The Boy Who Cried Monster

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The Boy Who Cried Monster

I never really liked the woods behind my house much. There always seemed to be something wrong with it, like there was a terribly dark and evil secret inside. Especially after that god-awful night.

I was only seven, susceptible to my wild imagination. I was scared that night with what I saw though. The images were branded into my skull, where they would never leave. I still see them clear as the night it had commenced.

It was late September, I believe on a Friday night right after school. When I made it home I saw those woods, they sent a chill down my spine, like a cold fire. I quickly ran inside to the safety of my room. I finished my homework, being a smart student in my young life.

At around four, my best friend showed up. John. He was in the grade above me, being a giant and a genius in my eyes. I remember always falling for his peer pressure, doing his stupid dares like drinking toilet water or something idiotic like that. Being gullible as a kid, I regret ever falling for his stupid tricks.

He and I played on my Xbox for a while, playing Battlefront 2, one of my favorite games as a child. After almost two hours of playing and talking, it began to get dark. “Hey Will, do you want to do something only cool kids do?” he said beginning to smile slyly.

Being the idiot seven-year-old I was I answered excitedly “Of course I do!”

“Well, would you like to go adventuring into your woods tonight?” he said.

My heart skipped a beat at those words. I had lived here for over five years, yet I never got used to those woods.

“Umm… well, I don't know,” I said looking down at my feet, twiddling my thumbs.

“You're kidding me right?” he said staring at me, shocked. “Are you scared? Wow you really are a wuss aren't you?” he said shaking his head.

“I-I am not a wuss!” I said stuttering.

“Well if you aren't a wuss, then will you go into the woods tonight?” he said crossing his arms menacingly.

“Yes, and it's because I want to, not because you want me to!” I said trying to stand up for myself.

“Yeah sure, anyway meet me outside your house at around ten tonight, and bring a flashlight,” and with that, he left.

The rest of the day, I was loathing ten o'clock. I couldn't imagine going into that insane nightmarish place, especially in the dark hours of the night. As the waning moon slowly rose through the sky, I kept an eye on the clock, waiting for the hour hand to strike ten.

Forty minutes later, the bells rang on our grandfather clock, as if announcing the hour of my demise. I shook my entire body, chills running down my spine by the foreboding bells. After a few seconds of continually getting the jitters out of me, I quietly stepped out of the house through the front door, leaving it unlocked for when I came back.

John stood at one of the trees, in our front yard, with a flashlight pointed at the ground, revealing his location. When he saw me, his eyes widened in surprise. I reached him and flipped on my own flashlight, “You actually came out here?!” he said giving me a long hard stare.

“I-i told you I wasn't afraid,” I said, obviously the opposite.

“I can see that now,” he said giving me an evil smile, like that of a treacherous villain. “Okay come on now, let's go exploring, just be careful…” he said beginning to slow as we walked to my backyard, “I heard there are wolves out there that will eat you if you wake them up from their deep sleep,” he said beginning to whisper now.

I froze up, thinking of the possibility of getting eaten by a wolf. He was older than me, so I trusted every word he said. What I didn't know was that I had much more to fear than a few primitive dogs.

We reached the old trampoline that I never, ever used. It was too close to the woods, I felt as if something could reach out and snag me into the darkness into the leaves and bushes. I could feel it, luring me into the woods, inviting me with a great adventure that I would never forget, but sadly, I got one.

“Okay just follow me, I'll lead,” he said whispering now.

We entered through the line of trees, disappearing into the woods where we could no longer be seen. After only a few moments of walking, I lost view of my house, no longer able to see the familiar walls. I was now lost in the maze of brown in green, which was more like blue and black now in the bleak hours of the night.

John stealthily stepped ahead of me, as I stepped on leaves and twigs making snaps and crackles that scared me every time. Dakota shushed me and I tried even harder to no longer step on the small underbrush. I got a terrible feeling in me as if something was there so I spoke up, quietly of course.

“John? Do you have a feeling like someone is watching us?” I knew I sounded childish and afraid, but I didn't care.

He turned to look at me, “Are you kidding me? Come on, man up and stick with me, you baby.”

I didn't want to be thought of as a wuss, or a baby, “Okay fine just what exactly are we looking for?”

“I don't know, maybe the monster that supposedly lives here?”

It made sense to me in my undeveloped mind. I knew there was something in here that was causing this feeling I had. “What, does the monster look like?” I said getting scared of the hoots the owls made around us.

