David Johnson Wood is "Crushing It"

David Johnson Wood: From the Marine Corps to Crushing it in Business and the Big Screen!

What does “crushing it” mean? 

“Crushing It” is an expression reserved for people doing this their job exceedingly well. The term is often used as slang to refer to people who are in great shape, look good, or are better than their peers. 

In business, the term Crushing it was made famous by serial entrepreneur, influencer, and business badass, Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary literally “wrote the book' on the topic; Crushing It!: How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Business and Influence-and How You Can, TooIn his 2009 best-seller, Gary explains how entrepreneurs today need to embrace social media platforms and do “whatever it takes” to become a success. 

At Your Money Geek, we want to help you “crush it,' so we are continually looking to connect with stand out entrepreneurs, business leaders, influencers, and actors. 

Why Actors and Entertainers? Because entertainers are some of the early adopters of social media. If you want to master using social media to promote your brand or business, it makes sense to glean a few lessons from those who have been using social media successfully all along. 

Today, we have an interview with David Wood Johnson, who is the embodiment of “crushing it.” He crushed it in the Marine Corps, crushed it on the big screen, and is crushing it every day in his business. I am thrilled to connect with David and share with you his tips for crushing your own goals.

About David Wood Johnson

David Johnson Wood is an actor, known for Ghost in the Shell, Huang jin xiong di and Vixen. He has three new projects, including a Netflix one. He is also a Marine Corps Veteran, founder of Virtus Outdoor Group, and founded several companies that he runs under the banner of DJW Holdings.

David Wood's Virtus is distributed by Elle, MenXPat, Style, Supreme Co., Amazon, E-Commerce, Campsaver, GovX, and more worldwide. David has lived in Hong Kong for the past 12 years, where he operates his businesses.

David Johnson Wood
Photo Credit: Gareth Evans

How David Johnson Wood is “Crushing It”

My questions are in bold, Davids follow in plain text.

What does a typical day look like?

I wake up daily before 0500.

My day starts with devotional time, meditation, and prayer. I follow that with a quick review of emails, and then I’m in the gym training by 0630 training for least an hour. At 0900, my workday kicks in, and I’m traveling, in meetings, filming, or visiting factories or distributors the remainder of the day and into the eve.

On days that I’m home, I make it a habit to wake my children up and spend at least two meals with them a day. Sunday’s are family days, we worship together, and then we dine out and follow that up with some relaxing time together.

Professionally what are you most proud of?

Professionally I’m the proudest of the mentors and partners that have invested in me and continue to guide me and assess and critique my growth in all aspects of life. It’s humbling when you’ve designed gear for the elite SOCOM units and the most extreme athlete and then get to work with them while using the garments and camouflage you’ve created. Furthering the work mission into a ministry is even more rewarding than this.

What did it take to achieve?

It took clearly identifying what core values were true to myself and then how to add those to the market through my product. Once we have our pure mission dialed in, we follow that solid foundation into our business plan and marketing strategy, designs, sourcing, etc.

If we try to sell something we are not intrinsically attached to, then it’s not authentic, and we won’t risk everything to make it successful.

What tips or lessons did you pick up on the way to your achievement?

There are so many lessons that I’ve learned the hard way. I think the most important is to own it. You’ve got to know your business inside and out, you’ve got to understand and map your path and know it like you know your own reflection. I

f you don’t own it and love it, you’ll never be able to grow it as you develop yourself. Secondly, you’ve got to be extremely cautious about who you bring on board; people will say anything you want to hear to be involved with an attractive venture, watch and learn from people’s actions, not their lip service. If you can master the trade they offer, then master it.

Only bring on the crucial ingredients when you select investors and teammates. You can always outsource without risking ownership. 

What is one thing you have learned from being successful?

The most important thing is mastering time management. Without a consistent structure to your day, a mapped-out plan, and an accountability group of mentors, you’ll be shooting at too many moving targets, and you’ll waste valuable time with no ROI. 

Is there a mistake you have made starting that you wish you could change?

I would have chosen strategic partners much differently early on; I can’t stress enough how crucial having the right team is for success.

We will all have failures and obstacles, but as long as you learn to maneuver through the obstacles and stay on your trajectory to the Telos, you’ll be all the wiser and seasoned from each mistake. A mistake learned is a stripe earned. 

