I am excited to announce that we purchased Crappypasta.com

If you are a horror fan, you will likely be familiar with Crappypasta; it’s the sister site to the widely popular CreepPasta horror-themed short story website.

However, if you are into money, side hustles, or just follow Your Money Geek to learn how to sell used panties online, you may be wondering what Crappypasta is.

Likewise, if you are a Crappypasta fan, you are probably wondering; what happened to the site and what’s “Your Money Geek?” In this post, we going to explain our intentions for Crappypasta as well as explain what we have planned for the site and answer some of your questions.

Meet Crappypasta

Crappypasta was the sister site to the popular horror website, Creepypasta. Stories that did not quite meet Creepypasta’s editorial guidelines were often given a home on Crappypasta.

Some of the stories just needed a little TLC, some were bad, some were soooo bad they were entertaining, and others were pretty much like WTH.

Just to be perfectly clear, many were crappy, its in the name after all. Some were real attempts at fiction writing that derailed massively. Some of the posts were intentionally written to be awful. Like B Movies, everyone enjoyed them for different reasons.

Some readers enjoyed them ironically; others found inspiration in the posts even if they were flawed. Others enjoyed lurking in the comments. We all had various reasons for enjoying the posts, whether it was a comment that generated a LOL,  an oddly phrased sentence that you found funny or rambling run on that cause a chuckle.

How you choose to enjoy or not enjoy these posts is entirely up to you.

What I loved about the site is it was an excellent opportunity for writers to take their first step into writing. Additionaly, the site offered some valuable feedback for authors to improve their work. Also, the site contained enough neat ideas amongst the train wrecks; it made sorting through all the posts fun.

It's kind of like digging through the 5 dollar movie bin at Walmart. 😉

The Potential of Crappypasta

The CrappyPasta website has been dormant since 2017. It was not publishing new stories, and the site needed some love. Most of the posts didn’t have images, there were broken links galore, and most of the posts were (are) in need of significant formatting.

I enjoy a silly story as much as the next guy, but walls of text make it hard to appreciate even bad posts. 

However, the site had over 4k posts and nearly 35k comments, so clearly, people enjoyed the website, and it was worth saving. So that’s where Brian and I stepped in and decided to acquire the site.

About Brian

Not much is known about Brian, we met on social media a year or so ago and bonded over our shared interest of Z Nation and sci-fi. All I know is, he is not allowed back in Chicago because of the Walker Stalker Con incident and that he will be the head geek in charge of running the Geek Short Stories side of the website.

Meet Geek Short Stories

We are working on developing our line of user-generated quality original sci-fi, horror, and fan fiction stories.  These stories are not intended to be Crappypastas; instead, they are premium quality written horror, sci-fi, and fan fiction with strict guidelines to publish.


Why We Moved the Content to YMG?

We could have kept all the content on the existing site; however, we felt moving the posts made the most sense for a few reasons.

  1. Running one site is easier than maintaining two.
  2. We felt that the Crappypasta and Your Money Geek (YMG) audience shared similar interests, i.e., video games, sci-fi, horror, movies, etc.

Not Everyone is Going to Be Happy

When a site is popular, fans can often be reluctant to change. Our goal is to preserve the Crappypastas and promote them to a new audience. We feel that by moving the stories to Your Money Geek, they will be enjoyed by a whole new audience all over again.

Will We Make Money? 

Creepypasta currently has display advertising on it. The original Crappypasta website had display advertising on it, and Your Money Geek currently makes money through display advertising.

As such, little will change in how Crappypasta makes money (if any); both were for-profit activities.

Art and money have always had a bit of a strained relationship. We understand that some content producers may balk at our eclectic mix of content; a pure short story website may appear more altruistic however whether a post was hosted on Creepypasta or Crappypasta display advertising was going to be part of the mix.

We at Your Money Geek at not some big corporation, we are pop-culture fans and we enjoy using our platform to promote fun stories.

 We promise we are not engaged in some sinister plot to peddle financial content to crappy horror fans.

So some disclosure may help.