“Last I heard,” he started with a slight laugh that I didn't hear, “It's a massive beast, with forty eyes on its head. His tongue is like a snake with the fork in it. I heard that it was hairy like Bigfoot, and kills children… especially seven years olds.” Now I know he was messing with me, trying to get me more riled up than I already was, but then, I believed him.

I began to shake now my flashlights beam jittering through the air as we walked along. “W-why s-seven year old's?” I said beginning to picture the beast in my mind.

“I don't know, I think he likes the texture of them,” he said giggling quietly, “Too bad you have a lot of bones and soft skin, I heard that's his favorite kind, soft on the outside, crunchy on the inside.”

I started to hear things now, snaps from far away, rustling in the branches and fluttering of wings. The buzzing of insects started to come into focus in my ears as if everything was trying to hide me from the true threat that lurked around each and every corner.

I struggled not to cry out in fear and run home crying, and I succeeded, which I know I wished I wouldn't have. I could have run home, keeping my childhood innocence for longer than given to me.

We reached a small creek that rushed down with the sounds you would usually hear, bubbling, crashing noises and the like. John pointed his flashlight down and found a small pathway with rocks jutting up from the water's surface. He started to step from one to the other until he made it to the other side.

I followed him quickly, stepping from rock to rock. The last rock though, I noticed, it looked funny. As if there was a face carved into it and I giggled at it, for it looked as if it had an abnormally large nose with a gaping mouth (which I put my foot in for a foothold). It almost looked like a sign of hope I suppose, a comfort, and I gladly took it as one.

Once I made it across John stood there, waiting against a tree for me. He slowly motioned me to follow, so I did so. We gently crouched now, peering around with only our flashlights to show us the way.

The lights glared through the bushes and trees, sending the animals that resided in them, scampering away. Each time a rabbit or an owl jumped out of the bushes or trees, my heart stopped and I let out quick high pitched gasps.

John laughed each time I did so, “Man, calm down it's only a rabbit,” or “Jeez you really are a wuss,” either way though, I wouldn't stop.

We came into a clearing, maybe one hundred feet in diameter. It looked abnormal, like something out of a romance film, just too perfect to be true. I turned and looked at the surrounding woods once we reached the middle, spinning. The flashlight whirled around and I laughed at the funny way it shimmered through the leaves of the forest. John quickly grabbed me and told me to stop in a firm voice.

“Are you insane?” he said with a completely calm voice, “Do you really want to summon the beast right to us?”

I stood in utter disbelief at what he told me, “I'm sorry I didn't know. What was I doing to summon him?”

I didn't see his smirk since he shone the flashlight into my eyes, “Spinning around in the middle of the circle, causes the beast to appear! Do you really want to be eaten by the beast right now?”

I shook my head vehemently beginning to become scared once more. He patted my shoulder with a smile I thought he meant to show me for compassion but was truly a sign of my utter stupidity.

He grabbed my arm and made me follow him further into the forest, “Wait, why are we going further? Aren't we far enough?” I said with a worried tone.

“No! We need to find the monster's lair of course,” he said letting go but continuing to move now.

“B-but I thought you didn't want to see the monster, why would we want to go to its home?”

He stopped and shook his head, “And I don't, all I want to see is where he lives, then we can go back to your house okay?” I didn't want to continue, but I had been reprimanded enough by him so I followed silently.

We went out of the opening, back into the darkness of the woods where we could no longer see. I moved my flashlight from corner to corner, worried that the monster would pop out. I could see it, jumping out at me, claws and fangs ready to tear into my flesh.

I hated the thought and tried to think of something nicer, like my mother, or sister, or even the girl I liked at school, but nothing would overcome the feeling of utter nervousness.

It felt as if every step I took was a closer step to death's door, each one getting shorter and shorter, making me dread it more as I got nearer. I felt the devil's cold hand on my shoulder, ready to attack me at just the right moment.

Occasionally John would ask me questions that would heighten my senses when asked, “Did you hear that?” or “Can you smell that, it smells like a rotting carcass,” and I could then suddenly hear and smell things I couldn't before.

The metallic blood seeped into my nose, giving me the knowledge of a dead creature nearby. There were rustlings in the nearby bushes and in the trees above me. I couldn't stand being here, I was growing madder by the seconds.

Then we saw it.

The home was hidden in the trees well, where you really had to look for it to find it, and since we had only flashlights, we focused on wherever we pointed. It was large and terribly made, dilapidated on one side while completely destroyed on the other. There were small dead animals on the ground, half-eaten, and with no previous cooking involved, just the rotting body.

