Home-Aquarium Simulator ‘Fishkeeper’ Launches Kickstarter with New Trailer

The creators of previously announced Fishkeeper – a mix of an economic strategy and a highly realistic fishkeeping simulator, have started a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. The team asks fans of fishkeeping and aquascaping, who want this hobby to become also virtual, to make a dream come true and help fund part of Fishkeeper’s budget.

The game’s idea is very clear: you buy an aquarium, equip it, arrange its interior, add fish and animals and start breeding. While the producers want Fishkeeper to be special, they don’t want to make another clicker-like game with simple animations or half-baked mechanics that have nothing in common with reality.

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The Fishkeeper project has three pillars:

  • advanced artificial intelligence for animals
  • beautiful realistic-stylized graphics
  • an efficient in-game economy

Fishkeeper recreates some basic mechanisms and dependences performed in a water biotype between species, like different fish compatibility, redundant snails brought with new plants, or plant growth.

Fishkeeper Trailer

Blinkclick Games, the developers of Fishkeeper noticed that there was no playable aquarium simulator like Fishkeeper on the market that fulfilled all of the criteria that their game meets. If players like the idea of maintaining an aquarium, why not let them do it on their PC as well? Fishkeeper is a cheaper alternative for becoming a real-life aquarium owner, which is fun newbies and an exciting game for advanced experimenters.

Support an indie game developer and help them out on Kickstarter.

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