opportunity to receive free samples in the future.

Option #3: Websites That Track Free Samples

Your final option is to investigate websites that track places to find free samples. These are actual, individual hubs that make it their main priority to know where you can find free samples. They provide detailed information on how you can get them.

Some of them update their findings daily. You can add these sites to your rotation of places to check, and you will have a continual stream of free sample opportunities.

The Balance Everyday 

The Balance Everyday is a blogger whose priority is to find a great deal.

This includes her never-ending quest to find and receive free samples. She updates her free sample page every day, to provide readers places they can find free samples. That’s some free sample dedication if we’ve ever seen it!

Free Stuff

“Please note that we don’t provide the free stuff that you find here. We simply link to freebies that we find on a daily basis for you to enjoy.”

This is the disclaimer of Free Stuff’s website. The truth is, their statement is as straightforward as their website. All you have to do is jump on the page and start reviewing the options. From there, complete the steps to find the free stuff you’re looking for, and you’re off to the land of never-ending samples.


Freeflys is one of the most renowned free sample websites. From our research, it is the most popular and well-known place to find out where free samples are, and how you can tap into them.

It’s important to note that whatever website you navigate to you investigate the legitimacy of their claims. We know many other sites offer free sample tracking. challenging

Be aware that, unfortunately, not all have your best interest in mind. Be selective about who you provide your personal information to. It is possible that if a deal is too good to be true, it probably is. You should always take the time to research what you’re signing up for, and assuring the exchange of your personal information is worth a free sample.

The Bottom Line

Free samples are easy to come by if you know the right places to look. With the convenience of the Internet, finding free samples is easy and accessible. Whether you want to pick the products, you‘d like to try or want a treasure box of freebies delivered to your front door, log on, and start your search.

Happy Hunting!