I saw Dakota stand back but only slightly as he saw them, being in true surprise. I was a different case. When I saw those poor creatures and their insides, I bent over and threw up all over the floor. The burning sensation came flowing through my throat, singeing it as it went along. With the nervousness and the dead carcasses combined, I couldn't hold my stomach any longer.

I straightened up with the acid partially in my nose, driving me mad with the bile that wouldn't become dislodged. Dakota moved forward, his light gently shaking as he did so. My flashlight, however, was shaking beyond control, like a beacon in the sky for all to see.

There was a small hole in the front and he stepped inside as I stood away from it, not wanting to get any closer to the demon's hole. He disappeared into the base and I could no longer see him. He didn't say a single thing, just stayed quiet. I didn't want to be alone any longer so I quickly followed him in.

Through the rapid shakes and quivers, I could see the old cardboard had been here for quite a while, not giving off any sign of newness or reparation. There were small bowls of water and molded milk all over, giving off putrid smells that my nose failed to handle as I gagged, unable to puke any more.

I continued on, into the home, moving along. In front of me, there was a hallway that ended in a fork going right and left. I knew something bad would happen, I just knew it. I could feel something was there, waiting for me to pass by until it had its moment to pounce.

Yet, I continued on, determined to find my friend and go home. I reached the point where I was maybe only three feet from the doorways, my hand quivering, making the flashlight bounce around in my hand.

He jumped out of me with a ferocious scream sending me sprawling to the floor in fear. I couldn't believe that bastard. I had always thought of him as my friend but this was cruel. I was so mixed up by the anger and fear that I began to cry letting my emotions grab hold of me.

He started laughing hysterically at me, pointing and giggling. “Oh man I got you good!” he said starting to calm down. I just continued crying unable to speak with the hiccups and tears flowing like a stream down my cheeks. “Race you back to your place!” and with that, he bolted quickly past me running through the door and out of my field of vision.

I tried to get up, but my crying had worsened with his sudden cruelty of leaving me there alone. After slipping back up, I followed him out the door but when I made it through, he wasn't there.

I didn't want to run after him, I just wanted to be home in the safety of my room, away from the problems and struggles I had been put through. I knew though I didn't have a choice to follow him or not so I tried to go the way which we had come.

I ran through the woods wiping my face, occasionally with the tears beginning to dry up. After only a few seconds I heard a scream. It sounded like John but it sounded as if cut short like a break in a record. I stopped, sure he would try to scare me again.

Nothing but silence now. Not even the trees shook. No birds fluttered, no crickets, just the absolute silence with nothing but my heartbeat and breathing to comfort me that I hadn't lost my hearing.

“J-John?” I said loudly through the finishing hiccups of my tears. Nothing came back in response, only the silence was there to greet me. “J-John th-this is n-n-not funny at all!” I screamed out at him. Still, nothing spoke up.

Had something happened? Was he hurt or attacked? Or was he playing another cruel joke like I had predicted. I thought the worst and walked forward slowly, scared for him and myself.

After a minute of walking, I saw John. He was laying there, blood oozing from his neck and stomach. He looked straight ahead, into heaven or hell, whichever one he was off to. His eyes seemed glazed, now like all they truly were, were paintings or drawings.

But that wasn't the worst part. What stood over him scared me the most.

Whatever it was, it wasn't human, that's a fact. It was crouched in a gruesome manner, somewhat like Gollum from Lord of the Rings. It was pale, had gross skin, like it was stained by disgusting things, yellow and green were pasted onto him, but the orange crusted blood on his skin was the most seeable, taking up most of his body.

It stared at me, its eyes red like the flames of hell were peering back at me. It was small, unlike what John had said. Its face was contracted, looking at me like a mashed together pile of white flesh. It had its teeth showing, covered in John's fresh blood, preventing me to see it's dental work. It was naked showing off its masculine parts, indicating its male origin.

It hissed at me as I stared in disbelief. Was this thing really there? Was I imagining it? I couldn't tell anymore, as I continued to stare. It dropped the arm it was now nibbling on, starting to stare back with more intensity. I wanted to look away, but now I felt if I did so, it would jump at me, not wanting to leave a witness alive for it to tell of what they saw.

He just stared at me, the gates of hell opening within his eyes. I couldn't continue to stare anymore into those eyes, and at that distorted face, and I ran back to the location of his home. I heard the footsteps behind me, like of a crazed runner, determined on making first and beating everyone. I charged on and the steps became fainter as I moved along.

I made it to the home and jumped into the hole, my small body sliding in quickly. I ran down the hallway and into the corner which John had been hiding in previously. I stood there, breathing in small silent gasps hoping to not give my position to the creature.