Websites cost money to run; you have to pay for hosting, design, images, plugins, email hosting, and more. As Crappypasta stood, the website was not going to be profitable on its current path. While the site appeared to receive decent traffic, once we dug into the Google Analytics account, the majority of traffic was fake. (Bots)

Display ads cover the costs of websites and keep content free, without ads, sites like YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook,  and Pinterest would all cost money.

Crappypasta had been neglected for some time and needed promotion and marketing, which takes both time and money. Moving the content to Your Money Geek allowed us to consolidate costs to save on admin expenses. Crappypasta represents less than 1% of all the monthly traffic of Your Money Geek; the reality is that Your Money Geek is subsidizing the Crappypasta website by paying for expenses.

In fact, all of the Geek content on the website, such as movie reviews, games, and interviews, represent less than 5% of our traffic and is done for fun. 

The funds we receive from our geeky projects are rolled back into producing content, promotion, and admin. Combining the sites allows us to promote the content and its authors. We would hope that authors would see the combined platform as an opportunity to promote their work to a broader audience.

However, if you have previously submitted a post to Crappypsta that has been published on Your Money Geek and you object to our use of your content, let us know here.  

Who Owns The Rights to Crappypastas?

The original owners hold the rights to Crappypastas.

Creepypastas are short stories that were submitted to Creepypasta, authors of the stories granted Creepypasta permission to publish these stories on the Creepypasta website.

“every submission that is posted on crappypasta is here with the author’s EXPLICIT permission; we have a nifty little check-yes-or-no question about this site in the creepypasta.com submission form.” – Creepypasta.com

Crappypasta.com is now hosted on Your Money Geek, and we have not altered how the content is being used, nor are we claiming authorship or rights to the Crappypastas acquired from the purchase.

We have retained the author attribution and credit link that was being used by Crappypasta successfully.

As stated previously, the merger helps us promote these stories to a new audience and breathe new life into the content. However, we understand some authors may not be happy with the domain change, so if you are the original producer of a Crappypasta and object to our use of the post on Your Money Geek, reach out to us here. 

Where are the Posts?

The vast majority of posts we had to take down due to formatting issues and other technical concerns. We will be republishing posts as we update them. If you had a favorite story please let us know, and we will do our best to move that post up the queue.

Are We Accepting New Crappypastas?

Crappypastas are an evolution of Creepypastas, which evolved from copypastas. These stories have been passed around the internet via eMail and have appeared on various forums and fandom sites. These stories have been redistributed, modified, repurposed, and knocked-off to such an extent that it is difficult to determine who the original author is.

The previous system of accepting Crappypastas left issues of ownership and rights fairly ambiguous. So, to avoid potential issues down the road we have rolled our own line of user-generated short stories (Geek Short Stories), with much stricter guidelines.

Note: Geek Short Stories are not Crappypastas.

Crappypastas will live on in the archives, however going forward new submissions will be classified as Geek Short Stories, in either Sci-Fi, Horror, or Fan Fiction.

What will Change Post-Merger?

Short answer; not much.

However, we are implementing a few changes.

The formating quality of the stories will improve slightly. We are committed to maintaining the charm of user-generated stories; however, posts will receive minimal editing for formatting.

(We are not looking to sanitize or rewrite any of these posts, we are just giving them a quick edit for formating)

What About the Really Crappypastas????

Do you love riping on the walls of text, cringe-worthy grammar, and hot steaming mess of posts?

Great news, you can find those abominations on the CrappyPasta SubReddit.

What Can Crappy Pasta Fans Expect?

We are committed to archiving most of the CrappyPasta website and will spend the next several months fixing up and improving the nearly 4k posts YMG has inherited from Crappypasta.

Note: We are not going to rewrite these stories; they will receive a quick edit to enhance formatting and to improve site navigation.

These are still going to be “crappy' stories.

  1. Readers can still comment and offer suggestions on posts.
  2. Authors can solicit advice and feedback from readers.

Additionally, I hope that CrappyPasta readers will check out our Geek Short Storys and even some of our killer personal finance content.

However, if you are just interested in crappy short stories, you will find all your favorite Crappypastas under the category Crappypastas.

If you have a question or suggestion, please leave us a comment or contact us on our handy contact form.

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