Former Wookieepedia Admin Has Taken Control of WookOfficial on Twitter

Over the past year, the Star Wars fandom has been reckoning with harmful and pervasive ideologies that have targeted marginalized groups within the community. Most recently, at the end of March, the popular community resource site Wookieepedia was embroiled in a controversy involving editorial policies surrounding deadnaming trans and non-binary creatives. 

This situation followed months of uncertainty about whether a now-former cast member of The Mandalorian would face consequences for her mocking of pronouns on Twitter. io9 confirmed in February that the cast member was no longer part of the series. 

Former Wookieepedia Admin Has Taken Control of @WookOfficial on Twitter

The naming policy amendment was met with resistance by members who were more concerned with the site’s SEO rankings than respecting the trans and non-binary members of the community. Longtime Wookieepedia contributor Eleven-ThirtyEight raised awareness to the policy vote and was subsequently banned by site administrators for soliciting votes and members who had interacted with the tweet had their votes struck from the record, all of which were in favor of updating the editorial policy. 

Fandom, which hosts Wookieepedia and a number of other community resource sites, stepped in to remove and ban two Wookieepedia admins, following accusations of ‘bullying and intimidation.’ In a statement posted to Wookieepedia on April 2nd, Fandom Director of Community Safety Tim Quievryn spoke on the situation surrounding the former admins, “Darth Culator” and “Toprawa and Ralltiir,” who were stripped of their powers and globally banned from 

Following the removal of these editors, Wookieepedia was able to proceed onward with more inclusive editorial standards and admins that were committed to respecting the community at large. Unfortunately, the story did not stop there. 


On June 10th, a new Twitter account for the Wookieepedia was launched to issue a statement. “In the early hours of June 2, our social media team lost access to the @WookOfficial Twitter account, when a former administrator gained access and locked us out.”

In a longer statement posted to Instagram, Wookieepedia verified that they have updated all of their social media accounts to reflect that the new Wookieepedia account is @TheWookOfficial. Wookieepedia requested that fans unfollow the old account, which has over 37,000 followers, and follow their new Twitter account. 

Despite their best attempts to secure their accounts following the admin turn-over in April, Wookieepedia revealed in a follow-up tweet, that while they did change social media passwords, the former admin was still able to gain access to the account. The admin has not been publicly identified. 

The former Wookieepedia Twitter account has not posted since 3:38 PM EST on June 1st.  It has been alleged that the former admin who gained access to the account has only deleted tweets that were related to the LGBT+ community, including a tweet in celebration of Pride Month which began on June 1st, and those involving the April 2nd decision

When contacted by Your Money Geek, Fandom deferred to the previously issued statement on the new Wookieepedia Twitter account. 

Update June 16, 2021, 3:18 PM (EST): As of June 15th, the Wookieepedia admin team was able to regain access to their original Twitter account @WookOfficial.

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