Is the average early retiree more mindful then others or just a jerk?

The mindful early retiree

Mindfulness is defined as the quality or state of being aware of something.

In this sense those searching for early retirement are definitely more mindful. They are acutely aware that their actions impact the future. They are mindful of spending, savings, and overall life choices. By being mindful they may choose to live as a minimalist or at least moderatist. Mindfulness allows for decisions in purchasing including careful assessment of big ticket items such as cars. Through awareness of life, they may choose to live a more present day with less tv time, more exercise, and more activities. It is rare to be like Physcian on Fire and have Early Retirement Choose You.

By nature, I think individuals who want to retire early are more mindful. Some may call them lazy for wanting to get out of the work force, but I call them mindful. By choosing to leave work, they can enjoy their days as they desire. They can pay attention to each activity and fully engage in it. They realize that their day to day job makes them dullards and less present.

Maybe I am romanticizing all this. In fact, maybe those who work towards early retirement or personal finances are just jerks.early retiree

The early retiree jerk

A jerk is a contemptibly obnoxious person.

I could see how people perceive the realm of early retirement as jerks. Heck, they are sitting at home and enjoying life while the rest of the work toils to make a living. That is quite a jerk move. They should be out there working with us.

In fact, some of these early retirees go on social media and discuss their happiness. That is not cool. Stop being jerks. No one wants to hear how you did it, particularly not on the internet and social media.

Just kidding. I love early retirees. Keep up the good work motivating the rest of us.


If you have read anything here before, you will know that I think early retirees are not jerks. Are they all mindful? Probably not. But it does take some foresight and planning to be able to retire in your 30s or 40s. It takes some acute awareness of your current situation and happiness to choose to make a difference. Once that choice has been made, then everyday going forward you have to be mindful of your goal until you have achieved it.

So yes, I think early retirees have to be mindful. In fact, most of them seem to be doing very cool things like making soaps like Mrs. Money Mustache, traveling via RV around the country like Think Save Retire, or coaching tennis like Financial Samurai. These are not tasks that will make you rich, but they may make you happy!

What do you think. Are early retirees masters of mindfulness or just jerks?