Roll the Dice with Ragnar’s Bone Dice Set

One of the most appealing aspects of role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons is the ability to customize and personalize.

Your entire game, as well as your character, can be unique to you and your campaign.

My favorite part? Having a unique pair of dice to play with!

For those that play, you already know the importance of having a pair of dice that is unique to you. If you are new to the role-playing universe, then this is a perfect time to learn.

There are so many different kinds of dice! Everything exists from resin cast to stone and everything in between. After dabbling in many different types, I found a pair that immediately called to my inner shield maiden and love of Viking lore.

Ragnar's Bone Dice by Misty Mountain Gaming

The name alone should give you an indication of how epic this design is. After years of research and trials, they have perfected this design that will call right to your medieval senses.

But just in case you need more convincing, let us start at the beginning!

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Who is Misty Mountain Gaming?

Misty Mountain Gaming began in 2018. It is a veteran-owned and operated dice company that offers high quality, diverse dice products of all different types.  In the past two years, they have attended over 100 conventions spanning as far as the Middle East.

They offer the largest selection of metal and gemstone dice, as well as a wide range of leather dice bags made and manufactured exclusively by veterans.  All materials are also sourced using only farm-raised, cruelty-free materials.

They worked for years on refining the design of their newest product, Ragnar's Bone Dice!

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How Are the Bone Dice Made?

They perfected their solid layered bone dice using a natural tissue component.

“The oils on your hands will organically absorb into the dice over time, gathering more luster and warmth as they age, even becoming a part of you!” – Misty Mountain Gaming

The Ragnar Bone Dice are perfect for any RPG such as Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, Savage World, Math Games, and any other game that requires dice!

All of their numbers are engraved and are large for easy reading, with 6's and 9's clearly marked.  Every die is quality-inspected by hand before being packaged.

All Misty Mountain Gaming bone dice sets are unique, handcrafted items, and you should expect minor variations in color, size, shape, and numeral placement.  All products also include lifetime warranties.


What Bone Dice Options Do they have?

The real question is what they don't have!

You can choose from a single polyhedral D20, D6 6pcs, and 12pcs sets, or the ultimate 7pcs Main Set.

They are currently doing an Indiegogo to launch these fantastic dice! They have a fantastic offer where you can snag extra goodies, including a cruelty-free bovine leather bag made in Virginia by Marine Corp Veterans.  They also have The Water Buffalo Horn Mug, which includes a triple seal, allowing it to be used for both hot and cold beverages.

Not to mention, you can drink your favorite beverage with some Viking flare.

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Do they Have Different Colors and Tones to the dice?


There are different options for the bone dice as far as coloring and staining. The color variations include natural white or stained. They also include the options of having metal, natural white, or natural black pips.

Do They Offer Other Dice Too?

Absolutely! They pretty much have everything you could possibly think of. Misty Mountain prides themselves on the quality of their products, which is why they offer a lifetime guarantee on all of their sets.

Let's talk about the different types!

Resin & Acrylic Dice

Have you seen those super colorful dice? Or the ones filled with glitter? Maybe they even have flowers? Those are the Resin and Acrylic dice sets!

Misty Mountain's acrylic and resin dice are vacuum-sealed while cast to ensure no air bubbles.

Favorite Resin & Acrylic Dice Sets: Pheasant's's Flower and Dragonborn Breath

Metal Dice

Their metal dice are simply stunning, and each set is filled with its design personality. They have everything from different colors and coatings to different typed of fonts.

The types include enamel coated, chrome, and dual colored. They even had categories such as Clanggedin's Battle, Cleric's Domain, and Paladin's Crusade. All of which are completely amazing and unique.

They also have metal options for the 35MM Chonky D20, D60, and D6 dice.

Favorite Metal Dice Sets: Paladin's's Crusade Shimmering Kiss and the Cleric's's Domain Aqua and Bronze

Stone Dice

The stone dice are genuinely unique and beautiful. These 7-piece dice sets are designed from semi-precious stones.