“How could this be real? Was John messing with me? No, that thing was too realistic,” my brain argued with itself.

I tried to calm down and collect myself and started to breathe deeply now in long breaths. I now realized fresh tears had started to show themselves on my face. I couldn't believe this, if I started to hiccup like I usually do when I cry, I would be given away quicker than if I screamed.

I heard the small footsteps outside the door. They stepped in a rhythmic patterned that haunts me to this day.

“Thump… thump thump… thump… thump thump.” It grew closer.

“Thump… thump thump.” I could hear it's raspy breathing now.

“Thump… heeh, thump thump.” It couldn't be more than only a few feet away from where I stood.

“Thump, heeh heeh, thump thump.”

He came in front of me, his eyes squinting as he looked around. He looked directly at me with those glowing red eyes, penetrating my soul. He then looked to the other corner, watching closely for anything and continued walking past.

“Thump… heeh, thump thump. Thump… thump thump. thump… thump…”

I let a new stream of tears down my face when he was gone. I grasped at myself, trying to calm down. I let out my own wheezes from being scared. I tried to focus but couldn't with all the confusion in me. I needed to breathe and take slow breaths and exhale them the same way.

After only a few seconds of doing so, I slowly moved out of the home into the way I had come. I stepped outside, the coldness seeming more evil than it once was. I looked around, expecting to see the thing behind every tree and bush, but if it was there it didn't show itself.

I couldn't trust anything anymore, until I was safe at home, in bed with my parents, for I had already made the decision to do so.

I bolted down the path I had come dodging branches and tree stumps as I went hoping the thing didn't hear my crackling and stomping as I ran away. I was proven wrong though because I started to hear it now behind me, “Thump, thump thump, thump, thump thump,” was the sound its feet now made as it chased me.

I could feel the adrenaline surge through me now, and the rush of blood through my ears blocked the thumping of his feet. I started to fly forward now and I met the opening we had seen before, and I bolted into it, the light of the moon giving me only a slight sense of security.

I looked back for only a short time to see the thing chasing me down, its teeth bared, ready to devour me when they had the chance.

I charged along through the woods in front of me and lost him, but only slightly. I kept on running, refusing to stop until in the solitude of my home. I made it to where I was in range of the creeks noise, giving me a new burst of energy through the sound, letting me know I was on the right path.

The tree branches seemed to be helping the demon behind me, blocking my path with gnarled branches and twisted roots trying to trip me. I was able to quickly pass through them though bursting into the creek.

I was quickly was brought down as my foot caught hold into the rock I had mentioned before. I only caught a glimpse of it as I went down slamming my face against the pebbles that were barely under the water's surface.

I stood up as quickly as I had fallen but I had twisted my ankle and could barely move without a surging pain flying through my leg. I heard the creature now, the thumping of its feet and raspy gasps as it chased me down. It burst through the trees leaping with a blood-curdling screech.

I quickly kicked out my closest foot, which happened to be my sprained one and made contact with his leg, sending his face down into the water beneath me. I heard the splash and crack of his face against the pebbles and started sprinting as fast as I could, each step hurting worse than the one before it.

I burst through the line of trees and started hobbling toward the back door until I remembered the front door was surely unlocked. I couldn't take a risk on the back door, for if I was mistaken, I was sure to be caught with my weak leg.

I started to become numb from the constant running and could almost no longer feel the pain that surged through my leg. I made it to the side of my house when I heard the springs on my trampoline stretch and moan. I turned but continued moving, and saw the creature flop over on it as he tried to chase me down through. Never have I ever been so grateful for that stupid bouncy toy my parents got me before.

I heard it smash into the ground and struggle to get up as I moved along, pass the shed and the garbage cans. I made it to the driveway, where I heard the leaves crunching behind me, maybe a few yards away now.

My leg was fine now, or at least my nerves thought so, so I started to run again. I made it to the front door and swung the door open sending a loud creak into the house and ran inside pulling the door shut behind me with a loud slam that made the house shake.

The creature started slamming at the door trying to break in. The light flicked on upstairs and I heard it bolt away.

“Thump, thump thump… thump, thump thump… thump… thump.”

My parents yelled at me, “What the hell is going on!?” my dad screamed in his robe.

I started crying now, completely overwhelmed by the returning pain in my leg, fear, confusion and reprimanding of my parents.

“William Marcus Jones! What are you doing for Christ's sake!?” My mother yelled until she saw my tears.

