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To give back to the community I share tips on how to grow and promote your blog and brand in my Sunday Spotlight series. 

So you launched a killer blog or brand and now you may be asking how do you get traffic. There is no shortage of courses and guides online offering the secret sauce to driving traffic. The reality is there is no secret, the key to traffic is getting your blog or brand in front of people who may be interested. One of the best ways to get in front of the right people is to do interviews.

Interviews offer several benefits, ranging from getting in front of new audiences, building credibility, and offering backlinks so someday Google may shower you with some love. Finding places to do interviews can be a challenge, so here is a list of the top blogs offering interviews, guest posts and the potential for free traffic.

ESI Money

ESI Money has two of the hottest interview series going. He is one of the OG’s of blogging and can be thought of lovingly, a combination of Dr. Dre, Nick Fury, and Batman. ESI Money has helped many bloggers get their “big break”, myself included.

Unlike, other interview series in this list, ESI Money interviews are not restricted to just bloggers. So, if you are a celebrity, influencer, author or business owner, and you meet the requirements you may be able to do an interview.

Millionaire Interviews

These are interviews with people who have over $1 million in net worth. I’m a big believer in learning from those who have been successful. That’s why this series is about discovering how others have become wealthy — so readers can apply those efforts to their lives and get similar results. The series can be found here.

ESI Scale Interviews

This series is a review of a person’s finances in the three key wealth-building areas focused on by my site — earning, saving, and investing. Interviewees tell their stories, rate themselves on how well they are doing, and ask readers for suggestions/advice for doing better. The series can be found here.

FI Introvert

Drew over at FI Introvert has a great interview series focusing on introverts, similar to ESI Money this series is not limited to just bloggers.

The Introvert Interview series is designed to provide you with insights, tactics, and wisdom for successful introverts to achieve your career and financial goals. Introverts can be wonderful as engineers, coders, and writers. But contrary to popular belief, introverts make great leaders, salespeople, and marketers.

Extroverts will benefit from the series by getting an inside look into an introvert’s head. This rare opportunity will help extroverts excel with bosses, clients, and coworkers.

If you want to be interviewed for the series, contact Drew here.


MikedUp Blog’s Wins and Losses Series is all about looking back so that we can improve moving forward. The series includes blogging powerhouses like Tom from Maple Money, Michael Dinich, Scott from Making Momentum, Xrayvsn, The Physician Philosopher, and Drew from FI Introvert. But the thing that I really love the most about this series is the lack of structure…
The posts aren’t designed to focus exclusively on financial wins and losses and, in fact, some of the best content has nothing to do with finances. What’s more, is that non-bloggers are welcome to contribute – in fact, this contribution from Randy has been the most viewed post in the series.
If you’re interested in covering some of the biggest highs and lows in your life, and the lessons learned from each – reach out to Mike here and we’ll set it up!

Every Day By The Lake

Laura from Every Day By The Lake provides a fun opportunity for guest posters, with her Financially Dumb, Personally Brilliant series.

The Financially Dumb, Personally Brilliant series is a collection of guest poster stories showcasing how each poster’s seemingly bad money choice actually turned out to be the best decision for their life overall. The series pushes back on conventional wisdom and societal expectations, underscoring that there are, in fact, more important things than the almighty dollar.

If you have a story where you went with your heart/gut over your wallet AND it worked out for the best, pitch it to me at: [email protected] This is a monthly series and stories are needed for 2019.


Life For The Better

Tim and L from Life For The Better recently launched an interview series focusing on living better lives.

In our brand new interview series, we are interviewing various individuals from across the web. This interview series focuses on how they are living a better life. They can be living a better life by pursuing financial independence, minimalism, simplicity, and many more aspects.

Are you interested in being interviewed? If you want to be interviewed about how you are living a better life. Contact us at [email protected] and tell us why you’d be a great candidate!


Method To Your Money

Method To Your Money is on a mission to help the personal finance community get to know each other.

Band of Bloggers isn’t your typical blogger feature. Yes, there’s wisdom to be shared about how to build a successful blog. We talk about traffic, plugins and general blogging advice. But this is a deep dive interview meant to REALLY let you get to know what makes your crew in the Blogosphere tick.

We talk about how to build resilience in the face of failure, the best investments (time, money or other) bloggers have ever made, and how they’ve powered through fear to reap the benefits on the other side. In short, Band of Bloggers is about building a community. And you can’t build community unless you get to know people. Get to know your blogging brothers and sisters in Band of Bloggers

Making Momentum

Momentum Series Interviews

What is the Momentum Series? An interview series to share the stories of bloggers and community members from across the world of personal finance.

The goal is to showcase their story, the wins, the losses and the actionable advice that others can take value from and insights about their blogging journey. Whether that be conquering debt, maximizing career earnings, the road to financial independence or other strategies for financial and blogging success.

Interviewees include John from ESI Money, Michael Dinich from Your Money Geek, Tom Drake from MapleMoney, Laurie from The Three Year Experiment and 25+ others.

Millennial Money has a Side Hustle Success Stories interview series. Do you have a unique or innovative side hustle? Head over to Millennial Money! We’d love to hear from you!

City for Millennials hosts an interview series highlighting clever city side hustles, stellar budget city adventures, and financial independence wins in the high cost of living areas. What city do you live in!? Head over to City for Millennials and get in touch!

Millionaire Mob

“I’m Millionaire Mob.

I’m looking to interview some of the very best in investing and wealth building.

I’ve interviewed some of the top money bloggers out there already and would love to have you join our list.

Escalate your life!”


