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Learn how to get more traffic to your blog using the strategy I’ve used to get my blog noticed, increase traffic, and improved my Domain Authority.

Today, I’m going to share two free tools that I have used to help promote my blog.

These are the same tools I use to get an extra 3k to 15k monthly sessions. Now I realize I just wrote the worlds’ most unsexy sales copy; I am sure people would rather read “how I increased blog traffic 10x or more.” However, in this post, we’re going to focus on ways to get a few easy ”wins” each month.

In my experience, there isn’t a secret recipe for getting massive amounts of readers to your blog or more visitors to your website. Growing your traffic is a function of building multiple avenues of traffic to your site and increasing your audience.

These tools are not reserved just for bloggers, so if you are an author, blogger, or brand, these tools will help you drive traffic. Anyone looking for more customers, more clients, or even to clean up their online reputation can benefit and get noticed online.


Get Your blog Noticed


Bloggers’ dilemma: why you need traffic fast

When I started blogging a little less than a year ago, I spent an excessive amount of time researching traffic generating tactics. I’m not sure if I read all the blogs online. However, I am pretty sure I put a pretty good scratch on the surface (more like a gouge).

Every blogging guru agrees you must have killer content. I’m not going to focus on content; I assume if you have blogged for some time that you realize even the best traffic hacks in the world won’t help you if your content is not on point.

What most bloggers tell me is they don’t struggle with content. Instead, the number one question I hear from bloggers is how to get their blog noticed? Even if you have the best content in the world, if readers are not finding your blog, it won’t do anyone any good.

Most bloggers quit blogging in less than six months from starting. Why??? It’s not because they were not writing killer content. Instead, they stopped because they did not see traffic fast enough.

Note: I have been there it’s heartbreaking when you slave over a killer post and all you hear are virtual crickets.

What most bloggers need is a consistent system to drive traffic quickly, until they can build a larger online audience through social media and an email list.

How to get traffic to your blog fast

When you launch your blog there a lot of information you need to learn rapidly. Besides the previously mentioned killer content, you must post regularly and consistently. You must become an expert in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), a social media marvel, and branding expert all the same time, all of which takes time to do.

There are a lot of distractions, and there is a whole cottage industry of “experts” looking to separate the aspiring blogger and website owner from their money. The good news you can drive some initial traffic quickly and for free with some readily available online tools.

Free Blogging Tools

I wrote about Viral Content Bee before; its one of my favorite free blogging tools. Viral Content Bee works like a blog share, similar to what you might find on Facebook or some of the blogging forums. However, Viral Content bee uses a novel twist that makes it my favorite blog post sharing tools.

There are two common complaints with most blog share groups.

  1. Lack of reciprocity. I have been a member of several blog share groups, and even the better groups have a large percentage of members who roll up, drop their link, then bounce.
  2. Members may not have an audience. Related to reciprocity, let’s be honest the general concept of a blog share, is to cross-promote your content. What happens when the person you are cross-promoting has not put in the effort to build an engaged audience?

Viral Content Bee solves these problems by using a point-based system. Users earn points for sharing the work of others, and users spend points to have their content shared. The use of points solves the issue or reciprocity to some extent. A user who is not sharing won’t earn points to have their posts shared, problem solved. (Mostly)

  1. Engagement. The larger your social media audience is the more points you receive for sharing a post. Additionally, the cost to have a post shared depends on the size of the person sharing audience. The system does not account for engagement, so while theoretically, a person sharing with a large following should lead to traffic, their audience may not be that engaged.
  2. Niches Underrepresented. Some categories on Viral Content Bee are underrepresented. Submissions in the SEO-Social, Real Estate, or Blogging categories get shared rapidly. However, posts in topics such as Family, Entertainment, and Finance may take days to get shared, if ever. The interim fix is to post in off topic categories with more users.
  3. Clutter in your feed. Sharing a ton of posts on Twitter to earn points can clutter up your feed and confuse your audience. (Good news! I have a fix.)

How to use Viral Content Bee to increase website traffic

Viral Content Bee allows users to share and be shared on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and MIX. My anecdotal observation is sharing on Twitter is the most popular. However, that’s not where you will see the best traffic by using the system.

The best results come from having your blog posts shared on Tumblr, Pinterest, and MIX. I have seen a post shared on Tumblr via Viral Content Bee receive a thousand visits or more. Depending on your posting schedule, a few wins like that each month is easily worth 3k views or more. A blogger who posts daily and has their content shared across all the social media channels can pick up and additional 10k users more or a month.

Note: Viral Content Bee has a lot of potentials to drive traffic: please join me in sharing VCB with other bloggers and website owners, and encourage them to share posts on MIX, Tumblr, and Pinterest as well as Twitter.

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MIX and VCB: the perfect pairing

I have talked before about how to promote your blog with MIX. When used with VCB, MIX becomes a powerful traffic driving machine. If you are not familiar with MIX, it’s the new kid on the social media block.

Note: if you do not currently have a MIX profile, please sign up with my referral link, its free and helps me to continue to share free traffic hacks and blogging tips.

MIX was launched by the same team that brought us StumbleUpon and can be seen as a cross between Pinterest and StumbleUpon.

StumbleUpon was one of my favorite social media channels. When I hit 50K sessions in May, StumbleUpon was nearly 4K of the total. So admittedly, I was bummed when they shut the site down and moved everything to MIX.

MIX stumbled a bit out of the gate, and I don’t think it was a great product launch. StumbleUpon was closed prematurely, well before MIX even supported social share buttons for website owners. It’s hard enough to get people to share your posts even with a convenient share button, let alone to try and convince readers to copy a blog posts URL, leave their site, and post it into an app.

Luckily, MIX is supported by most of the more popular social sharing plugins for websites. Even better, MIX is great for traffic. It’s not as good as StumbleUpon yet. However, it is getting close.

Best news yet, MIX complements Viral Content Bee nearly perfect for a couple of reasons.

    1. MIX is a content discovery engine; every time your post is shared you increase the odds of people finding your blog. A social media platform like Twitter or Facebook requires readers to engage almost immediately as tweets and post are short-lived unless of course, they go viral.
    2. Mix allows you to earn points for Viral Content Bee without cluttering up your Twitter and Facebook feeds. Many bloggers, brands and authors are reluctant to share tons of content from others. MIX is a perfect way to earn points to get your content shared across the board increasing traffic for free.

Bonus Tip

MOZ, the company behind the popular Domain Authority, metric craws MIX regularly. When I am searching for my backlinks, MIX is routinely one of the first I find. As a result, I have taken to sharing any post that links to my site to MIX. While your Domain Authority will not influence how you perform Google, DA is used by advertisers and brands looking for bloggers to partner. Having your links crawled by MOZ could speed up improving your DA score.

Increasing blog traffic

Viral Content Bee and MIX are two valuable tools to help get your blog noticed. However, it takes time; many bloggers will try a tactic expecting immediate traffic and become disappointed when the plan underwhelms. What they don’t warn you in all the “how to triple your website traffic” is that you will have to endure a ton of failures to get to a win. Tools like Viral Content Bee are great. However you have to stick with them and share your content regularly, it may take several tries before you get that post that does will on Tumble, MIX, or Pinterest.

Blogging is called a Side Hustle for a reason; you have to Hustle, it takes consistency and persistence. If you are not willing to put in the work, then it’s even doubtful any tools would help. However, if you have the drive, your content is on point, and you need a little help getting your blog noticed, check out VCB.


Have questions about how to get noticed online or increase your blog traffic? Send me an email, and I will try to answer your question in a Sunday Spotlight. 


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