Del Rey Publishing and DK Books Halt Publication of ‘The Mandalorian’ Books

In a pair of tweets today, Del Rey Publishing and DK Books announced that The Mandalorian original novel and The Mandalorian Ultimate Visual Guide will no longer be published.

Neither of these announcements should cause fans of the franchise to be alarmed in any way. With any in-production series, it can be hard to create original publishing content while the story is still developing and evolving on screen. When it comes to publishing books, there is no reason to write books that will not accurately reflect what we eventually see on screen or inadvertently spoil plot-points that the creators intend to expand upon at a later date.

Adam Christopher's The Mandalorian original novel was previously slated to release late last year, but on July 31, 2020, Del Rey Publishing announced that the release date had been pushed to Fall 2021. In today's announcement, Del Rey Publishing confirmed that Christopher is slated to write a different book that is yet to be announced.

With the highly anticipated Book of Boba Fett, Ahsoka, and Rangers of the New Republic series announced last December, it can be assumed that they are working to evolve these stories and see how they fit into The Mandalorian “cinematic universe” before working on a print initiative for the franchise. While both announcements are essentially the same information, it should be noted that both Del Rey Publishing and DK Books noted that the books “will no longer be publishing […] at this time.” Fans may not be getting these books anytime soon, but it does not sound like they won't find their way onto shelves in a different form in the future.

Given the nature of the interconnected series, Pablo Hidalgo's visual guide would benefit from having the entire story near its end, rather than at the start of a multi-year and multi-series project. Ultimately, this decision will allow for fully fleshed-out character profiles, key plots, and upcoming storylines to be presented in full to readers. We all know that Star Wars fans want as much information as possible about their favorite characters. How can it be “ultimate” if we don't have the full story yet?

You can still pick up the previously published children's books for The MandalorianThe Mandalorian: Allies & Enemies, The Mandalorian: A Clan of Two, The Mandalorian Junior Novel, and Golden Books' This Is the Way. Phil Szostak's season one Art of Star Wars: The Mandalorian was published late last year. The book for the second season hasn't been announced yet.

These things happen in the publishing and film production world and you shouldn't let ‘the sky is falling' YouTubers and Twitter scoopers make you worry. 

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