The tears felt like joy compared to what had happened and I was happy that I shed them. I tried to keep them in after a while of just sitting at the door, crying my eyes out. I opened them, the tears gently burning my eyes. My parents stood there watching me, confused at me.

I tried to speak to them but it came out in a blubbered jumble of words and plain sounds. They shook their heads and my dad picked me up by the back of my neck and back of my knees, and carried me upstairs, knowing now I was frightened.

He carried me into his room and settled me onto the bed. I curled up into a ball and let out a new stream of tears.

After nearly a minute or two of crying madly, my parents shook me out of the trance I was now encased in. “Will honey, what's the matter?”

I tried to speak between the gasps, “M-monster, J-J-J-John… animals… dead all dead… f-f-f-forest!” I let out between hiccups of fear.

My dad looked at me carefully, then whispered to my mom, “Probably a nightmare.”

My mom whispered back “How did he get downstairs though?”


She nodded and laid down beside me, picking me up to comfort me. After a while, I was able to calm myself down and they tried to convince me that it had all been a dream and that I had slept walk downstairs and slammed the door to scare myself.

I disagreed with them, of course, knowing what I saw was no dream. After a while of discussing I decided to give in, and agree, secretly holding the truth inside my heart.

I slept with them that night and the nights after. People started wondering where John had gone to. He hadn't been seen home after that night and nights after that as I slept with my parents.

People began to search and ask questions around the neighborhood trying to get anything out. I didn't know until the sheriff came in and asked me if I knew anything about John's disappearance.

I told him every single detail I could remember which was maybe a little less detailed than the story previous but you still understand. He listened carefully and actually wrote down notes, taking into account my tale. After finishing he thanked me and asked if he could speak alone to my parents. I agreed and he left the room.

I went to the door when he shut it and held my ear against it to hear what he had to say.

“Okay, so your son is the closest thing we have to a lead in this case, but it all sounds like a crazy nightmare to me if nothing more,” the officer said.

“Oh, did he tell you about that damn monster thing? I am really sorry officer, he's been troubled by that dream for the past three days now,” my dad said.

“Well, the funny thing about that is he's known about the disappearance since it occurred according to what you're saying, and since it is the closest lead we have, we're going to keep an eye on it in case anything shows up,” the officer said.

“Are you kidding me?” my mother chimed in, “It's a dream nothing more! Why would you ever even take it into account?”

The officer laughed, “Well I know it seems crazy but from what I've seen and from my knowledge of kids, he seems to be telling the truth. He said that he sprained his ankle while running away from this creature, and from what I saw on his leg, it looks pretty bad with that cast.”

My parents had taken me to the doctors and they revealed a terribly damaged ankle so they needed to put me into a cast for it to repair.

“Also he said the monster killed John. Now I may be wrong but, I believe he is trying to mask his friend's death with a more magical or mystical effect so he can fool himself into not believing it true.”

My parents muttered in understanding and the officer continued, “I've seen kids say they saw their friends shot by a bubble gun when it was, in reality, a real gun. This represents something more magical or fun about the death or accident, so the child can process it more.

Your son, however, is smarter and knows that what happened was still cruel, but his brain mixed it up with the mystical effect and created the image of the monster instead.”

“Okay I suppose I understand now, but you mean to say my son was actually chased down by some psycho killer or animal?” my dad asked.

“Yes, it is very likely that he was chased down by something,” the officer said. They continued to speak but I can't remember any more of their conversation. But I can remember how I felt. Of course, they didn't believe me fully. I was only seven years old, of course, I was lying and making up a story.

The officer came back in and thanked me for my time and left my house leaving me with my parents.

Later in the week, policemen started to go into the woods behind my house daily and they would come back with no information. Even later, I appeared in the paper, my article title being, “The Boy Who Cried Monster,” making fun of me and my story.

The article went into depth of how my story was the only lead the police had for the disappearance of John. I was the laughing stock at school after that.

The police now began to search my forest every night and day. I could see the flashlights beams surging through my window as I tried to go to sleep with the monster's face plastered into my brain. I barely got a wink of sleep, and went to school, beginning to do poorly with lack of sleep and thought of that cruel creature.

Weeks passed and no leads appeared as mine stayed at the top of the police list. The police did find however the home I had described before, speaking of the cardboard and the dead animals all around it. My story had been backed up and now people actually began to believe my tale.

They even found blood spots before the camp, only a little ways away. But no John. They searched the entire forest from one end to the other. No John. No Monster.

Just a story about a boy who ran away from home, never to be found again. A silly story by a crazy seven-year-old.

Credit – Unknown


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