How has success changed your views and opinions on money?

The more money we make, the more money we spend, the bigger our bandwidth, the bigger the budget. With financial growth comes much more responsibility, but it can also lead to much more stress: more lawyers, accountants, taxes, etc. It’s very easy to get in a zone where you are blasting through deals and not even enjoying your success.

The greatest accomplishments to me are being able to shut off the phone and spend time with my Maker and my family. There is nothing more important than giving back; I’m talking about mission, charity, and physically getting involved.

I know far too many very successful people that are on the brink of breakdowns from loneliness and emptiness, their success has not reflected their core values, or even worse, they’ve had no positive core values from the get-go. Put your money into what is essential in life; family time and service.


We spell love TIME. Give your full attention to people that you want in your life; it’s that simple. We all want to be heard, understood, valued, and accepted, so listen and invest your TIME into people. This is as simple as the golden rule.


Business is all built on relationships, so again, invest your time in building the right ones.

Crushing It
Photo Credit: Gareth Evans


If you could recommend one book to help people be more successful, what would it be, and why.

12 Rules for Life By Jordan B Peterson has helped me to reflect on my marriage, parenting, business, values, and goals.

If you are willing to ask yourself the tough questions that will hurt, and you’re willing to act on the answers, then I hope it helps you as much as it’s helped me. I reread every few months and gain more each time.

What advice would you give someone starting?

Identify your core values and assure your mission reflects who you really are, then go non-stop at mission accomplishment. Know yourself, know your mission, and own it so you can then earn it!

Do you have any advice for people that may feel discouraged about reaching their goals?

Life is tough; chaos and suffering are guaranteed. You will certainly be discouraged. If it was easy, there’s been no new space in the market. This is why your daily routine must become ritual; this is an endurance evolution; you must make your armor strong. Iron sharpens Iron, so assure you’ve got mentors and colleagues that will weather any storm with you.

Social Media

What does your social media strategy look like, any tips?

My personal and my brand are truly authentic and direct reflections of the core. Please look at @davidj_wood and @virtus.outdoors, and you’ll see that everything I’m sharing there is presented in each post and story. Authenticity is everything. People know when they are being sold a gimmick, so promote what is true and solid; people react positively to a tribe of valid and authentic leaders. 

Any mistakes you see people routinely make with social media?

I see branding that is far off what the mission is, stay true, and authentic to the mission. Also, clearly define your mission and assure you are connecting with your end-user.

Where can people connect with you online?

Social media is @DavidJ_Wood and @Vitus.Outdoors, plus our website is VogStore.com


 Do you have any apps, books, or tips that you use to be more productive?

I keep all my books on iBooks, so I have a plethora of knowledge on hand at all times. QuickBooks is crucial for accounting. 

How do you manage time?

I have a daily routine that begins before 0500 daily. I never break from my routine. Consistency is the key to building discipline. 


How import is fitness to success?

Our physical appearance directly represents what’s going on inside. If we can’t even take care of ourselves, how will we manage to battle through the chaos of business? Working out is crucial.

Do you enjoy working out?

I train at least an hour every day, I am an endurance athlete, and I lead some the most extreme 60-hour endurance races thru Spartan Extreme Endurance and my company VOG (Virtus Outdoor Group).

David Johnson Wood is "Crushing It"
Photo Credit: Gareth Evans

What's Next?

Any upcoming projects you are working on?

We are launching a new clothing line in mid-November as well as leading global endurance events in Asia, Europe, LATAM, and the USA. You can follow these on our social media. 

Final Thoughts

What is the best advice you have received?

I’m a US Marine Combat Veteran. In the Marines, we taught: improvise, adapt, and overcome.

Carve this into your soul, and you’ll never become ensnared.

What is the one thing you wish everyone knew?

I wish everyone knew how attainable their goals are if they put in the time and energy that they waste on the frivolous. Our TIME is so limited; we must use the time we have here to reach our goals; wasted time is a wasted life.

Please share a geeky fact about yourself.

I carry a sewing kit and different tapes and chalks to amend any gear I use or any products that I want to upgrade. I’ve done this since I was ten years old; it’s served me well and continues to today.

Thank You

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