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Don’t Fear What Is In The Asylum

“Well it would appear as though we have finally arrived at destination doom.” A medium built man with curly brown hair joked as we pulled into the vacant lot of the asylum. This man’s name was Chance, which was unfortunate because his chances were never in good favor.

“About damn time, if Tyler got us lost one more time I would have killed him my damn self and not these “ghosts” we’ll encounter.” A young woman named Raven retorted. Raven was rather cheeky, with hair to match her name, and a tongue that held nothing back at all.

“Hey, I said I sucked ass at navigating, okay?” Tyler retaliated.

“Obviously,” She responded tossing her hair over her shoulder dramatically.

This was only a small portion of the fourteen people gathered in front of the asylum that night. Out of the fourteen of us, twelve had thought the spirit realm was a bunch of hocus pocus and that this asylum was just a game.

However, I happened to be one of the two who knew the spirit realm was all too real and that it was not for the non-believers nor the faint of heart. The other of us who believed was my boyfriend of two years, and now fiance, Daniel.

“Sophia, what are you feeling?” Daniel questioned me in a hushed tone trying not to draw the attention of the others.

“I just have a really dreadful feeling of impending doom. I mean there are many spirits here that just lurk in the windows on all levels of this establishment. It was probably to be expected since this place is so old and run down. What I had no idea would happen is what they do after a few moments in the windows.” I speak softly to try and only address Daniel, but a few others still manage to overhear.

“What do you mean psychic girl?” Chance inquired loudly, drawing the attentions of those who had not heard, putting the spotlight on me.

“What I mean is after the spirits have watched us for awhile they leave, but it doesn’t appear to be willingly. The spirits seem as though someone or something is coming or perhaps watching them, someone they do not wish to be caught by. I feel as though it would be very bad news for them if they were to be caught by that individual or thing whatever it may be.” Raven rolled her eyes at me as I spoke, she was always the skeptic.

“Of course that would happen, I mean there were prisoners that were housed on the top floor in this asylum. Just because they went awry didn’t mean they weren’t violent, it also means they probably tormented the other patients when they got a chance. Not that I believe you anyways or in any of this bullshit. I think this is some sort of holographic shit that a bunch of people who know the history of this place set up to fuck with the public. None of this shit is real and I bet you’re in on the whole scheme because you’re the only one who can see a damn thing!” Raven viciously announced and some of the group started nodding, agreeing with her. Others actually seemed much more unnerved with what had come from my mouth, whether they believed me or not.

“Believe me or not Raven, there is something that is majorly wrong with this place and I, for one, wish to not find out exactly what that is. I can sense the sinister intentions that lurk beyond these doors, in those very walls of that asylum. I will not enter, I blatantly refuse to do so.” I retort in a harsh tone, one many of this group are not used to hearing. It is a tone that shows authority so they know I mean business.

“Oh come on Sophia, don’t pussy out on us like a little cry baby!” Chance began to antagonize.
“Yeah, don’t be such a little bitch, Soph.” Tyler eagerly agreed and the rest of the group, aside from Daniel, nodded in agreement.

“Hey you pricks, don’t fucking talk about my girl…” I cut Daniel off quickly hoping to stop the tension from spiraling out of control.

“It’s alright, Daniel. They can call me what they want, I will not go into that asylum, not now, nor ever. I don’t care what they say, I won’t be peer pressured into such a thing. I have my car and I will be going back to the hotel whether they like it or not. I will still join the call as promised and help out from a distance. I would rather be safe than sorry.” Without allowing another word to be uttered from anyone else I spun on my heels and walked back down the gravel path to my car. As I walked I heard the vulgar insults being called by twelve different voices, but a single pair of footsteps could be heard behind me. I did not need to turn around to know who it was.

“It’s you and I, we are a team. You go and I will always follow.” Daniel told me after we had gotten into my Impala. With that, Daniel and I left for a safe haven while twelve others played a dangerous game. A game that proved that these twelve individuals belonged in an actual asylum.

The following events are written from Daniel’s and Sophia’s point of view.
This is simply because the other twelve had tempted and sealed their fates. They would not have many chances to write down their encounters. Of the twelve some shall perish and the rest, well I will save that part for later, unless you have already figured it out.

