Elevator Man

Now before we get to this story, this I promise is very true. I remember this all too much vividly, and it continues to haunt me.

So I was around, I don’t know, say 9 years old. It was my older cousins 14th birthday party, and she was having a slumber party at a very nice Hotel. It’s all too obvious she didn’t want me at her sleepover, but of course her parents forced her into it.

I’m not going to bore you much with the party, so it was around 8:00 when all the parents and guests who where not staying for the sleep over left.
We all went up to the hotel room, a hotel room filled with about 7 teenage girls, and than me.
Basically, the girls trashed the room with food and clothes everywhere, and I just sat there minding my own buisness.

when it was about 10:00, one of her friends said, “Hey, how about some scary stories?”
All of the girls where up for it..Well..except for me of course. But I wouldn’t let the girls think I was a baby, so I told them that I was up for it.
The girls started telling some very simple scary stories, none that where too terrible to bare. At one though, I did get a little shook up.
The story was called Elevator Man. It sounds really stupid and lame, yes, and the name didn’t rattle me much..that is until she told me that this story was a personal experience of something that happened to her in this very hotel.
I remember digging myself deeper in the sheets of the bed. She started the story with the simple, I was 10 years old, we where on our way to Sea World or something of the sort, and needed to stop in a hotel (this one). She said she was asleep at maybe midnight, and she woke up to the sound of the elevator shaft. She tried to shrug it off, but it continued, loudly. She couldn’t ignore it anymore. She got out of bed, making sure not to wake her parents, and walked out the room. She walked down the hallway and stood infront of the elevator shaft. It opened. Nobody in there. It was empty, as normal looking as an elevator should be I assumed. She decided just to walk away, but the elevator made a dinging noise. She turned around and stared for a moment, but decided to turn around once more. It dinged again. She just decided to go inside the elevator and get a snack, since the nearest vending machine was on the 5th floor and she was on 7th. A simple elevator ride. When she the elevator door opened, she walked down the hall to vending machine, getting some sort of snack. The vending machine lagged. It the lights of the machine shut off.

“STOP!” I yelled before she could continue the story. I was crying at this point. Just way to frightened to continue.
The girls looked pissed that I was being such a baby, but I didn’t care much.
“Hey Abby, could you go get us a couple snacks from the vending machine? Or are you still too scared?”
What a smart-ass. But I also didn’t want to seem like a baby, so I swallowed my fear and told her, “Of course.”
I walked out of the room with the girls money, and walked to the elevator. The elevator…
I pressed the button to go down do the 5th floor. Our room was on the 9th. Strangely, a normal and comforting elevator ride, that was nice. I walked pass an ice machine, and over the the vending machine and got a few snacks. No lag, no lights shutting off. She was obviously pulling my leg. I walked back over to the elevator and pressed the up button. When the doors opened, it remained exactly the same. I started going up until it hit the 7th floor and stopped. The door opened. I was terrified. Behind the door, there stood an old man. Just an old man. He had a sweater and kakies on, with a hat on his head.
“Good day.” he said to me
“Um..You too.”
Odd that an old man would be using the elevator this late, but it wasn’t my place to judge. He stood there for  minute.
“May I use this elevator too?”
“Oh, yeah.”
He walked into the elevator slowly. It was just an old man.
“What floor?” he asked me with a very sweet smile.
“9th.” I wasn’t scared anymore. His presence was comforting.
We where going up to the same floor, so it was a short ride. When I got to my floor, he shook his head and walked down the hall. I went back to the room, and I gave all the girls their snacks.
“Uhm..I’m allergic to peanuts.” one of the girls stated. “Can you go back and get me something else?”
No big deal. Without hesitation, I went back. Same normal elevator ride.
When I got to the 5th floor, I saw the ice machine. It was extremely loud this time, and leaking tons of water. It was shaking. It was not like this last time. It’s probably broken, so I just walked past it. The vending machine..was worse. It was so unbearably loud, and shaking and all the snacks where falling right out of the slot. That’s it. I’m going back. I turned to see a shadow near the elevator, and I saw it was the old man. What? The old man just went to the 9th floor, how can he be here? He gave me a shake of his head and…walked right through the elevator..I could tell it wasn’t inside, because I could very obviously see the doors where closed. I’m am unbelievabley terrified. I could hear the ice machine behind start to spit ice out, tons if it. The door to the staircase was budged by something, it was un-openable. I had to take the elevator. I hesitated, but I needed out. I pressed the button to go up, and the doors opened. Once I got in, the door closed and the lights shut off. The elevator stopped. I could feel somebody grab onto my shoulders behinds me, very cold hands. I heard a faint whisper, and all I could make out was
“Elevator Man.”

Credit To: AbbyFluffyCakes

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Not much is known about Brian Z. Some say it's because he is secretly preparing for the Z poc, others say it's because of the "incident" at Chicago Walker Stalker Con. All that we know for certain is he loves sci-fi, horror, and zombies.

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