Feeling Blessed

It has been a busy couple of weeks. Lots of preparations for Christmas, my wife and I celebrated our wedding anniversary, several Christmas parties attended, two school winter concerts, and still the big day only 2 days away.  Still, with all this going on there has not been any overwhelming moments. All things have been handled with no major emergencies. This feels different than in years past. Different in a good way, as I sat down over this past weekend thinking back over the past few weeks I truly feel blessed. I say that and don’t believe I’m just caught up in some pre-Christmas hype. These are some of the reason why I’m feeling blessed.

feeling blessed

Christmas Budget

My wife and I sat at lunch for a quick bit to eat while out Christmas shopping. We took time to review receipts and write spent amounts in the spreadsheet we had. The spreadsheet has our Christmas blueprint, gifts items, and budget for all we planned on purchasing gifts for this year. I looked at my wife and said looks at us, we have never been this organized, and never work together like this in the past. It made me realize how far we have come. This was a change for us from years past, but a really showed we were in sync, communicating, in agreement about the budget. It felt really good.


I have seen steady traffic increase on the blog since I started back in August. I have made some nice friendships with fellow personal finance bloggers. We continue to support one another with a guest post and twitter mentions. It’s a great community.  I have had the opportunity to share my family’s story recently with brokeGIRLrich and Get Rich Slowly and both posts were received very well. The response has been incredible in terms of feedback and traffic. In 5 short months, I’m very happy with Debt Discipline’s progress.


Just this weekend I received a phone call from a family member who’s been estranged from my family for some time. We have grown apart over the past 10 years for a number of reasons, mainly because of the things going on in their personal life I would rather not expose my three children too. The call was to ask if we could start over and get back to a relationship we once had. It took courage to place the call and I’m sure it wasn’t easy to do. I’m hopeful that this is the end of the bad things that drove us apart and the beginning of something new.

So many good things going on right now and still have so many good things planned with family and friends over the next week. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

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