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Can Black Summer Save Z Nation?

Black Summer: The Little Zombie Show That Could


We Were Nowhere Near The Grand Canyon, But Where Are We At Now?

It has been a little over two long months since we found out on Twitter that SyFy chose not to renew Z Nation for a 6th season. So, is Z Nation over now? Well, yes and no.


Two Options Up And One Option Down

After 5 Seasons of Z Nation and declining ratings, SyFy finally said no more. We do know that The Asylum, which produces the show, has been looking at other platforms to possibly pick up the series.

In one of my previous posts, I explained that the two best options were Netflix and Shudder. Unfortunately, Craig Engler, co-creator of Z Nation and current GM of Shudder, announced in a Tweet in January that Shudder was unable to take on Z Nation. Best option #2 is gone.


Reaction – This Blows Zombie Brains

When I first heard the news from David Michael Latt via Periscope on Twitter, I was stunned. Literally stunned. Even though I knew the cancellation was a very strong possibility, I still didn’t think it would happen.

Or at least I didn’t want it to happen. But I had planned for it. In fact, as Season 4 was winding down in December 2017, I thought the decision to not renew the show might occur then since the Nielsen ratings had dropped so low.

As a huge fan of Z Nation, I came up with a fan plan to try to encourage another platform to take over the series. Luckily it wasn’t needed, and we received a fifth season.

After a few minutes of complete numbness following Latt’s announcement, I immediately started the #NetflixZNation campaign. Other fans picked up on this hashtag and even made up their own hashtags. As a fan when you lose a show that you love you feel defeated and powerless. By initiating this campaign on Twitter, and later Reddit, I was moving forward in a positive way.

I and many other fans wanted to do everything we could to help make a Season 6 for Z Nation happen. Taking some type of action was a positive reaction for us as opposed to wallowing in sorrow and moaning about it on Twitter.


Z Nation’s Greatest Strength & Weakness

Believe it or not, Z Nation’s greatest strength and weakness are the same. This entertaining series does not fit into any specific genre. In fact, in my very first blog, I explain how Z Nation fits into many genres – action, horror/zombie, comedy and drama.

This variety gives the show its spice. But it can also wane on viewers looking for just a zombie, comedy or drama show. Sometimes new viewers don’t know how to react to the show.

They unsuccessfully try to compare it to The Walking Dead or Shaun of the Dead. This leads to some confusion. Instead of trying to view the show with an open mind they try to categorize it and pigeonhole it. While doing so, they tend to forget to be entertained and miss out on the finer points.


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One Hell Of A Zombie Apocalypse Run

It isn’t over yet, but as time goes by it will take more and more effort and luck for a Season 6 to come to be. The writers, directors, cast, and crew all need to eat, so that means they all have been and will be looking for other work.

Some of them may have already found their next project. At some point, it will be too late to put something together for this year as those involved eventually have to move on. I believe that time is coming up soon or may have even passed.


Netflix and Black Summer April 11, 2019

We do know that the Netflix exclusive “prequel” to Z Nation called Black Summer drops on April 11, 2019, per a Tweet from Jodi Binstock, a producer, director, and writer at The Asylum. I haven’t seen any confirmation of the date yet from Netflix.

Could Netflix be waiting to see what kind of response and views Black Summer gets? Does this have anything to do with Z Nation and a possible sixth season? It makes logical sense for Netflix to request a new season of Z Nation since fans of the show would watch Black Summer and vice versa. But is this realistic? Probably not.

Netflix ordered up one “season” of Black Summer consisting of 8 episodes. There is no guarantee that they will be interested in another season.

Netflix did purchase the rights to air Z Nation season 5 much earlier than normal in late January. I believe this was a few months earlier than normal. I can only assume they intended to help promote Black Summer.


Explore The Untapped Z Nation Universe

Unfortunately, as every day passes it is becoming more and more likely that a Z Nation Season 6 will not happen. It pains me to use those words. I am not saying it still can’t happen, because it can, but time catches up to everyone and everything.

When the cancellation announcement was made in December, Latt explained that The Asylum was looking at other stories to tell within the Z Nation Universe. That these adventures could be told on other platforms.

We haven’t heard anything else about that yet. I can only hope that many of the Z Nation cast will be utilized for these additional stories. That move has been very successful for Disney and the Star Wars franchise. Yes, I know Z Nation is not Star Wars, and it literally is not even in the same universe in more ways than one. It could still happen.


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Hope, Faith, and Love

I do see Tweets from Delondra Williams, Jen Derwingson, Dan Merchant, Paul Bales, Karl Schaefer, Latt, and Binstock, all from The Asylum, still supporting Z Nation in one way or another. This gives me hope that SOMETHING is still in the works.

I have faith that The Asylum will make something happen to continue the story of Z Nation even if it through backstories, side stories or who knows what. A movie, another series or even movie shorts that stream on Netflix, Pluto TV or anywhere else would be awesome.

I am a Z Nation junkie. I love Z Nation. I will never tell you otherwise. I love Zombie shows, horror and science fiction. Z Nation just hits me in all the ways that matter to me. Hopefully, it does to you too.


Z End?

Yes, Z Nation could be at its end. If it is, then the five wonderful, glorious seasons we received was more than most shows get. Face it, even if we have ten seasons it wouldn’t be enough for most Z Nation fans.

I am thankful for the series. I am thankful for Syfy, The Asylum, the cast, the crew and everyone else involved in the show.

Most of all I am thankful for all the other Z Nation fans. Together we have enjoyed this rollercoaster ride of Z Nation. We have laughed, cried, yelled, wondered and experienced so many other emotions and actions together.

Together we are helping to keep the dream alive, and hopefully, we will be able to enjoy more Z Nation stories. I had a blast discussing all things Z Nation with all of you. Yes, even the fans with all the ships. ?


For Now:  To Black Summer & Beyond!

Netflix April 11, 2019.


Thank you for reading this blog. Please comment and share. Please also join our cause to encourage Netflix to order a Z Nation Season 6.

This is Brian Z Fandom coming at you from the Zombie Apocalypse and hopefully the expanding universe of Z Nation.

You can follow me on Twitter – BrianZFandom @BrianPiotrzkow1

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