Call of Duty Black Ops 2: Zombies Nightmare Mode

This is the true story of what really happened to my friend and I over Christmas break. I don’t want to disclose my real name, in case it does exist, I don’t want it to find me; so I will just call myself, well myself, and my friend, I’ll call him Alex. Our story begins with the purchasing of a used copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. I didn’t want to spend the 60 bucks for a new copy from a store, so I tried looking on eBay and Craigslist. Craigslist had a few used and new copies, but there was a used copy on eBay for only 3 dollars! I thought of how lucky I was, and even if it was just a hoax, three dollars was no loss. I looked at the time posted, and it was only few minutes before I had logged in, so there was still the buy now option, immediately I clicked on it, and made the purchase. Curiosity got the better of me and I checked the user, Jokero643’s ratings. He had only made a few sales, but he was rated at a 96%, mailing the day of purchase, and usually including overnight for free. Going to sleep later that night I was extremely psyched to finally get the newest sequel of the franchise, and get my hands on the new zombies, my personal favorite. I never really enjoy multiplayer because I’m not that good against MLGpros, but I stand up pretty well against the living dead.
The next morning there was one of those mail order packages from Wal-Mart, with the bubble wrap on the inside, and the yellowish orange paper on the outside. My name was addressed, but there was no return address. Not thinking anything of it, I brought the game to my room, plugged my Ethernet cable into my laptop, bridged connections and started up my Xbox. I didn’t live, because I’m in college and I didn’t have the chance to even touch the game since finals were a month away after its release, so I decided a solo game would be a nice warm up. When I got to the main menu, there was an option, ‘Connect to Facebook’. In my head, I thought it must be to post high rounds, and tell friends that you’re playing, so I clicked that option. A box came up asking me for my username, and a confirmation code that would be sent to my phone, instead of using a password. After submitting the data, and hitting OK, I hopped into the main hub, selected Trans-zit, original difficulty, and hopped into game number 1. I had seen some gameplay online, some from Vikstar123, and Syndicate, so I had a general idea on what to do, where to go, and such. The first thing I noticed was the zombie faces; they weren’t the blue eyed zombies that I had seen before in regular game play footage. No, these zombies had the faces of my friends. I was looking straight into the face of one of the kids I went to high school with. I turned around and saw a the face of a girl who lived one floor up, and down the hall from me in my dorm at college. I was rather impressed, apparently the COD franchise had used my friend’s faces from Facebook to make a very similar face and put it on the zombies I was currently looking at. So using the tatics from black ops one, I put six shots into the nearest one, the guy I knew, and then knifed him; a horrible shriek came from him, as if  somebody had just been stabbed next to me. I was a little alarmed, but I assumed it must have been in that update, for a more realistic experience. Turning to the girl again, 6 more shots, and a knife, this time it sounded like a girl had been stabbed as she fell to the floor and quickly became silent. Slightly perturbed by this, I paused the game, and went to my volume controls, turned voices to 3, and master to 6.
Running to collect the mannequin, and fan head before the other zombies broke into the room from the window, I had 2/3rds of the turbine complete. I shot the last two zombies with my friend’s faces plastered on them, conveniently hitting both with the six shots to save on ammo, and knifed both which like the last to screamed and howled. It seemed like the volume change actually made the voices slightly louder, and a little more wretched, as if they were in pain, rather than dying. I grabbed that little airplane and instead of Maxis’ voice saying to complete the device, I heard a woman’s voice call out “Please, don’t hurt us! We can’t stop!” and then ended with the familiar static like the radios usually do. By now the zombies had broken into the room, and I proceeded with my point whoring method of shooting and knifing, each time the zombies would scream and fall as my knife sliced through them. I felt a little scared, this was a lot weirder than I had assumed, so I paused the game, and turned the volume on my TV to 8 out of a maximum of 80. This did the trick, and now the screams were more like harsh whispers.