The Flawed Consumer

The Flawed Consumer loves craft beer.

In fact, she loves it so much that she started an interview series called the ‘Beer O’clock Brewing Sessions’. This interview series is designed to provide insight into the world of home brewing for beer-loving frugal folk who want to save their pennies, but aren’t willing to give up beer to achieve financial freedom! You can find the series here:

The Physician Philosopher

At The Physician Philosopher, we have a Friday interview series called the Physician Finance Interview Series. Those being interviewed are medical professionals of some kind (physicians, dentists, Ph.D., CRNAs, PAs, etc) or are married to one. We dive into their background, financial history, and decision-making processes as they try to build wealth. You can reach out to The Physician Philosopher here.

Money with a Purpose

I’m Fred Leamnson. I run the blog Money with a Purpose. I write about personal finance, lifestyle, and overcoming adversity. The overcoming adversity posts are in an interview format. I talk to people who have dealt with and overcome some kind of significant adversity in their lives. To date, I’ve interviewed a recovering addict, a survivor of child abuse, a man who spent ten years in prison, a pastor who deals with a significant cognitive disability on a daily basis, and a someone who overcame a gambling addiction.

Upcoming interviews include a teaching physician who graduated medical school at a 5th-grade reading level, a man who fell into depression after a loss, gained a lot of weight and overcame both, and a woman who, along with her husband, tried, unsuccessfully, adopting a baby in a foreign country.

All of these stories have three things in common:

  1. A significant adversity
  2. A story of how they overcame it
  3. Encouragement for anyone dealing with something similar.


If you or someone you know has a similar story, I’d love to hear from you.


Personal Finance for Beginners

Aaron over at Personal Finance for Beginners allows guest posts and has a great interview series for bloggers.

From Personal Finance for Beginners

It’s easy to assume that personal finance bloggers have been money-making/saving/investing robots from birth. But in reality, each of us starts out as a “personal finance beginner” with the knowledge we need to acquire and the habits we need to develop. The Beginner to Blogger interview series shares how bloggers started their personal finance journey, what early obstacles or mistakes they’ve overcome, and how they’re still improving – even as an “expert” – today.

Think Save Retire

Think Save Retire is one of my favorite blogs, although I’m not sure I could whittle down my Star Wars paraphernalia enough to live in an Airstream. I always manage to find a bit of inspiration from his posts, and I appreciate his willingness to embrace of bit of controversy. Steve from Think Save Retire is tremendously supportive of other bloggers and offers several opportunities for bloggers to guest post.

Recently, Steve mentioned he is launching an interview series, titled Blogger Confessions.

Blogger Confessions is a new interview series that asks personal finance bloggers questions that aren’t always easy to answer. The questions are designed to get bloggers thinking more deeply about what they do and also gives readers new insight into their favorite bloggers and what makes them tick. Best of all, these are questions for personal finance bloggers, but they have nothing to do with money!

Note: I don’t like to publish email address so your best bet is to contact Steve  here

Fly to FI

Fly to FI has a fun, 5-minute survey open to ALL bloggers called Know Your Blogger. Let your readers satisfy their inner curiosity and learn a bit more about your hobbies, interests, and quirks. Just fill out this survey and you’ll be added to the directory! All spam will be ignored.


XRAYVSN is an up and coming physician blogger, what is remarkable about his blog is he happens to stand out in a quite frankly oversaturated niche. Like a few other bloggers, XRAYVSN offers guests posts and features interviews.

From XRAYVSN- Every now and then I encounter a remarkable individual (whether in person or on the web) and have the opportunity to go beyond the skin surface and see what makes that person tick.

The insights gained from these interviews are invaluable and I hope to show to my readers that there are multiple pathways to success.

If you, or someone you know, has an interesting story please contact me and I would love the opportunity to share it with everyone.


How to Get Free Traffic

The Money Mix

The Money Mix was launched recently and The Money Mix is already proving to be a huge hit. Each day The Money Mix features 5 blogs, and readers vote on the favorite post. The winning post then moves on to the weekly roundup, and then ultimately the monthly roundup.

Campfire Finance

Campfire Finance is one leading sites for people seeking FIRE (Financial Independent Retire Early). Should you blog cover FIRE you will want to make sure you add your site to the feed. Campfire also allows people to guest post for the site, so if you have a great idea and are looking for a place to share it with the FIRE community you will want to check out the site.

PT Money

PT Money is the founder of FinCon, an annual conference where advisors, podcasters, youtubers, bloggers and financial media all meet up and geek out about money. If you are looking to network with fellow money geeks, the FinCon community on Facebook is where you will want to be. This is another place you will want to check daily, and freelancers are constantly looking for sources for articles, and if you are quick with a reply you can get quoted in some great articles.

Tip: Make sure to ask to have your site added to PT Money’s world map for a nice backlink.

Your Money Geek (Yours Truly)

Best of The Web: Each week I allow a blogger to host the blog for the day. The host shares 3 blogs posts they enjoyed from other bloggers, a post of their own they think we would enjoy, and a geeky fact about themselves. If you are interested in hosting a Best of The Web, you can sign up on the master tread on the Rockstar Finance Forums.

Real People Success Stories: The Real People Success Stories offers two versions:

  1. Interviews with people who have achieved financial success on modest incomes.
  2. Inspiring stories and profiles of interesting people who have achieved success.

If you are interested in doing either version you may contact me here.

If you found this list helpful please share it and make sure you follow me on twitter for great financial posts, inspiring stories, and tips to grow your blog and brand.

Do you know of any other bloggers offering an interview series? If so I would love to add them to the list, have them contact me here.

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