Decluttering Tips

10 Decluttering Tips to Simplify Your Life and Reclaim Your Home

10 Decluttering Tips to Simplify Your Life

Decluttering? Pfft, sounds like an easy job. After all, you just go through your stuff, decide what to keep, throw stuff in the “to discard” box, and voila! All done.

Then you face your storage cabinets, closets, and display shelves, only to realize, “Looks like I’ll be eating my words then.”

A lot of people get turned off when they evaluate their home and realize the big pile of decluttering they need to do. Where to start? How to start this decluttering in the first place? What if I just pull out all my stuff, but I don’t do any decluttering at all?

It sounds overwhelming at first glance, but there are ways to do your decluttering duties fast, smart and easy.

Luckily, there’s always a life hack for everything, even for decluttering! Here are 10 of the easiest and smartest decluttering hacks you can try!

10 Easy Ways To Declutter Your Home


1. Set 15 Minutes on Your Schedule for Some Decluttering Work

One common mistake first-time declutterers do is to tackle all the mess in one go. At the end of the day, they get overwhelmed and stressed, and they never embark on their decluttering journey the next day.

So here’s your first decluttering hack: take things slowly. Baby steps, as some may call it. To start, set a timer for 15 minutes to clean a portion of your bedroom, for example. Keep doing it every day, then slowly increase your decluttering schedule to 20 -30 minutes, until you’ve completed decluttering that area of your home and you’re feeling up and ready to declutter the next room!

Although it sounds like a cliché, a lot of people fail to do this trick, which leads to failure with their decluttering duties too. They indulge in the process only to get rid of this task in their to-do list. But doing this leaves out the fun and satisfaction of seeing the clutter diminish from time to time!

Remember, a done something is better than a perfect nothing. If you only want to dedicate 10 minutes a day for decluttering, go ahead, as long as you get some decluttering done. Just stick with consistency, though.

2. Implement the 5 Things a Day Rule

Still, part of the “take things slowly” hack, here’s one more trick you can do to accomplish a small decluttering task a day. Every day, make it a habit to pick up 5 things at your home and put them wherever they belong – on the display shelves, the storage cabinet or the “get rid of” box.

3. Declutter Your Closet with the Backward Hanger Trick

Going through your wardrobe items is probably one of the most frustrating decluttering duties there ever was. It’s hard to let go of items of clothing that you feel like you’ll be using for a special occasion someday, or you can wear again when you get your weight loss journey on track.

Here’s a hack on how you can get easily free your closet from the clutter of unused items: turn around all your hangers so they’re hanging in a backward position. Then, whenever you use a clothe/item in the closet, put the hanger in the “correct” position when you bring it back to the closet.

After a month, go back to your closet and see which items are still hanging backward. These “backward” items are the ones you can get rid of or donate since you haven’t used them for the month (and will never use again the future. Trust me.).

4. Go for Dual-Purpose Furniture

Furniture pieces that serve a dual purpose are the new trend! Do you know those beds that have storage cabinets underneath them? Or those wall-mounted cabinets with pullout desks? These multipurpose pieces of furniture are popular with those that have small areas at home, but it’s also ideal for homes with large areas.

Plus, these furniture pieces are a big plus for your interior design!

5. Use Shower Hooks to Hang Your Ties, Scarves, and Belts

No need to buy more tie racks or hangers to hang your ties, scarves, and belts. A pack of shower curtain hooks and some clothes hanger you have at home will do the trick of keeping these miscellaneous wardrobe pieces organized!

Grab any unused hanger from your wardrobe and add/hook one shower curtain hook on the lower part. Add hooks on the hanger, depending on the number of your ties, scarves or belts.

This decluttering hack will free your wardrobe from having too many hangers inside. Who knows, you might also find some of these wardrobe items you’d like to discard or give away. Hit two decluttering problems with one trick!

For instance, instead of buying a separate cabinet for storing some of your books or seasonal clothes in your bedroom, you can opt for that bed with pullout storage drawers underneath. Your bedroom will look more spacious without those bulky cabinets.

6. Avoid Shopping for Bargains

Who doesn’t love to shop during sales, right?! But apparently, the more you shop for bargains you don’t really need at the moment, the more your clutter grows.

Well, if I don’t buy this now, I might pay for a higher price for it when I need it in the future!

How many times have you actually used those stuff you bought on sale? Yeah, none. So the next time you see a huge sale in your favorite shops, or those sales in online stores, only buy what you need. You’ll just end up spending more with the unnecessary impulse buying.

7. Magazine Files can Store More than Just Books and Magazines

Aside from holding your books, magazines, folders, and documents together, magazine files can also serve storage items for your kitchen, hair styling, and makeup tools! If you have any unused magazine holders at your home, grab these along with some glue gun, thumbtacks or push pins, and stick it to your walls and/or cabinets. No need for those space-consuming knife blocks or makeup holders!

8. Let Go of the Broken Stuff

When decluttering, pretty sure you’ve come across that stuff that you don’t want to discard because you believe they’re still repairable. But the thing is, you don’t have the time to sit and do the repair. Even if you have free time, what are the chances you’ll exchange some time to relax to wasting some time figuring out how to make your old stuff work?

If you’re finding it hard to let go of some stuff that has a sentimental value written all over them, you can take a photo of the item instead. Photos consume less space than any other items, especially when they’re just stored digitally on your phone. Plus, you can easily go back to your phone’s gallery anytime you want to reminisce with that item.

Once you’ve taken a snap of the stuff, you can donate or sell them to anyone who can make better use of it.

9. Towel Racks Serve More Purpose than Hanging…Towels

If you don’t use your towel racks much for hanging your towels, you can use them for different hanging purposes. Here are some clever ways you can repurpose these racks:

  • Use as an organizer for your toiletries. Use the rack to hang those mini storage shelves with hooks and put all your soaps, shampoos and all in there.
  • Repurpose as a storage for your pots and pans. No need for extra kitchen cabinets.
  • Grab those lying necklaces and earrings on your nightstand and hang them in your towel racks instead.
  • Place them near outlets and use as DIY charging stations. Just hang a box on the rack or that mini storage with hooks at the end to place your phones.

10. Take Care of the Visual and Physical Clutter in Your Pantry Shelves with Transparent Containers.

Fitting all your grocery items in your pantry can surely be annoying sometimes. Imagine fitting those items that come in large packaging (but only contains lots of air) in a limited space of your shelves/cupboards. They’ve already consumed lots of spaces, and next thing you know, you’re like playing a puzzle of what fits and what not!

To get rid of the visual clutter that is your grocery’s air-filled packaging, you can open some of your items and transfer the content to a transparent container. For example, you can transfer sugar, salt, pasta, rice, and other items of the same nature to transparent containers with labels on them.

Not only do you lessen the visual mess and the space consumed, but you can also keep track of your pantry supplies. This is extremely helpful when creating your list of grocery items!

When Life Gives You Clutter, You Hack it Away!

Decluttering shouldn’t bring you more stress – it should free you from it! Practice these 8 life hacks during your decluttering sessions and you’ll find it as a relaxing routine for your mind. Because a clutter-free home makes way for a clearer mind and serves as your abode for full creativity and focus flow!


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