With two zombies left, I miscounted the number of hits on one and the 6th shot killed him, dropping‘Max Ammo’. I knew, from watching Syndicate, that Richtofen would say something so I resorted volume to its normal level, and picked up the perk. Richtofen did his usual scream, but instead of talking about the evil, he said ‘Oh don’t mind her, she’s not important. Max Ammo!’ I placed the turbine, walked into the little elbow room, got the cow catcher, and armed the bus with it. The zombie followed me outside the bus depot, and as I picked up the B23R, he began to break the door. The automated driver turned around, red eyes flashing, and yelled, “IF HE BREAKS THAT YOU WILL NEVER RIDE AGAIN.” I freaked out and shot him in the head, the 3 shot burst was an instant headshot and this time the zombie said nothing, just fell down. The bus began to move now, making its way to the diner.
My phone went off; Alex was calling me on his way home from work, asking me if my game came. I told him it did, and if he got the new update with the Facebook friends faces, and the screaming zombies. He said he didn’t, but would check when he got home, and if I could come by so we could split screen. I told him I was on round 1, but he said his sister took his game to her girlfriend’s house for their sleep over, and he didn’t want to wait till the next day to game. I turned off my game, put the disc in the case, and drove to his house. Once the disc was in his counsel, we fired it up, but he had no updates. There was also no option to link his Facebook to his game, like I had done not even thirty minutes before. He thought I was just messing with him, giving me that ‘yea ok’ look and asked if I wanted to play Easy or Original for my first time with him. I said Easy, and he scrolled down to difficulty, hit right, but a new setting was displayed, Nightmare. I looked at him, and asked if he had that on his Disc, and he said no, looking confused and a little unsettled. I asked if he was man enough, and of course he agreed, with a confident Hell Yea! So we started the game.
The intro music was slower, and seemed to be backwards, not sounding anything like what the music was supposed to be, there was also a steadily increasing blood pattern on the page that replaced the loading bar, when the page was completely covered, the game began. The room was unchanged, but the zombies had a new color of eyes, red. The faces were still those of people I knew, friends from Alex’s and my high school. He just stared and said “What the fuck?!” He ran right up to one of the guys we played soccer with to look at him up close, getting hit once as he did. Unlike in a regular game, which shows a single red tick mark, this hit put him in the same mode when you have Juggernaut and you get hit 4 times, slowly recovering with red all around you. I came up and knifed his zombie three times, which screamed and fell to the floor. We both knew this was not right, but neither of us wanted to pansy out of the game. The same speech checks came up when we finished the turbine, along with the first perk drop. At the end of round one, the floor cracked and the lava appeared, like it normally does in round three, forcing us to leave early. I was relieved to see that lava was not overpowered in this mode, as that would have meant defeat when crossing the lava fields, like the one in between “Town” and the “Bus-Depot” There was no part in the little elbow room, so we got on the bus, grabbed the B23R, and the bus took off before any zombies could chase us. As the bus got to the diner, we hopped out and began to mow the undead down, even at round 2, it took 2 bursts from the B23R to kill the zombies, or one burst to the head. Alex also pointed out how headshots made them stop screaming when they died. We camped the rest of the round and most of the next one as well, and saved the last walker so we could get to power. I had more cash than Alex did, so I opened the door and he said he would tell me where the parts to the power switch where. But as I jumped down I noticed a long line of blood starting where the drop point was and going all the way through the door. I followed it and it led me right to the switch, where a person laid; their hand on the switch. I walked to the man, my left finger on the trigger, pointed right at his head in case he moved. I think Alex and I had the same thought as I got closer and closer to him, suddenly the zombie sprang up and charged at me! I missed his head and instead hit his torso, 3 bursts to the chest dropped him. As he laid on his back, I walked to his face to confirm my fear, it was Alex’s Dad’s face on the zombie, staring blank faced up at us. Alex let out a stream of curse words, and was about to quit but I told him to stop and it’s just a game. The hand was missing on the lever, so I went looking for it. Three minutes later I still couldn’t find it, even with Alex looking on my screen trying to find it, so I thought maybe we already had the hand. I ran back to the body of Alex’s dad and clicked the knife button, a simple first person cut scene took place, where I had to tap RS3 5 times to cut the hand off, picked it up with x, and finished building the power switch. With power restored, the electric zombie appeared as he normally did, and teleported away. Instead of Maxis talking, the girl whose voice we heard before spoke again, saying whatever we do, do not go to the cabin. I decided to turn off the power to see if Richtofen would say anything else, and he followed up with “Who is zat busy body voman? Es not Sam, then who is it? AAAANNNNYYYWWWWAAAYYYY don’t listen to her, she must have left her marbles with her body HAHA” in his German accent. When we heard this, we were slightly re-assured that this was actually part of the game, so I headed up the stairs and assembled the electric trap while we waited for the bus to come back. Upon hearing the honking, I hopped down and we both got on the bus, on our way to town, and the much needed Juggernaut. I absentmindedly started to knife the driver, who said his usual bit about not touching him, and then his eyes flared red and he roared “I TOLD YOU” The bus doors fell off, like someone had removed the screws from them, and the bus screeched to a stop. The zombie that was sprinting after the bus ran into the bus, but his speed was not reduced like it should have been. Alex and I ran out of the bus, bursting into the following zombie, killing him.