Entry # 1

Time: 11:01 P.M.

Date: June 26th

Location: Written from Maybelle Hotel about Archer Asylum

Author of Entry: Daniel Edwards

After Sophia and I had gotten back to the hotel I could see her visibly calm down, though I am positive she is still livid over the names they called her. Then again, that could be just me. No matter though, we had no time to worry over the frivolous things. Even though we came back to the hotel we still joined the others in the Skype call. We would witness these ordeals from afar, from safety. Not much had changed since we left, everyone was still outside. No one was calling Sophia names anymore, but many seemed more concerned at the fact she followed through with what she said she would do. Chance and Raven were organizing many into groups, but all seemed a little skeptical now. It filled me with a sense of pride that my Sophia had just instilled fear in the non-believers. It served them right for the things they said to my girl.

Once Chance and Raven split everyone up into groups of two (which I know isn’t a group more of a pair, but Chance and Raven insisted they were in groups) they were given a location to head off to. Everyone pulled out flashlights and video cameras, each pair also had an EVP recorder, those would never be recovered though. They all entered the building and I heard one girl, Alice, mention how cold and drafty it was in there. Chance blew it off saying it was the wind from all the busted windows and the dilapidation of the building. Everyone seemed to buy it and I probably would have too, if it wasn’t summer and on that particular night one hundred and two degrees.Yet they all continued on as if it was nothing and I could see Sophia shaking her head out of the corner of my eye. They were in grave danger, that much I knew, but they wouldn’t know how bad it was until later.

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Entry # 2

Time: 12:00 A.M.

Date: June 27th

Location: Written at the Maybelle Hotel about the Archer Asylum

Author of Entry: Sophia Davis

Practically an hour was wasted with the groups just messing around trying to scare each other. How ignorant of them, they had no idea the danger they were in, and yet it was like an average day in college for them. This wasn’t a game and the first to learn that was Tyler Wilder and his girlfriend, Cynthia Young. It had only been fifteen minutes past midnight when Cynthia spoke to Tyler so quietly you could barely make out the words, but luckily everyone was using blu-tooth so they could talk hands free and we could still hear.
“Is it me, or has it gotten colder since we first entered this place?” She asked Tyler in a hushed tone, she almost seemed concerned, perhaps she just didn’t want to catch a cold.
“A little bit… hey nerds at the hotel check if the temperature dropped, will ya?” Tyler said in his naturally rude fashion. I looked at Daniel for a confirmation that there was a descent in the temperature, but he shook his head.
“It’s a no go. Temperature is still the same.” I replied and I heard a whimper come from Cynthia.
“It’s probably just a draft from this old raggedy place. Isn’t that right, Soph?” For the first time in my life I could tell Tyler wasn’t so sure about that himself, but he wanted to calm Cynthia down, so I lied for him and I wish I hadn’t.
“That’s right, old buildings have lots of creaks and groans, sometimes as it tries to settle it can create a cooler draft, especially if you’re on a lower level, which you’re in the basement so it’s highly probable.” Even as true as that might be, I knew that wasn’t the real reason as to why it was colder. I remember when I researched the place, that the basement was a horror house. The basement had been used for experiments on any patient that couldn’t protest and after awhile anyone that no one would miss or had become too wild for the liking of the caretakers. I knew the basement was filled with hatred, agony, and awful doings….I just didn’t realize how bad this would actually be for them.
Tyler and Cynthia continued exploring the basement, making comments about how much colder it got and how things grew darker and more gruesome. They reported seeing weird characters on the wall (the ones you would see a crazed devil worshiper making) and how some seemed to be drenched in blood. It continued that way until they reached the end of the long narrow corridor, and when they turned around they could see no signs of how far they had come. All that stood before them was a large metal door that read ‘Quiet Room.’ Not a sound could be heard from within, which was both good and bad. Good because maybe it was actually safe and nothing was in it. We were wrong on that account entirely. Upon opening the door and entering, Cynthia and Tyler realized it was a soundproof room that locked from the outside. It had no windows nor lights and it was hard to make out anything at all. They explored the room, not realizing the door was on a timer that shouldn’t work since there was no power at all in this old building, and it clicked shut behind them immersing the two in total darkness. Cynthia screamed as it clicked shut and Tyler took a step back until he heard a crunching beneath his feet, no one wanted to know what he had just stepped on.
For about twenty minutes or so they talked to Daniel and I trying to find a way to open the door, none of the others were willing to help all too absorbed in their own horseplay. The fools didn’t even care that two of their friends were in danger. Cynthia had begun crying and Tyler had no clue what to do so he did the most sane thing he could, he stayed calm and asked for help.
“Sophia, Daniel, can you look if there was an emergency opening to this door, it’s too dark to wander aimlessly around here. Plus Cynthia is too panicked to function.”
“Of course, we’ll look on the layouts of the place we picked up at the library.”
“Thank you.” Those two words were the last I heard from either Tyler or Cynthia. Shortly after that they were booted from the Skype call with a voice saying, “This is the Quiet Room and you are not being very quiet at all.” It was a matter of minutes later I found the emergency exit mechanism, but Tyler nor Cynthia never made it out or at least if they did it probably wouldn’t be alive, it’s not clear whatever happened to them. They were probably the newest victims of the Quiet Room.

