Black Ops Cold War Crashes Are Getting Fixed

Three weeks after the release of Black Ops Cold War, Treyarch is deploying a patch to fix the crashes that some players claim have “bricked” their new consoles. The update is scheduled to go live tonight, December 7, around 11 p.m. Pacific.

“We’re working with our first-party partners to improve stability issues related to ray tracing on next-gen consoles, and we have some fixes scheduled for our next update on December 8,” the developer said in a note on Trello.

According to the latest patch notes, published Monday on Treyarch’s official blog, that issue should be remedied by tomorrow morning. We’ll update this story with any major developments — but it sounds promising.

The studio, as well as publisher Activision, has been fairly quiet about this rather widespread problem. The launch of the new PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles was the biggest gaming event of the year (rivaled only, perhaps, by Cyberpunk), and Call of Duty is Activision’s most profitable title.

Two weeks back, community manager Josh Torres addressed the issue in a brief Reddit post, saying, “We’re investigating all crashes and across the game,” adding, “My immediate [recommendation is] to make sure that you’re using the correct version for your platform.”

Anecdotally speaking, I’ve uninstalled the game at least three or four times, out of fear of what it might do to my Series X. When I was managing to play the game, it would crash every hour or so, completely powering off the console.

Here’s hoping Cold War runs better tomorrow.

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