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Five Money Lessons from Family Guy

Do you like Family Guy? I know I do! Have you ever wondered whether you could learn some money lessons from an animated sitcom-like Family Guy? If you have, this post is for you!

Today, we are going to try to get some money lessons from Family Guy episodes!

Recently, I have done the same exercise for South Park, trying to learn money lessons for five South Park episodes. I had a lot of fun writing the previous post. The post did not generate a lot of views. But it is still fun enough, so I am going to give it another try with Family Guy. For this post, I selected five episodes related to money. Now, in Family Guy, there is often no real focus during most of the episode. So it is a bit more difficult to find episodes related to money. Sometimes, only a part of the plot is related to money. But that is logical given the craziness of the show! Which is one of the reasons I like this show!

For those that do not know, Family Guy is about the adventures of the Griffin Family. There are Peter and Lois Griffin, the parents. They have three children, Meg, Chris and Stewie, the baby. And they have a dog that can talk, Brian. Peter is very dumb, and so is Chris. And nobody likes Meg. Oh, and the baby is a genius that wants to kill his mom. They have highly unlikely and dumb adventures. And this makes the show funny.

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Death Has a Shadow

Family Guy: Moat around the house
Family Guy: Moat around the house

Death has a shadow is the very first episode of Family Guy. In this episode, Peter starts by getting drunk at a party with his friends and pass out on the dinner table. The next day, he gets fired from his job as a security inspector for children’s toys. He sleeps at his work and lets several hazardous toys go into the market, such as a flamethrowing baby doll. He then lies to his wife, Lois, by not telling her that he was fired.

After having failed to find a new job, Peter applies for welfare. Once he gets his first check, he realizes he is getting 150’000 dollars per week from the government. Instead of worrying about not getting a realistic amount of money, Peter decides he is going to spend all this money!

He rents a statue of David, offers surgery to his daughter, pays for a personal jester, and a lot of other dumb things. Peter even builds a moat around the house and buys a boat to go inside. All is well until Lois discovers that he is getting welfare checks.

To try to apologize, he then goes on to fly a blimp and shower cash in a football stadium. The police then crash down the blimp, and Peter goes to jail. He is then going to the court to get judged for having taken the welfare checks. He is condemned to 24 months in prison. Stewie, the baby, then uses his mind control device to make the judge revert the sentence and give back Peter his job.

Oh and let’s not forget that Stewie tries to kill his mother several times during the episode! Trapped chair, arrows, and even a gun into a Tuna Fish sandwich!

The obvious lesson is that a personal jester is not a very good purchase! More seriously, the main lesson you can learn from this episode is that you should never cash money that was not meant for you. The money will always get withdrawn back later. There are many stories of people who got money wrongly deposited into their accounts and spent it all. And guess what, these people are in debt now! And even if you get a large windfall, you should not spend it on dumb things. But you should think about your future. You could also remember that it is never a good idea to sleep at work!

E. Peterbus Unum

Peter Griffin, President of Petoria
Peter Griffin, President of Petoria

E. Peterbus Unum is the eighteenth episode of the second season of Family Guy. The episode starts with Peter’s friends telling him what they did with their big tax refunds. Peter plans to build a pool with his tax refund. Instead of getting a refund, Peter gets audited by the IRS. He then finds out that he is not entitled to a refund.

Therefore, Peter decides to build the pool himself since he cannot afford to build one by professionals. Doing so, he destroys the town power line and cuts the power in the whole block. He did not have a permit to build there, and he did not check at all for power lines before he started digging. He tries to get a permit but discovers that his house is not part of the city, Quahog, and not part of the country for that matter.

So he secedes as his own country, Petoria. The United States does not take kindly to it and isolate it completely. Petoria finds allies in the worst dictators of the world. He finally negotiates his way back into the United States once his family leaves him.

Of course, it is highly unlikely that your house is not part of any country and that you can secede from it. However, you can learn that you should never plan to spend money on what you may not get. You may not be entitled to a tax refund after all. It is better to not count on that kind of money for your expenses. And even if it is your yard, you may not be entitled to dig a big hole in it!

Patriot Games

Carol Channing boxing Mike Tyson
Carol Channing boxing Mike Tyson

Patriot Games is the twentieth episode of the fourth season of Family Guy. Brian puts a bet of fifty dollars with Stewie on Carol Channing being beaten by Mike Tyson on a celebrity boxing match. However, Carol Channing ends up beating Mike Tyson by being extremely resistant. So Stewie wants his money back by tomorrow. So Brian agrees.

On the morrow, Brian still does not have the money. And Stewie beats him severely and almost drowns him. Brian says he will have the money by 5 pm. When he does not, Stewie beats him, shoot him in the knees and set him on fire. Finally, Brian gives his money back to Stewie.

