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Dead Series #1: Space of the Dead

Dead Series #1: Space of the Dead

We are going on mission Apollo 19 to do another investigation on the moon. I'm a bit scared myself after what had happened to the last astronauts. They went missing on the moon and never came back.

Me and my friend got on the shuttle and blasted off. It looked like your average typical moon with craters and all that other crap.

“Damn, I can't believe we're in space!” he said. My camera was tumbling over so I couldn't answer. It was all a good time floating in the shuttle until we saw the third guy acting weird.

He was moving around and all of a sudden, his whole head burst in gushing blood. He started to run towards us with some kind of parasite coming out of his head! We immediately crashed on the moon and…
{preferred soundtrack: COD: Black ops zombies main menu theme}

I can't remember a thing. What the hell happened? I thought to myself of all the possibilities. I saw a dead body right next to me and pushed that nasty thing away from me.

The camera went static for a second. I got up and saw one of the other guys was alive with no oxygen. I put back the oxygen tube so he could breathe. We got up and found a space ship.

It looked like seven years old or something. We went in it only to find a bloody computer panel and a hanged body. Then, the unthinkable happened, we found crates of weapons, guns, and health kits.

“What are guns doing in space?” I asked. I heard a banging noise inside and someone attacked me! He had a broken skull and no eye pupils. He tried to rip out a chunk of my skin but I pulled out a gun and blast his brains out!

A whole mess of them were inside. We found another exit and got as much as we can. I took out what looked like an M16 rifle and blew each and every one of their brains out. We ended up calling them zombies.

We found one running at us and I shot off its arm off. Then, he began to MUTATE. His fingers bent the way they weren't supposed to and grew another arm. His new arm was veiny and ax-shaped. We ran and I tripped in a crater. The video camera was busted!

We were going to get killed until a huge bang came out and blasted right threw its torso. A guy with an oxygen mask with a shotgun was there. I couldn't believe it! Another survivor besides me and my partner.

“Why you guys take my stash?” he says. I was confused for a moment and remembered the guns.

“We're sorry, we didn't know! ” I said.

“Y'know there's a reason why you guys are here?” He said.

“Yeah, to investigate the moon,” I stated.

“The hell, you wish! You're guinea pigs! This is a top-secret mission. There's a damn reason why the rest of my team went missing!” he exclaimed.

“They want you to think that you're just investigating the moon. There's a more darker side to this madness. You see, I was part of mission Apollo 18 back in 2010. I was a soldier before I went on this mission.

“We were at an empty part of the moon. I knew for a fact that there was an extraterrestrial virus. It turns out people were getting infected and so were some alien life.”

{preferred soundtrack: Halloween 6: operating room}

We heard a growl. “What the hell is that?” I asked. My camera got statics. All of sudden, I hear screeches. Little crawlers come crawling towards. They screeched and we started shooting. Soon, the rest of the infected extraterrestrials started to come.

“Go, save yourselves!” he said. More of those nasty mutants started to arrive so we took advantage of it. We both started to run as fast as we could.

The aliens had some kind of gravity thing on them so it made it easier for them to run, unlike us, it was antigravity. We didn't know if the sickness could infect humans so we couldn't let any of us get bitten.

The ship wasn't on fire so we decide to try to make it work. We go inside only to find the dead astronaut gone! Next thing we know, he is right there with a sword-like alien arm. He scratches my partner and I blow the hell out him with the shotgun. I helped him.

“Are you ok?” I asked.

“Does it look like I'm ok!!” he exclaimed.

What I see is a big scratch across his chest. He starts to vomit blood. Next thing you know, he has a headache then he feels pain. He starts to yell and I try to help in some way I can.

All of a sudden I hear his bones crack and a big black tentacles blast out with blood. I don't know whether to kill him or not. I aim my shotgun at him.

I cared about him because he was my friend. I shot him where the tentacles were at and basically exploded. I ran out and tried to outrun the zombies.

All of sudden I see some bird-like creature with blood all over it and a ripped in half face. Its talons grabbed onto my head and tore it off.

I already became a zombie for about 3 minutes and then felt like dying after. This was all for a top-secret mission.

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Brian's Banal Belvedere:

I would love a story mashup of Apollo 13, Dead Space, The Thing, and Aliens. That would be fantastic! This, however, is not that story. It could have been with some additional effort.

Apparently, the moon has anti-gravity now. Who knew? Luckily for them, the aliens did. Or was it the bird-like creatures? Is the moon some type of intergalactic tourist spot now? With all these things there and the mission was on “an empty part of the moon,” it sure was crowded.

I do enjoy the ending though. In case you did not catch it the first or second time. This was a top-secret mission.


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