Dogs Aren’t The Only Animal That Licks

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Dogs Aren't The Only Animal That Licks


There once was a young girl who was terrified of storms. Whenever one occurred, she would run upstairs to her bed and jump under the covers and hang her hand off the edge where her husky, Max would lick it. This comforted her and let her fall asleep in peace.

One night, while she was home alone, a storm rolled in causing a blackout in her neighborhood. She got really scared and tried calling someone, but to no prevail.

At the first clap of thunder, she ran upstairs and dove under the covers. She hung her hand off the side so Max could lick it. She quickly dozed off.

A few minutes later, she awakens to the sound of, ‘drip, drip, drip’. She gets up and goes to the bathroom to look for the source of the sound. She looks and looks, but finds nothing.

So she goes back to bed and lets Max continue licking her hand. The moment her head hits the pillow, she hears the sound again, ‘drip, drip, drip’.

She descends the stairs and goes into the kitchen looking for where the sound is coming from. Again, her attempts are fruitless and she goes back to bed and lets Max lick her hand.

She doesn’t fall asleep this time and just stares at the ceiling. In a short few moments, she hears the sound again, ‘drip, drip, drip’.

Almost positive she’s hearing things, she stays in bed while Max licks her hand. She is startled to find the sound was emanating from her room! Her closet, to be exact.

She gets up, wipes her saliva soaked hand on her nightgown and walks over to her closet.

She slowly turns the handle and the door swings open with a squeak.

She looks inside and screams as a look of pure horror comes across her face. She crumbles to the floor, blubbering and wiping her hand repeatedly.

For inside the closet was Max, hung by his neck and skinned. Blood dripped off his body where fur should have been and his eyes and tongue were missing.

But the most horrifying thing about this gruesome scene in the closet was the note attached to the bloody body.

It had only seven letters.



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