Info on the Quiet Room;

The Quiet Room was used as a place to kill the rowdy and rebellious patients of the asylum. It was the only soundproof room that had no cameras and no access by anyone who cared. When the building was shut down in 1885, it was said that those who went in there never came out alive, they were beheaded and then they were sent….down a garbage chute a few days later. I’m sure if the police ever looked where the chutes treasures came out, they’d find two new bodies there.
Those two were the first casualties of that brutal night.

Entry # 3

Time: 1:45 A.M.

Location: Maybelle Hotel/Archer Asylum

Date: June 27th

Author of Entry: Daniel Edwards
Sophia had grown tired and decided to take a nap, so I took over ‘Mission Control’ at this point in time. Nothing strange had really happened since Tyler and Cynthia’s disappearances, a few reports of chills, but everyone believed Sophia’s logical explanation for that. They were bloody fools that’s for sure. Raven and Sammy reported in about the chills in the air quite often now and constantly asked for weather updates. When I told them the temperature went up two degrees, Sammy seemed ill and Raven wouldn’t believe it.
“That’s impossible!! It’s freezing in here, a building can’t cause that much of a draft, this is ridiculous, you must be bullshitting us…” She stopped short when I sent a screenshot of the weather to the group-chat portion. Sammy wailed and Raven just gasped. “This can’t be…it…no!” Raven must have started running because I heard Sammy’s wails grow distant and Raven was panting. I heard a bloodcurdling shriek and pounding on what seemed to be a door, from what I could hear. Sammy joined in moments later, I could hear her screams and cries begging to leave this place. I heard what sounded like a banshee screaming and Sammy had fallen, I could tell from the way Raven was speaking.
“Sammy, Sammy! Get up, SAMMY!!! NO, NO STAY…STAY…stay…away..” And Raven screamed at the top of her lungs, and kept screaming and screaming. In the background you could hear the doors open, whether Sammy had gotten them open or Raven or if they opened on their own accord was unknown all I know is the screaming never stopped. The others that were there had stopped fooling around and then began laughing because they thought Sammy and Raven were trying to play a prank of them.
“Nice try, Raven, Sammy, you’ll have to do way better than that.” Chance chuckled. Only they hadn’t been playing around or it would appear they hadn’t been because in the background a single car roared to life, tires screeching, and then nothing at all. They had left the call.

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Date: July 5th

They say Sammy ended up in the asylum that was built in 1910 to replace this one. All she would talk about was how they would come for her, that there was no escaping fate. She would die, they all would. No one believed her, she was deemed clinically insane. Raven, on the other hand, had killed herself two days before this update, or at least they assume she killed herself. Having ones throat ripped out without any signs of a struggle or somebody’s doing is a bit of a stretch. No one said it had to be human though.

Entry # 4

Date: June 27th

Time: 2:50 A.M.

