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Dyer Lane

In our town there just isn’t much to do. Teenagers who suffer from chronic boredom will resort to just about anything to alleviate it, such as partying, gaming, and even just driving aimlessly throughout the local neighborhoods; though a favorite seems to be visiting the supposedly haunted Dyer Lane.
Dyer Lane is a quaint road set back in the countryside and farming community in Antelope, California. It really has no buildings except one small garage-like shack towards the end of the lane, which has its left wall torn out and piles of ripped-up carpet and debris on the inside. Legend has it that many KKK meetings and lynchings took place in the 1930’s and 40’s in its surrounding areas. There have been, however, two confirmed deaths. A police officer, who died in a car accident, and a young teenager who was killed in “gang related activities”. The ghostly police officer is said to be seen rocketing through the small stretch at night, but as it gets closer to you it seems to vanish into thin air.
Dyer Lane’s connecting streets are also known to be haunted, though Dyer is definitely the most prominent, popular, and in my opinion, the most creepy of the three.
Before my first visit to Dyer, I had heard many first hand experiences of supernatural occurrences from friends, and even from my own mother. As a teenager, my mother and her friend went for a drive through the creepy strip, looking for thrills and just something to do. Her car began acting strangely and overheating, she claims, and after a few minutes she pulled over to let it cool off. Now, another urban legend goes if you turn your car and its lights off at night, it won’t turn back on; and that’s just what happened to my mother. They panicked, and sat in the locked car until someone luckily drove through and assisted them.
Hearing her story, as well as my other friends’, I immediately decided that I just had to go there. I’m a horror fanatic, and I love the idea of the supernatural, so what better way to experience it than perhaps in real life? I persuaded my friends to go with me, and I was disappointed when we arrived that nothing seemed to out of the ordinary. There was nothing “electric” or “foreboding” about the air, like you hear described so many times in other people’s supposed chronicled experiences. We walked the small path to the notorious shack, and although it was pretty strange looking, nothing seemed too off about it. I walked to the left side of the small building, and I saw the torn out wall. I peered inside, and saw the ripped up carpet, but no ghouls or terrifying baby dolls or any of the other stereotypical supernatural things that I had expected to see. I was despondent, while my friends were utterly relieved. We left, and I was empty-handed. I had no exciting story to relay to my friends and I felt defeated. I had wanted nothing more than to see something other-worldly, so I sulked. My friends called me crazy, and as I sat in the back seat of the car I realized that all the “good stuff” was supposed to happen at night! I mean, isn’t it always?
My hope was renewed once more. My friends, however, refused to return with me at night. “That’s so stupid!” they said. “Don’t you know that’s EXACTLY how you get murdered? Haven’t you learned anything from all of those scary movies you watch?” I guess not, I chuckled, as they dropped me off at home. I wasn’t too upset though, as there was a guy at school, Gavin, who was always trying to get me to go out with him and his friends. I called him and was able to persuade them that Dyer Lane would be a great place to spend our night, and seeing as they’d never heard of it before, convincing them wasn’t too difficult.
We got to the gate which blocked the path connecting to the shack at around eleven at night. The others brought alcohol, food, and weed, of course, as they thought we were only going to relax and party. We jumped the small gate and as we rounded the last corner of the path the trees cleared revealing the little concealed hovel. Everyone in the group immediately expressed their surprise with little gasps and “Oh, what the fuck”’s. I quickly explained it was abandoned and led them to the little fire pit that sat about twenty feet in front of it. There were empty beer cans everywhere, and the others seemed to relax a bit when they realized that it was a much used spot.
We sat peacefully for about two hours. They drank and smoked while I quietly stoked the fire, eyeing the little shack constantly in hopes of spotting something unusual. I joined in the conversation halfheartedly, though they didn’t seem to notice in their drunken stupors. There were two girls and four guys including myself, and after a while two of the guys led the girls into the woods, winking at us as they crossed the tree line and out of sight. I sat quietly with Gavin for a while, the only one who had stayed behind, and eventually we began to make small talk. We spoke of school and games, and eventually he asked why I had suggested we come to the shack. “I don’t know,” I lied. “It just seemed like a chill spot to kick it.”
“Oh, okay.”
We sat in silence once more. I knew he could tell I was lying but I didn’t really care.
