Embracing contentment

Embracing contentment is an important part of the path to financial independence. Contentment means “a state of happiness and satisfaction”.

Attaining contentment

How do I achieve this. I try and accept the good in life and seeking to maintain it.  Finding happiness in the mundane can lead to happiness in life. It leads to a “less is more” mentality and serves me well in my path to financial independence. In fact, contentment can lead me to earlier financial independence and retirement.


Some would argue this is not true. That hunger is the key to financial independence. Hunger for success! For notoriety! A drive to achieve and be the best! Earn more! Spend more! Save more! Do everything more! Always thirst! Never be content with the status quo! Contentment leads to stagnation! It leads to an impoverished mindset! Failure!

Yes, everything is excitable above because this is an excited mindset. It is not a wrong mindset, just different. I am happy for those with the drive to achieve. The drive to be the best. They arguably make the world a better place, while pissing off a few individuals.

My favorite book on contentment “Penguin Problems” . (Disclosure- If you click on the above and buy the book through Amazon I make some cash.)

Back to contentment and the mundane

For me, however, the individual is the whole. By being content I am less likely to screw someone over, while also not screwing myself.

Back to the mundane. Be content with the mundane.

  • Enjoying time with the family. Just sitting around, laughing, talking, playing board games. Whatever is your thing. Just do it. Quality time does not require more than a meal and some conversation.
  • Time outside. Whether it is hiking, gardening, or otherwise. Just take some time and be outside.
  • Finding happiness in your work. You can like your job even if you are thinking of early retirement. For me, it is the interactions with my patients. Particularly when you help them when other doctors had not.

The list can go on and on, but really after these broad topics, the mundane is just that, mundane. It can be reading, exercising, vacationing, etc. Whatever you enjoy, finding contentment with what you have will lead to a happier you.

By being content you need less

By needing less, you will need to save less and your nest egg will grow to support you much quicker. Thus financial independence (and an early retirement if you so desire) will come sooner.


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