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Darkness with Shadows

Have you ever heard what happens when you lose your shadow? It’s not quite an exciting time. Everyone will think of Peter Pan, and how he loses it, just to have Wendy sew it back to him. This isn’t a fairy tale, and the results are much, much worse. It’s not very hard to lose your shadow, if you look for the right places, the right time, and have the proper items. It may seem like an illusion, but it’s very real. And if things don’t go right, you MUST abort this immediately. I know. I had things go successfully. But it was not worth anything I ever did, and if I could, I would change it. That way, I wouldn’t be living in constant fear, constant denial, constantly hanging over the wire of death, my clock ticking much faster than yours.

If you really want to do this, and make the same mistake that I have made, I will leave the details here. However, I must state the very real consequences. If you go through with this, you will never be able to leave the light again. And you will never be able to have only one light source lit at a time. For if you do, you will spend the last breath in that light. Never let your light sources die. If its a flame, keep it constantly stocked and burning. If it’s a light bulb, keep many spares. If it’s an electronic device, keep it charged. Finally, if you go through with this, DO NOT tell a soul. Or else, you endanger them, and you will soon meet your fate within that hour. Now, if you have read these, and still wish to proceed, then here is what you need. First, you need enough candles to surround yourself in a circle. This can be small, or large, but the smaller the circle, the better the odds of this working. However, it can not be too close, because flames cast shadows, and you can possibly cast too many shadows at once, instead of ridding yourself of it. If this happens, keep the candles lit, and mumble under your breath “I see one too many, for all and any, you must disappear.” This should cause the shadows to disappear, and leaving yourself with one, the original, instead of many. If you don’t do this within the first ten seconds, or if you let a single candle go out, the shadows will come, taking out the light and suffocating you in a world of darkness.

Secondly, you will need bright clothing, preferably white. Wearing dark will cause the same results as if a candle were to go out, or if you don’t mumble the words in ten seconds. Lastly, you will need light sources to get you home, for you can not perform this ritual within your own home. If you try, it will not work, and your whole house will be slowly consumed in darkness. You must perform this ritual within an abandoned building, at night. Any time is ok, as long as it is not dusk or dawn. It must be within an hour of these two times. Once you have collected these materials, you may set out during the day, find yourself a building. It is ok to plan this out, but the longer it takes, the much less likely the ritual will work, for your mind will be clouded. Once you can find an abandoned building, you must be within a room with no windows, and only a single door. It may have lights, but they can not be turned on, and must be left off for the entire ritual, if they were to work. Make sure you have a lighter with plenty of lighting fluid. You may have another to accompany you, but they can not be in the room during the ritual, and you must not tell them the rituals results afterwards. Make sure you have at least two light sources, and a candle may not work. The lighter will, but you may want to have a phone or flashlight with you. You may set up the candles, and the lighter may be left within the circle. Your phone must be left in the circle, along with the other light source if you do not use the lighter. When night has fallen, step inside the room by yourself, and close the door. Using your senses, find the candle circle, and step inside. Grab the lighter, and find the very first candle. Light it, and then light each candle without slowing. If you go too slow, or the candles go out, leave immediately, and never come back again. When all candles are lit, and there are not multiple shadows, mumble “I rid myself of my bonds, within the cement walls. Now, my shadow is free, and it will leave me.” If all things go well, your shadow will leave you. Grab your light source, and shine it on the walls, until you find your shadow on the wall, detached from you. Wait for it to leave the room, for it can now touch three-dimensional objects. Once it has, you must now leave the room, and make it home, without it catching you. This is why you need multiple light sources, since it may find a gap.

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When you make it home, turn on all the lights in your room, and go to bed. Now, you will never have your shadow again. But, the shadow no longer has any restraints. It is now all of the hate and evil darkness has. It will try to kill you, and it will try to find gaps within your light. From now on, you’ll want to wear bright clothes, have plenty of lig-

I’m sorry. There was a noise within my house. I think a light bulb went out. I’ll be fine though.

Now, you’ll want plenty of light, and never stay out past dusk. The sun is your friend, the moon your enemy. As long as you follow the rules, things will be ok fo-

I apologize. My power has gone out, and I had to get a second light source. My laptop light and phones light is protecting me for now Sadly, they are both nearly dead. This could be my last words. But i must continue, for your sake.

If you still want to go through with this, you must now follow every rule and guideline I have left for you. As well as the fact that each step must be followed within the right order, or else things will not go your way. The worst part is?

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My phone has just died and I am left only with laptop light. The wall behind me is light, but nothing but darkness is in front of my. I fear my time may come sooner than I thought. You see, I went through with the ritual nearly three years ago, and am so tired, for I have been so paranoid and cautious. Things have been tiring, and I don’t know how much longer I can go on. This ritual is not for the weak. The sounds, the sights. The strange smells and feelings. They shake you to the very core…

My laptop is now only at two percent, so I must finish. The worst part, is the fact that you will live your life in fear, knowing the very last moment is coming. In fact, the feeling you’ll fear before death. It has a strange, electrical feeling to it. A sense of release, and satisfaction to it…

Never partake in this ritual. For if you do, your life will end in darkness.
Goodbye, loving light.

Credit: FiringRhymes

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Not much is known about Brian Z. Some say it's because he is secretly preparing for the Z poc, others say it's because of the "incident" at Chicago Walker Stalker Con. All that we know for certain is he loves sci-fi, horror, and zombies.

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