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As an advisor and a blogger, I read a ton of personal finance blogs. I have a lot of favorite sites and favorite bloggers I admire. Each one of them challenges me to continue my growth and knowledge.

However, there have been a few over the last year that stood out to me for various reasons. So, if you’re interested in a different perspective on the personal finance arena, I suggest you check out these blogs.


A Dungeonmaster’s Guide to Defeating Debt – Bitches Get Riches

Let’s talk about D&D&D! That’s Dungeons & Dragons and debt. Strictly 5e. Live in the now. Guys. I don’t mean to brag, but I run a fourteenth level wizard that I’m pretty damn proud of. She is a cold-hearted bad-ass lawful-evil murder-machine. My steed is a magic broom with a fifty-foot move-speed.

Bitches Get Riches

This is one of my ultimate favorite blog posts! Piggy and Kitty consistently write posts that are fun and intelligent. As a blogger, I am envious of their work as they consistently write posts that, not only do I wish I wrote, rather, I wish I was capable of writing.

I had the pleasure of meeting both writers at FinCon 18, and they are just as awesome, if not more so, in person as you would expect.

The Dungeon Master post is full of great advice and inspires me to see that finance can be fun. While reading each post, I seem to laugh every time. I especially love when I see “Come at me in the comments, you short-rest dependent motherfuckers.”

They’re not afraid to tell it like it is and shock their audience. I mean how many boring personal finance posts have you read lately? For me, a ton! These women truly know how to create titles that slap you in the face and capture your attention. If you’re bored with reading the same-old, same-old, you need to check them out right now.


Ride in Style With These 5 Cheap Exotic Cars (and One SUV)

Exotic sports cars – what a delight. Now be let’s be honest; who here has never wanted to sit behind a wheel of a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Maserati? Ugh, I quiver and quake, just thinking about it! Let me back up a little bit.

The Rich Miser

The Rich Miser is another one of the blogs I read consistently. I was fortunate enough to spend some time with Miguel and his wife Lilly at FinCon.

While the personal finance blogosphere preaches frugality, the Rich Miser allows for the luxuries in life. I mean what’s the point of having money if you can’t enjoy it every once in a while?

I also enjoy their take on living fabulously for less and their ideas on how to live a luxury life for pennies on the dollar, it’s a great blog for people that want to save money, but don’t want to get their haircut at barber college.


Being Poor In The Ivy League And Lessons Learned – The Finance Twins

The Finance Twins is run by identical twins, Camilo and Francisco Maldonado. While The Twins collaboratively work on most articles, this one was written by Camilo. Being an identical twin, I got used to standing out a little more than the average person.

The Finance Twins

Camilo from The Finance Twins recently detailed his experience about being poor at an Ivy League college.

I can relate with the post because I had a similar experience as a child. My mom went back to college at Cornell when I was very young. We were poor and surrounded by wealth, making it hard to fit in.

I really enjoyed his insight and authenticity. It’s hard to be honest about a lot of those feelings, and especially to write about them. I think a lot of readers can relate to this and will enjoy reading about his experiences.


HELP- I Hate My Job, Should I Take a Pay Cut? – Simplistic Steph

If you ask most personal finance bloggers, especially those chasing FIRE or any other variation of financial independence, they will tell you it is pure stupidity to take a pay cut. Their advice is generally the same: make more, spend less. It sounds simple on paper, doesn’t it? Ask for a raise.

Simplistic Steph

Steph has a refreshing approach to finances; prioritizing her quality of life and balance over trying to hit FIRE or pay off debt as fast as possible.

She’s very passionate about living your best life and following your dreams, even if they include starting a Harry Potter-themed bed and breakfast.

I mean, that’s a great idea if you ask me.

She tries to inspire her audience to do what they want and not live in fear. Too often, people don’t follow their financial dreams because of fear. She squashes most of your fears right up front.

If you’re ready to be kicked in the butt toward your dreams, this is the blog for you!


Javan Bonds: Prolific Writer And Zombie Aficionado

Today I am excited to share an inspiring success story, with a talented author that I was fortunate enough to connect with on Facebook. My questions are in bold, his answers follow. I’m 31 years old, and live in an undisclosed location deep in the mountains of North Alabama.

Your Money Geek

I have done a few interviews in my time. Every interview teaches me something new and forces me to grow. This one, in particular, stood out as a major inspiration.

We have all made excuses, but what Javan has endured throughout his short life throws every excuse out the door. The pursuit of his passion is an inspiration and makes you want to drop what you’re doing and get to work.

His love for and dedication to science fiction is unlike anything I have ever encountered. Even if you don’t enjoy reading about zombies on a plane, you will be captured by his writing style alone.

I challenge you to take the time and browse over these posts! Please leave your comment and thoughts below.

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