Crappypastas are short stories written for the Creepypasta website that did not meet the site’s editorial guidelines. A submission may not meet the Crappypastas guidelines for a few reasons, such as spelling, grammar, or formating.

  • Some Crappypastas are posts that require a rewrite and a little TLC.
  • Some of these posts are legitimate attempts at writing fiction that has gone horribly wrong, frequently humorously so.
  • Other posts are tongue-in-cheek attempts at intentionally writing a “Crappy” story.

Think of these posts like B movies, some are horrible, some are soooo horrible they are entertaining, while others are legitimate attempts that went awry.


It’s really up to the reader to decide. We take the submissions as received do a quick editing pass for formating and present them to you enjoy. (or not)


For more information on Crappypastas read; Why We Purchased Crappypasta 

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