Einar Petersen: The Comic-Creating Viking

Today's interview is with Einar Petersen. He describes himself as a Network Engineer by day, at night donning the cape of the creator, wielding creative superpowers that are said to be extracted directly from the saga-filled and wind-blown waters of the surrounding the mythical Faroe Islands and from the fairy tale country of H.C. Andersen, i.e. Denmark. Einar Petersen is a full blown Viking on a quest to conquer the world.


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Einar Petersen: The Comic-Creating Viking



I understand you are creating a unique comic, can you tell us about it?


Tell you about Reckoning, yeah… where to start, I guess Reckoning to some is an aberration and to others, an intriguing concept in comic book creation going well beyond the traditional comic.


You see I am venturing into new territory by pushing this project.


Reckoning is a sci-fi series I am working on as a writer, director, and artist. The series is undergoing a conversion from its short story form, into a fully fledged 3D comic-book, both on screen and in actual physically printable form, using 3D Printers laser engraved pages for a special edition, regular printing, basically making this a fully accessible comic book project. The intent is to allow everyone both regularly sighted as well as visually impaired to enjoy the magic of the comic book.



How did you create the idea?


I have always been in love with writing, movies, comics, cartoons as far as I can remember. My father, having experienced disability in his own polio-stricken father, used to say that he always appreciated having full mobility and perfect eyesight,


I guess this kind of stuck with me and has worked with the development of disability ‘tools' hard and software and getting acquainted with a couple of visually impaired people kind of inspired me to move in that direction, because why should we allow these things to limit what we can enjoy. Having developed the conceptual basis for a board game that can be played by visually impaired and sighted at the same time I figured when I began the conversion of Reckoning as a 3D based project why can't I do the same for comic books.


And that is basically where I am now. In the process of creating a comic book series that can be enjoyed both by the average comic book fan and at the same time will be fully accessible to the visually impaired as well.


Is this your main job or a side business?


As my twitter bio mentions, I work as a network engineer, however any free time in between sleep and work, I try to funnel into my creative endeavors.


So I would not call it a business per se at the moment, but the development costs money and eventually there will be a sellable product, so I've put up a Patreon page where people can follow the work going on and if they like it and think this is a cool idea they can become Patrons of the project. You can see the project on https://patreon.com/einarpetersen


Given I get enough Patrons, this could very well develop into my primary occupation and business, perhaps you could spread the word to some wealthy patron of the arts!


For tax reasons, I am at the current stage not selling any service nor delivering any specific product at a charge. Everything being put out by the project is licensed quite liberally, and you have access whether you are a Patron or not.


Models have been released under CC licensing and the same will be the case with the comics at this stage.


Is it just you or are others involved?


I am the writer and creative director of the project, but a whole slew of other people have been involved so far and more are expected to become involved as the project progresses. The people in on the development in one way or another range, for example, from a military advisor to comic book artists and 3D artists, programmers, sculptors and other good folks and come from all over the world.


How do you manage the team involved?


Due to the many time zones that people find themselves in, the project is mainly spanning across Asia, the Americas and Europe, handled through mail and messenger systems on different social media platforms. Everyone is rarely awake at the same time and as I am on a regular job as well, things have to be done somewhat ad hoc. But it works out quite well – I am experimenting with some things and it's working out well.


How important has social media been for launching the comic?


I would say social media, in particular, Twitter, plays a big part and is expected to do so in the foreseeable future, I have dabbled on other platforms as well but have found Twitter very suitable due to its very direct form.


How are you monitoring the comic book?


If by monitoring you mean metrics on the comic book – Well at the moment my website, http://einarpetersen.com/implant.html, does give me some analytical material in the form of view counting etc. The same goes for posts on the Patreon page, where Patreon provides a nice overview of activities and interaction. Of course, the direct interaction with Patrons who actively contribute to the Project also gives me some great feedback.


What are you most proud of?


I would have to say my parents and their way of upbringing, both extremely creative and inspiring each in their way, something which has allowed me to continue my creative endeavors past my childhood and into adulthood, something not too many people get a chance to do before getting bogged down in a “real job” with all that it entails. I think they gave birth to a free spirit of sorts and I am trying with what I do to prove them right and pass something on to others that they can enjoy as well.


Where do you find inspiration?


Oh, inspiration is everywhere. One story I wrote was inspired by a torn piece of electronics I came across on a walk. I look at the sky, and, oh boy, there are things to be seen. We have some rather, how should I put it… colorful political leaders, who, for better and for worse, certainly can inspire to a storyline or two.


Put plainly, the world truly abounds in stories, one just has to know where to look.

[bctt tweet=”Put plainly, the world truly abounds in stories, one just has to know where to look.- Einar Petersen” username=”michaeldinich”]

How can people follow you?


I would say get onto the Patreon and become a Patron at https://patreon.com/einarpetersen – That way you will get an email automatically every time I release an update to the project. I would say this is the best way to follow me and the project.


Social media wise, an alternate possibility is to follow @TheEinarkist this is my Twitter account, and is used for my rants and tweets on this and that, be it comic book related, politics, music or otherwise.


I also do have a newsletter, albeit not too regularly published, so it would not be a great burden for the inbox. The newsletter can be found on https://tinyletter.com/einarpetersen where I would certainly encourage people to sign up for news from me delivered directly to the mailbox.


What is your favorite comic book?


Absolutely loved the Alien comic book, so rich in color and the paper… WOW. The original Linda and Valentin (Valérian) comics are exquisite too, Yoko Tsuno truly spoke to my imagination. Moon Knight, John Carter, Storm, the original Star Wars albums… there are too many to mention really.


This all sounds brilliant, however, is it possible the project can become even more awesome?


Actually yes, I am currently using a MoCap suit to pose characters etc. for the comic book; however, since I have been lucky enough to get my hands on the Rokoko Smartsuit because I supported their Kickstarter I am dreaming about extending into cartoon/anime creation as well, because – Why not? However the comic books come first and the cartoon /anime will be a build on top thing, this is something that is very likely though as all scenes and characters are developed in full 3D and the suit is brilliantly simple to use, just need a few stuntmen added to the project as well, ha ha… but yeah the possibilities are simply endless.


It is totally amazing that a regular guy like me can merge together talent and technology like this from my apartment, this is something that just 10 years ago would be a virtual impossibility but in this interconnected age, anything is possible.


And thinking about it… I think that is basically what I would love people to take away after reading this interview – Anything is possible, never give up on your dreams, keep plugging away, it may take years but if you put your mind to it you can fulfill your creative wishes, you can achieve that dream!


I have to say that being asked to do this interview with you has been a great pleasure and I really hope you've enjoyed this as well.


Thank you, Einar, for the insight into the wonderful world of imagination you are creating, not just for sighted people, but for everyone. 


Please check out his Patreon account if you would like to support this cause! 


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