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Save Money Buying T-Shirts in Bulk at Wholesale Prices

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Looking to save some money on novelty and graphic t-shirts? Good news! We scoured the web to find the best deal on bulk tee shirts at wholesale prices.

At Your Money Geek, we are passionate about two things, saving money and our pop culture. Needless to say, whenever those two worlds collide, we get pretty excited!

We have two young children at home who seem to be continually outgrowing or wearing out their favorite tees. In the past, we would pick up t-shirts at Target or Five Below. Usually, we could pick up a novelty or vintage tee for $5 to $6, and if the kids wore it out, we were not heartbroken over it.

Five dollars for a quality shirt is 1/4 to 1/5 of the cost of buying graphic tees at the mall or local ComicCon. Admittedly, I had never gone online to try and find great shirts for less, or buy them in bulk or at wholesale prices.

Cheap T-Shirts Online

Luckily, I stumbled onto License To Wear online, and I was Impressed with how crazy cheap they sell t-shirts. License To Wear sells officially licensed novelty and vintage style tees at rock bottom prices. They have shirts including everything from music to 80’s TV, and even the latest movies.

These are the same style t-shirts you might see at the mall (i.e. at Five Below or Target), however at much lower prices. Shopping on the site, I was shocked by how much money I was able to save! Even with shipping, my average cost for a t-shirt was nearly half of what it would be while buying shirts locally.

Going online and doing some comparison shopping, I found a different website (6 Dollar Shirts) that is selling ten shirts for five dollars each. When I added my address to calculate shipping, the lowest cost shipping to my location was $14.76. So the total cost of ten shirts delivered was $64.76 or $6.47 per shirt. This total cost is more than buying at Five Below. However, you have the convenience of a better selection while not having to drive to the store.

Note: 6 Dollar Shirts does NOT sell officially licensed pop culture t-shirts.

But by shopping at License To Wear, I was able to get that same large selection at a much smaller total cost than the other online stores. For example, I was able to load my shopping cart with 25 shirts for $84.75 (including shipping), or $3.39 per shirt delivered.

The example does include using the referral code that License To Wear was kind enough to provide for Your Money Geek readers – $10 off the purchase of a License (or half off)!

Cheap t-shirts

Don’t worry; I didn’t buy 25 Star Wars shirts 🙂  I just used it as an example to comparison shop. But I kinda wanted to… 

Ordering graphic shirts from is easy and License to Wear is quick to respond to customer questions. Their catalog does offer more than just shirts, I was able to find a nice selection of pullover hoodie sweatshirts, long sleeve shirts, and even costumes.

What You Need to Know About Buying Shirts Online

There are a few caveats about shopping at License To Wear that you will need to consider as you make your decision:

  1. T-Shirt prices range from as low as $.25 to as high as a few dollars. The cost of the shirts you choose will influence your per shirt price.
  2. Shipping starts at $8.95; this covers not just the shipping paid to FedEx but the packaging supplies as well as labor for picking/packing/shipping.
  3. To purchase more than three shirts, you need to buy a $20 license. Use discount code YOURMONEYGEEK and receive 10 dollars off your license.
  4. All inventory is limited in quantity and is going fast.

How can they charge $0.25 for a shirt?

License To Wear is a close-out site for, who has recently converted to an “on demand” shirt maker. When they made the change, they needed a way to clear out their warehouse of ready-to-sell merchandise – hence License To Wear. So, while there are currently tons of great options to choose from, they most likely won’t be replenishing the stock at these ridiculously low prices.

Another thing to remember is that with these crazy low prices, they are not accepting returns or exchanges. But at $0.25 per shirt (at the lowest), you could say it’s worth the quarter to see whether or not your new Star Wars shirt is a perfect fit! Worst case – you just bought Uncle Carl’s birthday gift a few months early.


Save Money Buying T-Shirts in Bulk

Since the site requires the purchase of a license to purchase more than three shirts, you get the best value for buying shirts in bulk. If you have some friends or family close by that love t-shirts and saving money, you could split the cost of the license and shipping.

Keep an eye on shipping weight because the cost of shipping is banded by weight. If you are just slightly over the weight of a band, it may make sense to either remove a shirt or add a few more. The sites shopping card keeps track of the weights for you, and it only takes a second to familiarize yourself with the shipping prices.

The shipping price per pound declines with larger orders, so splitting an order with others can help drive down your per shirt price. However, even small orders can save a lot of money. Costume hoodies on the site can be found for as low as a few dollars, and you can make multiple purchases.

Note: Hoodies and novelty t-shirts make great gifts for those hard-to-shop-for people on your list.

So, no matter if you are looking to outfit your family with matching TMNT hoodies for the next Comic-Con or if you looking to stockpile cheap t-shirts, License To Wear has you covered.

Avoid Retail Prices

License to wear offers a great shopping experience and unbelievable deals, you can pick up officially licensed merchandise for less than printed tees or even plan t-shirts. If you have children at home, it is a great opportunity to pick up shirts that the kids and wear out and won’t bust your budget.

The option to purchase a license is innovative, however, you will need to keep an eye on shipping weights to get the best deals.

Take a moment to check out the site and look over their inventory, and be sure to use the code YOURMONEYGEEK to save $10 on a license purchase. I hope to catch you in your new hoodie or t-shirt at the next Comic-Con or Walker Stalker Con.


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