Not only would these be a statement piece during any tabletop game, but they are so exquisite, they deserve to be on display. If you don't believe me, you should definitely check them out for yourself!

Favorite Stone Dice Sets: Purple Flourite, Rose Quartz, and Blue Turquoise

Wood Dice

Are you looking for that authentic medieval feel? You should take a look at all of the different options for their wooden dice sets! They are another stunner that would even be approved for a DnD game at renaissance faire.

My favorite part of the wood dice sets is how incredibly unique all of the different wood can be! They range in different color tones as well as different typed of wood. These are sets worthy of your wizard's leather pouch!

Favorite Wood Dice Sets: Red-Green-Purple Rainbow Wood and the Zebra Wood

Aluminum Dice

The bright colors and shine of the aluminum dice almost feel like an epic blast from the past.

The appeal here is pretty self-explanatory, as they would be impossible to ignore during any dice roll in a game!

They offer different types and styles in the aluminum you will have to check them out!

Favorite Aluminum Dice Sets: Blue 5 Piece D6 and the Purple Aluminum

And last but definitely not least…

Ragnar's Bone Dice

Unique, Timeless, Stunning, and built to make you feel like a Warrior. The Ragnar's Bone Dice sets encompass everything you could ever want in a personalized set of dice. Can you imagine pulling a set of these out to roll during your campaign?

We covered most of the basics and details earlier on in this article, but here's a super quick recap. After several years of perfecting their solid-layered bone dice, Misty Mountain finally has its stunning Ragnar Bone Dice available for pre-order.

I cannot say enough about what a conversation piece these dice will be at your next DnD game! Seriously, who wouldn't want to own these?

Favorite Bone Dice: Everything!  I want it all.


Do they have Other Products?

Not only does Misty Mountain have incredible dice selections, but they also offer other unique products!

Dice Trays

Want to toss your fantastic dice, but not all over the table? Check out their collapsible dice trays, wooden dice tray, and their dice cup!

Favorite Dice Tray: Large Wooden Dice Tray

Leather Dice Trays

These leather dice trays are indeed a conversation piece. Not only are they unique, but they are tooled leather that pulls apart via snaps.

The leather dice trays are an excellent addition to your tabletop game!

Favorite Leather Dice Tray: Mjolnir Leather Dice Tray

Leather Dice Bags

From embroidery to dragon scales, these dice bags have it all.

They have enough variety in their bags that you can select one that speaks to you.

Favorite Leather Dice Bag: Arapaima and Suede Bovine Leather Dice Bag

Dragon Eye Bags

Misty Mountain's Dragon Eye bags will bring out the inner Dragonborn in you.

They could easily be found in a game such as Skyrim with their unique design, adorning an eye in the center of your bag!

Favorite Dragon Eye Bag: Pink Fae Dragon Eye Bag

Journals by Poetic Earth

Misty Mountain has teamed up with Poetic earth to offer you additional unique products on their site!

The journals are a perfect addition to your tabletop games to take notes and keep track of your character's journey.

Favorite Journal: Fantasy Art Journal

Leather Bags by Poetic Earth

These bags are perfect for transporting all of your gaming items, or even things you need for the office!

They are beautifully crafted leather bags that can be used for all occasions.

Favorite Leather Bags: D&D Ultimate Campaign Leather Bag


Their apparel consists of some excellent and quirky concepts that are perfect for any Dungeon Master or DnD lover!

Favorite Items: Dragon Skull Dungeon Master T-Shirt


Time to Roll the Dice!

Now is your chance to go and become one of the first owners of this fantastic new dice creation that Misty Mountain has produced.

They are beautifully crafted for both gaming and display. You might even want a separate set for each! Channel your inner Viking and take a look through all they have to offer. Which pieces are calling to you?

To grab your very own pair of Ragnar's Bone Dice, you can check out their campaign here.

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