Demons: What They Are, Everything I Know About Them, and How to Fight Them

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The truth about demons “as true a story as I am capable of telling.”

This is everything I've learned of demons since I started fighting them eight years ago. Much of this is drawn from my speculation, and what I've personally seen. Solid facts also support some of them.

Basic Info

Demons- are fallen angels, damned, beast-like creatures that have several forms, they were expelled from heaven, by God, for betraying him.

The Devil himself or “lucifer” is their leader. Their numbers are unknown, although many believe it is around or has something to do with 666, this is only because that cursed number is known in the bible as the apocalyptic number of the beast, which is the antichrist. Also, it is stated in the Scripture that the number of demons is one-third of the angels in heaven before they fell. Regardless, the Devil is their leader.


Most demons, especially the more powerful ones, are in hell as they rightly should be, torturing the many damned souls there for eternity. There are a few; again, I'm not sure how many that have somehow avoided being placed in hell and are thus in charge of leading people to hell on earth.


Demons are beings of pure hatred. While they are vastly inferior in power compared to God, they still oppose him, They hate God, and they hate humanity because God created humanity, that is why they ruthlessly torture those in hell, besides the fact that there's nothing else to do there besides burn.


Nine out of ten times, a demon only wants to scare the crap out of someone, either through vivid night terrors or terrifying hallucinations. Many of these attempts are written off as ghosts or other supernatural phenomena. If Someone without the holy spirit is attacked by a demon repetitively, they will either go insane, commit suicide, commit mass murder, or any combination of the 3. A demon's overall goal is to convince people to either kill others or kill themselves, and often it is both. This way, their souls will go to hell and will thus be taken away from God. That is their ultimate goal.


Demons are not allowed to harm and\or kill people physically; the only way they can cause you physical pain is by shocking you, which is only temporary (although somewhat excruciating) pain. In a night terror\hallucination, however, a demon may convince you that it is doing several other things to you as well. (some of the ones I fought, replaced the electricity with various drills (yes the kind used by us humans to make holes in things) and other hellish devices, although the pain I felt was still the same.)

Other times a demon might try to convince you that it is God; this attempt fails miserably as long as you remember the following.

Both of these facts are clearly stated in the bible.

  1. If you were to hear God speak, you would go deaf.
  2. If you were to see god, you would go blind.

Keep in mind that demons cannot cause you to go deaf or blind. A beast would do this to majorly screw up your beliefs and turn you against god (thus damming your soul)or make\inspire you to become the leader of a cult that is against God (damming your soul as well as several others)

Demons, unlike they are often portrayed, cannot make deals\bets with humans in exchange for their Souls. They cannot take someone's soul nor do they have the ability actually to deliver their end of the bargain, (maybe if it pertains to people that are under there control, through convincing them to do their bidding but not to physical objects, but it doesn't matter cause there not allowed to make deals anyway) Demons are not allowed\able to possess people (not since Bible times nevertheless).


Demons, not being of this dimension, can have any appearance they desire, this is how they are responsible for all valid ghost sightings, they mostly decide to appear as scary monsters or ghost, however, Sometimes as a figure who most would associate with god, or even as a beautiful woman. At least since the old testament, demons are unable to mate with humans women, producing demon\human hybrids, all existing combinations have been killed and sent to hell thousands of years ago.

I think, but I am not entirely sure, that the reason they were allowed to possess and mate with people in bible times is that that may be a time before they were “officially” cast out of heaven and were stripped of there status as angels.

How to Fight


Rely on the holy spirit for your case, and it will guide you if you allow it too, it is also essential to have a strong faith in God; otherwise, you will be unable to defend yourself. Although I've noticed that they usually only use more violent tactics on those that are saved, and may only try to speak or communicate with those who are not. Regardless, they are dangerous. Without the holy spirit, the presence of an “aggressive” demon may paralyze you, as well as fill you with feelings of fear, the holy spirit, combined with a strong faith in God “and therefore the Trinity as a whole” is the only way to get around this. If for some reason you can't break the paralysis on faith alone, try this little trick. “stop fighting let it pin you, to the point where the demon almost has you where he wants you, and then start fighting with every single ounce of strength you have, and about 9 out of ten times that will break it.


Through time and excessive demon attacks, your soul will get accustomed to defending, to the point where practically no demon can keep you down, it is still essential to have faith in the lord, as he will always be your shield. I will warn you that the ability to fight and ultimately kill a demon is a gift given to very few, I can do it, and have yet to encounter anyone else who can, or even who understands what I am talking about.

The holy spirit aware of the fact that I now hated demons and was tired of merely putting up with them, as well as my well-established faith in the lord, combined with my already stronger than average soul(also capable of lucid dreaming btw), do to my brother's death (another story the details which I won't go into) seemed to have answered my call, it placed a distinctive mark on my soul, I could explain to you in detail when this happened.

Still, I might save that for another creepypasta, allowing me not just to defend against them but also to harm them in return for the suffering they put me through. I was given only one condition in doing so, and that is that I am not allowed to “hunt” them down, I must wait for them to come to me. Unlike killing a human, killing a demon is not a sin, because they are already dead, or damned, it's kind of like they have a price on there head in God's eyes I have killed many demons, upwards of 40, sending them to hell, for nothing in return, only the thrill of seeing the terror in their eyes as they bleed to death from the neck.

You may think I am a psycho, but I'm not, I would never harm another human unless they were trying to hurt me. Still, then again, that's kind what the demons were doing. They weren't just trying to harm me. They were doing it for the sole purpose of causing me pain and trying to get me to go to hell. And as previously mentioned, I don't torture them, I kill them, there no point in torture anyway as nothing I could do to them could amount to the pain they will feel in hell.

I slash their throats as soon as I see them, and if I can't get at there throat for some reason, I'll pull out the old “in the name of jesus\christleave” trick and force them to leave, to try again the next time they come. When a demon is killed, the night terror ends, and the beast is sent to hell, hopefully for eternity.

Btw just a little extra strangeness to add to this, I couldn't get the submit page on this site to load correctly until I was done typing this thing.

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