So round 4 began, we were trapped in the middle of the road between “Power” and “Town”, and that scratching sound the denizens make sounded. We took off toward three foggy lights in the near distance, knifing and jumping to try and get those little demon babies off our heads. As we came into a clearing, we realized we arrived at the cabin in the woods. Zombies were already spawning so we took positions inside and tried to hold it down. Alex was the first to reach 3000 points, and bought the bowie knife, but as he pulled up his gun after bowie disappeared from view, the zombies turned around and ran at the same speed as if they were chasing the bus. The four tic marks faded away and instead a small text box flashed in the corner reading “You should have listened” A thud was heard, and we ran to the windows to see what made the noise. A single zombie with red eyes was outside by the tree stump, I assume the thud was him pulling the ax out of the stump. He picked it up and began to walk to the cottage, where we both sat looking at him. The woman’s voice played again, “I told you not to-” the voice dropped an octave or two “-come to this-” the voice got even lower turning into a low growling man’s voice “-cabin. Now you shall DIE” The zombie lunged, no clipping through the side of the house and with the flat head of the ax hit Alex’s character in the head knocking him to the floor. I began to shoot as fast as I could into the zombie trying to kill him as he raised the ax and brought it straight down, in line with his nose, so he was looking up at the blade. The zombie stepped off him, and I turned and sprinted into the forest, trying to get away. Alex’s screen did not go to the spectating mode, but kept looking up as the zombie raised his axe one more time, yelling DIE and brought it down on his neck. The camera was squired with blood, and rolled to the side, letting us watch as he took off out the door. A denizen hopped on my head as I neared the bus, and the ax zombie caught up to me. It knocked my character to the ground, vibrating as my character slid. I tried to press A or B to stand up, but I couldn’t. My fingers were jammed so hard on the left stick to move forward that I had red marks forming. The camera flipped over and the zombie now stood over me, ax raised high, and called out “NOW IT’S YOUR TURN!” As it came down, Alex’s Xbox red ringed and the screen went black. 5 words appeared in white text, slowly turning pink, and then red, “You shouldn’t have done that.” I jumped to the Xbox, and yanked out the power cord, but the red ring remained. I pulled out the AV cable from the back, but that did nothing. Alex ran to the wall and pulled the power cable out of the wall; finally the TV turned off.
That night we walked to the gas station in silence, carrying a 2 gallon red container of gas, filled it up, and brought it back to the house. When we got back, the red ring was still glowing, red like the eyes of the zombie in the game. I got a shovel out the garage, and we dug a small hole in his garden, and burned his xbox, right then and there. When it was done, we scooped it up, put it in a trash can, and I drove home. When I got home that night, I had a message waiting for me on Facebook, “You shouldn’t have done that” The profile was from that fucking “Happy Mask” sales man from Majora’s Mask. In my opinion, he is the true definition of evil, the real meaning of fear. I deactivated my account, and I haven’t signed in yet. This is just a warning for all gamers out there, if you ever get a copy of Black Ops that asks for your Facebook account, put down the controller, take out the disc, and smash it. And if you ever start a game of zombies, and there is an option for Nightmare difficulty, well, you know what it is now.
Credit To – CBK1LL3R23

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Not much is known about Brian Z. Some say it's because he is secretly preparing for the Z poc, others say it's because of the "incident" at Chicago Walker Stalker Con. All that we know for certain is he loves sci-fi, horror, and zombies.

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