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Dividend investing is a very lucrative proposition if followed correctly over the long-term. Becoming a dividend growth investor enables you to achieve two outcomes under one strategy, which include the ability to increase your income and achieve your retirement goals.

I wrote a book titled Dividend Investing Your Way to Financial Freedom. My dividend investing book features a number of different topics that will help you become a better dividend growth investor. In the dividend growth investing book, I include several key points including:

  1. How to find undervalued dividends stocks
  2. Fundamental analysis
  3. Technical analysis
  4. A five-step plan on how to achieve financial freedom with dividend investing

Let’s dive into several key components on why dividend investing is such an attractive strategy.


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Why is Dividend Investing such an attractive strategy that it warrants a book?


A sound dividend investing strategy has the ability to be very lucrative if you follow the above components to dividend growth investing. With dividend growth investing, you can kill two birds with one stone. My dividend investing book will show you exactly how to achieve financial freedom through this proven strategy.


Increase Your Income with Dividend Investing


With dividend investing, you can actually increase your income because every invested dollar associates a yield to it. By investing $100 in a 3% dividend yield stock you are receiving $3 of additional income.

In the early onset years, you are in dividend reinvestment mode. In order for compound interest to truly work its magic, you need to reinvest every single dollar of dividend income back into your dividend portfolio.

However, if you are trying to achieve financial freedom, at some point you will stop contributing and just live solely off the dividend income. This is a huge benefit because if you work hard to continuously put your money to work in great businesses, you will literally get paid just to be a shareholder. That is truly outstanding.

Who needs selling index funds when you can get paid to be a shareholder?

Achieve Your Retirement Goals with Dividend Investing


So, you get to increase your income off dividend investing. We all can be financially free if we contribute enough to receive dividend income into perpetuity. However, that dividend income is tied to portfolio value.

When you are approaching a time in your life when you need to pass along your estate, dividend investing provides a solution where you can gift your portfolio value to your family members. You can continuously live off the dividend income and if you want you can sell the value. However, why would you need to sell off your stocks? You are living completely off the income… Stable and sound.

If you want to leave a lasting legacy for your family, they can live off the dividend income too. Or, if there is a large family expense you can sell off your stocks and use the proceeds for the expense. Just like people living off index funds would do for large purchases.

A dividend portfolio can be a creative solution for really any person’s investing needs.


Why I Created a Dividend Investing Book

I believe that dividend investing is often misunderstood by many personal finance professionals. I wanted to provide an all-encompassing, comprehensive dividend investing book that will allow beginners to understand the true benefits of dividend investing and how to craft a sound dividend investing strategy.

In addition, I wanted to let everyone know the importance of dividend investing for financial freedom. Dividend investing is not always tied to financial freedom or the financial independence community. By creating a dividend investing book, I’m able to send my message and an approach that is a solvable solution for individuals seeking financial freedom.

I think that by creating a dividend investing book I can achieve my ultimate goal of helping people improve their lifestyle and financial future.

There are several myths of dividend investing that I sought to debunk:

  1. With dividend investing you want to investing in high yield dividend stocks… No! Actually, it’s almost the opposite, I want to invest in stocks with lower dividend yields and have a high probability of success in the future. We want our stocks to increase their dividend, not decrease it! Here is why you shouldn’t use annual dividend yield.
  2. Dividend investing is risky… No! By building a well-diversified portfolio, you will eliminate the same amount of risk as you’d have with index investing. It’s as simple as that. If you sleep better by using a dividend growth fund, here are a few global dividend growth funds to consider.


Stock Market Books Aren’t Always Perfect

There are thousands of stock market and investing books out there, but none that provide the expertise in personal finance and finding a solution that works for everyone (beginners to experts).

I believe that we should all note that a dividend investment strategy is not a solution for everyone. You must evaluate what is truly appropriate for your risk tolerance and your financial freedom goals.

For me, dividend investing provides the following benefits:

  • The ability to retire solely off dividend income without changing my living expense lifestyle: With my dividend investing book, you can achieve financial freedom without having to eliminate expenses out of your budget. You can develop a plan by using my dividend reinvestment calculator to see what assumptions (including contributions, dividend yield, forecasted growth, etc.) are realistic for you.
  • Become financially free by following a simple, proven strategy: Through my dividend growth investing book, I’m able to follow a plan upfront. As I mentioned with my dividend calculator, you can literally make your own assumptions. If you follow the assumptions, you will decide your outcome.
  • Control my own financial destiny by making sound investing decisions: Dividend growth investing is a lot different than index investing. With dividend investing and my book, you will learn how to invest in stocks in specific industries. You can invest in businesses that feature attractive valuations and choose your industry allocation. With index investing, you simply don’t have that discretion.
  • Unlimited upside potential by investing in dividend stocks: Additionally, with index investing, you know what you are going to get… This includes about a 6-9% return over the long-term. With dividend investing and my book, you can find ways to extract value out of solid businesses that have a high probability of success in the future. One dividend stock can hit your financial freedom goals alone. We aren’t in the market for investing in one solid stock in our portfolio, however. We want to position ourselves for success in every stock that we invest in.


My dividend investing book is not for you if you are looking to get rich quick in the stock market or are trying to trade stocks on a daily basis.


Conclusion on Dividend Investing Your Way to Financial Freedom

With my dividend investing book: Dividend Investing Your Way to Financial Freedom, I hope that you can learn, grow and become a better investor. I worked hard and independently to help you craft your investing strategy and think outside the box to fulfill your financial freedom goals. I hope you enjoy the read. Do your best and… Escalate your life.

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