Location: Archer Asylum

Nature of Entry: Final Message of William Strider and Kate Winney left in Skype chat.

Author of Message: William Strider

I haven’t a damn clue of what we saw but whatever it was, it was fast as all hell. Kate and I kept running trying to lose it. The front doors are inaccessible as though they never existed. The windows have magically repaired themselves and they cannot be broken by any normal means. I think Kate broke her ankle when she fell down the stairs, she can no longer walk. The fall was not normal by any means, it was like something grabbed her. We are currently hiding under a different set of stairs, I have been carrying her until this point. I needed a break and decided this is my only chance to get this out here in case we don’t make it. Sophia, I am so sorry we didn’t believe you, you’re not crazy and you weren’t lying. If we don’t make it, tell our story, don’t let anyone come here. Daniel, Sophia, I’m glad you two decided to leave otherwise many more lives would be lost. I can hear it coming. You can’t, it cut off all sound on this end but you two please save the others some way, look up any means, trap the demons…..
The message ends there and the sound cuts back in so the others hear the screams and gurgles of the next victims. This message was the final will and testament of William Strider and his fiance, Kate Winney.

Note by Daniel Edwards

By this point and time the others couldn’t help but to feel as though something was radically wrong with this place, they had begun to freak out. Many knew the chills weren’t normal and had begun to comment on the windows as well. It was as if the place did not want them to leave yet, as if it could decide who stayed, who died, and who lived. Perhaps it did, I’d have to ask Sophia when she woke up if that’s possible. Most of the groups went silent, only the sound of their breathing could be heard…then the screams began. Frantic screaming and running, the worst part is no one would tell me a word of what was happening. I could no longer help them. It was finally time.

Entry #5

Time: 3:30 A.M.

Location: Archer Asylum

Author of Entry: Daniel Edwards

Six out of twelve already down for the count. By this time, many others had gone insane. The insanity list would be higher than the casualties, for now that is. Five more went insane and we’d leave them alone for now. We would allow the insanity cases to walk out of the door, getting to them was easier than our goal, we had a much bigger fish to fry. I woke Sophia up and we went back to the asylum, it greeted us like an old friend allowing us inside with ease, allowing the five insane ones to spill out onto its threshold. We paid no mind to them, however, there was only one we wanted to deal with. Chance was about to run out of all his chances and luck. Chance Donaldson was about to become our finest item yet. He was perfect for the show, he’d give the others quite a fright, I know we sure gave him one. He could join Sophia and I in the fun of drawing people into this place and creating more faces in the windows, more disappearances, more havoc on this community. After all, Raven was correct, we really were in on this the whole time…just not quite the way she imagined it.
Oh how I will always relish the look Chance had upon his face as we approached him. The sheer rage it twisted into when he thought we had killed those poor people and/or drove them to insanity. That was not our doing, well not directly though the place was under our command, our doing was what would happen to Chance. You see, we are the very things the shadows in the windows fear, it is us they did not wish to be caught by. Most of those in the windows had been our victims. The non-believers who dared to enter our domain, just like Chance. He’d believe us now and he would die the same gruesome way WE DIED.
End of Entries.

Newspaper Article;

Date: June 26th, 1885

Asylum of Doom

The Archer Asylum is officially closing it’s doors after nearly two decades of horror. The brutal killing of its patients done by scientists and caretakers in on the act. One nurse, who we shall not name for reasons of safety, had called the police when she noticed many of the patients had began disappearing without a trace. The two detectives who were sent in to investigate this case; Daniel Edwards (age 22) and Sophia Davis (age 21), engaged to be married, were found dead two days later their bodies affixed to the wall as ornaments. Their bodies had been flayed and opened up for all to see, any remaining blood was dripping out of them into a nearly dried pool. The staff was sworn to secrecy, but one brave nurse stepped forward and condemned all those involved in the brutal killings. It is said that the detectives were mercilessly tortured before being flayed alive, organs were given to patients as meals. Any patients who survived this ordeal have been sent to other asylums for proper care and treatment. May this atrocity never happen again. The trials for those involved will begin at the start of next month, July 5th to be exact.

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