In the meantime, Peter gets a job playing for the New England Patriots after a very nice run through people. Peter soon becomes a celebrity being almost unstoppable when running. Of course, he takes it too far by making too much of a show on the playground. So, Tom Brady fires him. And Peter has to play for the London Silly Nannies. As you can guess by their name, they are not a great football team! In the end, Peter challenges the Patriot team all by himself and also gets beaten!

The first thing we can learn, but we should already know that it is never to gamble! Never place a bet with a baby; they can be crazy! More seriously, even if you are sure of your bet, it can easily backfire. Do not count on the odds. Gambling is not investing! And also, if you gamble, do not place a bet that you cannot pay back and do not trade with suspicious people.

Tales of a Third-Grade Nothing

Executive Bathroom Island
Executive Bathroom Island

Stories of a third grade, nothing is the sixth episode of the seventh season of Family Guy. Peter discovers the Executive Bathroom at his company. To reach the bathroom, he takes a helicopter to Executive Bathroom Island. He then proceeds to a beautiful scene with a toilet in the jungle.

After this, Peter wants to get access to the Executive Bathroom and wants a promotion. So he dresses up in a suit for work. And he cleans his office. He tries to blow up a competitor’s advertisement but blows up a Children’s hospital instead. Nevertheless, his boss recommends him for a promotion.

However, Peter never passed third grade, so Human Resources cannot let him have a promotion. So Peter has to go back to class. He does not do well at all. But he can spell better than other third graders. So his teacher tells him that if he wins the spelling bee, he will pass third grade. He wins the contest by correctly spelling Lesbians. So Peter passed third grade. However, the FBI knows about the explosion, and Peter is sent to jail for one week.

Brian also tries to sing with Frank Sinatra Jr. in a big band music club. Even though nobody is attending, they decide to buy the club. But nobody shows up at the grand opening. So they let Stewie transforms the bar into a popular nightclub. The place gets a lot of money. However, after a few days, Andy Dick gets into the club. And that means that the popularity of the club is destroyed. So they have to quit!

The first lesson is not to blow a hospital to get a promotion! Just kidding, I should not have to tell you that. The lesson is that if you work hard, you will get the promotion that you deserve. It may be easier to grow your main career than you think. Extra education (such as passing third grade!) can help you with that. Something else very important to learn from this episode is that popularity and fashion may not last as long as you think. It is not because something is very popular and returns a lot of money one day that it will be the same the next year or even the next month. You need to adapt to the market.

Lottery Fever

Golden house after winning the lottery
Golden house after winning the lottery

Lottery Fever is the first episode of the tenth season of Family Guy. The episode starts with Lois explaining that they are running very short on money. For instance, they cannot afford to groom the dog. They need to live on a strict budget.

However, Peter does not like that. When he learns that the Rhode Island State Lottery reaches 150 million dollars, he buys 200’000 lottery tickets. To afford this, he takes a second mortgage on their house. After a long time going through all the tickets, they found the winning ticket. The first thing Peter does is to get a Penis, Butler. Then, he decides to take the entire amount in cash in their home. This is to avoid the Jews at the bank lurking at their money.

Peter quits his job directly after getting the money. Directly, his friends try to get money from him. He gets them the money but then feels they owe him. He starts to treat his friends bad because he has a lot of money. After a while, they are not friends anymore. In the episode, Peter makes a lot of dumb purchases. He buys a solid gold tuxedo, for instance, and installs gold all around the house. He even buys a helicopter tour for a lobster before eating it. But after a while of living the dream life, they end up broke as you probably guessed it. They threw away all their money and made dumb investments.

In the end, they have to rely on friends to get back on their feet. Even though he mistreated his friends, one of his friends helps him buys back his house.

There are many lessons that we can get from this excellent episode. First, a solid gold tuxedo does not look that good! Kidding! You should never get a second mortgage on your house for anything! Some people did that to invest in Bitcoin and lost everything as a result! This is very dangerous. And of course, you should not count on winning the lottery. This is not an investment. The odds that you win the lottery are extremely low. And even if you get a massive windfall, you should be very careful about spending it. Also, if it seems like a lot of money, you can spend it faster than you think. And being rich does not give you the right to mistreat people!


As you can see, you can even learn some money lessons from a show as Dumb as Family Guy! If you read between the lines, you can avoid making huge mistakes like Peter and his family. Who knew that Family Guy could teach you that you could get a promotion by working hard! It will also show you not to blow up a children’s hospital to get a promotion. But you probably already knew that ūüėČ Not only can you learn from these episodes, but they are also hilarious!

Once again, writing this post was funny! I watched the episodes to get back the lessons even though I already watched them in the past and knew them well!

If you found this post interesting, you may like to learn about more money lessons from animated sitcoms. I do not know when I will go around writing the next post in this series. But I think it will be about American Dad. There are some very stupid episodes about money in it!

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