I saw something white on the left side of the shack, but as my eyes darted up it was gone. I excitedly asked Gavin if he wanted to walk around the perimeter of the shack with me, just to “stretch our legs”, and he agreed. I was exhilarated. Finally! I thought to myself. I’ve never been quite able to explain why I love horror and the supernatural so much. Maybe I was just so bored in my actual life that I resorted to death and the afterlife to entertain my imagination, but who knows?
Anyways, we neared the front of the small building and began to flank the left side of it, where I had seen the figure. Gavin jumped, as he had not expected the wall to be missing. “What the fuck” he exclaimed. “What happened?”
“No clue,” I answered honestly. It was a mystery to me, but I was very curious. “You want to go inside?”
“Uh, not really. Doesn’t seem like too great of an idea.”
“Oh come on” I nagged, and he reluctantly agreed.
We stepped over the lower remaining part of the wall which only rose about two feet, and into the cluttered room. There was so much tattered carpet, it seemed as though the locals frequently used this place as a dumping ground or something. There were many boards and other misplaced items strewn across the room, but they weren’t very well illuminated by the flashlights we had brought, so we couldn’t make out much else. The floor was completely covered and walking space was very limited. We stood near the exit we had come in through and took it all in. I flashed my light around the room looking for my figure, and saw a lot of graffiti depicting satanic symbols and racial slurs and such. It seemed new, and it didn’t creep me out at all, but Gavin started to get nervous.
“Come on, let’s get out of here” he begged, and although I didn’t want to leave, the desperation in his voice left me no other choice than to oblige. As we stepped outside, it was cooler. It felt like it had dropped about ten degrees and we could see our breath. I figured it was normal for this time of night though, it was two in the morning. My light began to flicker, and as I cast it in the hovel one more time, it faded and shut off as the bulb died. Gavin screamed “Fuck!” and bolted back towards the fire. I sprinted away too, and grabbed the sleeve of his hoodie. “What?” I begged him. “What did you see?”
“You didn’t see that? There was something in there! You’re telling me you didn’t see that?” he screamed frantically.
I spun around and faced the shack, and I saw my figure. It was a pale grayish color and crouched; staring at me. It was smiling, and I was horrified. I backed away. After all of my wanting and wishing to see something like this, I was terrified and filled with regret. I couldn’t move, and Gavin was still wailing at me. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it, but when I blinked, it was gone.
The screaming of my friends focused my eyes and brought me back into the present. They didn’t seem too far off, but their screams sounded awful. They were tortured, long and unintelligible songs of torment. I recognized the difference between the male and the female voices, but they were accompanied by one that seemed absolutely inhuman. It whooped and yelped and seemed to be mocking them. I was frozen in place, as was Gavin. Tears filled my eyes and fell on my numb cheeks. I didn’t know what to do. I looked helplessly at Gavin, and he silently mouthed “the keys”. The car keys! Where were they?
I searched the backpacks of our screaming, lost friends. After a few panicked minutes, it was to no avail. They weren’t in the bags. Gavin was quietly sobbing now, wiping the tears from his eyes every few seconds so he could rip apart the bags and continue searching. I fell to my knees and I realized the screaming had stopped. We needed to hurry.
The fire had gone down substantially, seeing as no one had been stoking it, but it was enough to illuminate a small surrounding area. I noticed the glint of something shining about three feet from the tree line. The keys! They were the keys! I yelled to Gavin and bolted for them. I bent over and snatched them off of the ground, and as I stooped back up I saw the creature. Only its face was visible and illuminated, and it was still showing its teeth through that hideous grin. Blood stained its chin and its mouth, and I was once again frozen. It let out a small excited squeal that caught Gavin’s attention. He turned around and gasped, and he and I bolted for the path. We rounded the corners, and heard it shuffling through the trees on either side of us, whooping and cackling and shrieking. I saw the gate, and sprinted as fast as I could towards it. I scaled it, accidentally gashing open my leg, but I paid no attention to it as I ran for the car.
I glanced behind me and Gavin wasn’t there. It must have reached him, seeing as I was running faster. I unlocked the driver’s seat and threw myself inside, slamming it shut and locking the doors. Tears endlessly seemed to streak down my face and I shoved the key into the ignition and turned it.
But the car wouldn’t start.
Credit To – b.n.e.

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