Hungry but broke? We’ve got a solution for you.

If you’re on a budget you’re bound to be craving an opportunity to splurge without breaking the bank. Especially if you’re hungry, eating out starts to feel more like a necessity than an extravagance.

It’s not hard to find ways to satisfy both your needs- to save money and to indulge in something delicious. All you need to do is tap into some apps on your smartphone and you can instantly find deals that will give you free food!  Check out these 9 food chains who promise to provide free food if you use their app!

 Get Free Food from 9 of the Nation’s Top Food Chains


The 7-11 app is a great one to tap into- it instantly provides you with a free item of your choice. Whether you’re looking for a cup of coffee to jump start your morning, a taquito for an afternoon snack or a delicious slurpee as your after-dinner treat, you can use your app registration to capitalize on getting these items for free!

Dairy Queen

The only thing better than a free slurpee in the summer is free ice cream. If you download the Dairy Queen app and register you will receive a reward of a free blizzard. Satiate your sweet tooth with a blizzard of your choice, and celebrate the kick-off of the summer season.

Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins offers you a free scoop when you download and register with their app. You can download both Dairy Queen’s and Baskin Robbin’s apps and have free ice cream twice in a single week.


If you’re looking to strike it rich with a free food app look no further than McDonald’s. Once you register and make your initial purchase, you will receive the choice of a free medium fries or a free soft drink. The perks don’t stop there, though. Every Friday for the remainder of the year you will receive this incentive reward when you make a purchase at McDonald’s of $1 or more.


Registering with the Quiznos app provides the perfect instant gratification you may seek- you’ll receive a 4” sub after your download and registration. You can turn around and use it immediately, making that a free lunch that is hard to pass up.

Krispy Kreme

Is there such thing as saying no to a free donut? We don’t think so! Receive a free donut when you register with the Krispy Kreme app. Make sure you cash in your reward next time the “Hot & Ready” sign is lit!

Panera Bread

Panera generously rewards their frequent diners who use their app. After you download and complete registration with the MyPanera app, you’ll start receiving incentives with your purchases. The more you purchase the more you’ll receive. Items that are often free include pastries, sandwiches and salad!


Wendy’s is a crowd pleaser even when it’s not free. However, wouldn’t it provide twice as much happiness if you could eat your childhood favorites without spending money from your own pocket? Download the Wendy’s app and you’ll qualify to earn free burgers, chicken strips and more.

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

You would be hard pressed to find someone who will say no to free coffee. At Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, a free coffee is the reward you’ll receive when you download and sign up with their app. From there, you’ll continue to earn reward points with purchase, which will result in additional freebies.

Save Money 

There are an abundance of money saving food apps that you can use, especially from dozens of national food chains. While they usually include an incentive (i.e.- register to receive their emails) it’s very little effort on your part to enjoy some free food.

Several restaurants and retailers capitalize on National Food Holidays or your Birthday to indulge their patrons with a free treat. Whatever method you find to be the most effective, take some time to check out the deals available in your app store. They will enable you to dine out on a budget.