Fan Film ‘Doomsday vs. Superman’ Holds Casting Call

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“Look! Up in the Sky! It's a Bird…It's a Plane… It's Superman!”

Actually it's an action-packed big budget fan film, and we at Your Money Geek couldn't be more excited.

Titled Doomsday vs. Superman, the fan film will be shot in Vancouver in late 2020 and will be produced by Morgan Strebler. If that name sounds familiar, it's because Morgan has been a supporter of the site since he stopped by for a success story interview.

 “I will be shooting in a lot of the Smallville locations, including the Kent Farm and Main Street of Smallville. I will also be shooting in familiar locations around Vancouver for Metropolis such as the Daily Planet.”  – Morgan told the Superman Homepage

Morgan has been feeding us some teasers about the project that has us pretty stoked! However, recently he sent us an advanced copy of the script, and it's clear this will be the Superman movie we deserve and the movie we need right now. 😉 Seriously, like yesterday!

Let's face it! A lot of Superman flicks have come up short, failing to do the series justice. Morgan has a passion for the source material, skills, and industry connections to produce an epic fan film and right some of the wrongs of movies past.

Cough Superman Returns Cough

While we are sworn to secrecy regarding the script, we can vouch that this movie is going to be the real deal.

But wait!! There's More!!!

What's cooler than a fan flick produced by someone who has DC comics coursing through his veins?

Answer: Appearing as Loise Lane or Clark Kent/Superman

Doomsday vs. Superman is holding online casting calls for these two pivotal roles. If you ever dreamed of playing Lois Lane or the Man of Steel on the big screen, now is your chance.

Plans are underway to make the production a union film, and both roles will be paid.

Roles already cast include Aaron Smolinski (Superman: The Movie, Superman III, Man of Steel) as Lex Luthor and Stan Houston (Selma) as General Lane. In contrast, other well-known actors have been cast in cameo roles.

You might even see yours truly as Perry White. It's about time the Daily Planet includes a geek section. Just Saying!!!

However, Doomsday vs. Superman promises to be a community-based and diverse effort. Cosplayers, aspiring actors, and fans are all encouraged to audition.

Anyone interested in auditioning for the parts of Clark Kent/Superman and Lois Lane can submit audition requests to

Please attach a headshot or photo of yourself as well as a video stating your name, height, age, and where you’re from. Selected candidates will get a chance to read from the script for the director and other members of the film crew.

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