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Thanks so much to Michael for letting me host this week’s Best of the Web series and share what I’ve been reading recently.

My name is Tuppenny and I blog over at TuppennysFIREplace. I’m a frugal soul at heart and along with Mr2p (the husband!), I am on track to retire 17 years early even though we’ve never earned six figures, combined.

I live in Southern England but the aim is to move to the Lake District in the north when we retire to take advantage of the fantastic walking country.

I started my blog because after 12 years of planning, plotting and saving hard, the reality of retiring early was becoming real and a little scary. By talking about our plans and tracking our progress in trying to find the right location I hoped to stay on track. As it is I spend much more time talking about all things fabulously frugal!


3 Thought Provoking Posts I Recommend You Read


The Patriarchy Is Ever Pervasive In 2018

I’ll let you in on a secret. I have a little bit of alove-hatee relationship with MsZiYou – in the nicest possible way of course! I love the challenging and thought-provoking posts she writes and how she writes but boy does she challenge me and my accepted viewpoints.

She is forthrightly feminist which immediately had my guard up when I first connected with her blog. I’ve had strong female influences in my life who were strident in their feminist views yet didn’t live up to them. I belatedly realized this as an adult in my late 20’s and as a result, my view of feminism and what it stands for is a little colored.

I passionately believe in equality but as MsZiYou writes in this post it is patently obvious that we have not reached that point. If you read one post this week make it this one and enjoy the fun of the parody Twitter account she introduces.


The patriarchy is ever pervasive in 2018 – Ms ZiYou

It is no secret I am a feminist. I’m even bold enough to add it as the tagline of this blog. As a warning sign to misogynists – readers beware – feminist content ahead. And the news recently has had many, many shocking stories indicating the patriarchy is alive and kicking in 2018.


Why Do We Fantasize About The End Of The World

Rohan from Passive Income NZ had me hooked with his title – I wish I could write titles as catchy as this. Given I knew he was a personal finance blogger I was intrigued with this post. Where was he going and why?

Once he lifted the lid on the alternative to the end of the world I had to go back and do exactly what he suggested and re-read the post with the alternative wording. I found this post thought-provoking and it made me ponder some of the choices we make as we go about living our lives.

It goes some way to explain why we aren’t all chasing the same thing. I won’t spoil it by giving you the alternative wording – go read it for yourself. And enjoy.


Why Do We Fantasize About The End of the World?

I fantasies about the end of the world. Nearly on a daily basis. I want to experience the thrills that only the end of the world can provide.


#1 Way to Save 100k in Your 30s

My Early Retirement Journey lifts the lid on how you can save $100k as a millennial. I’ve followed MERJ almost from the start and she always says it as it is. I sometimes feel slightly disconnected to the majority of other personal finance bloggers precisely because of what MERJ says in this post.

As someone about to hit financial freedom, I’ve never earned six figures. Heck, hubby and I have never earned anywhere near that combined, with both working full time! I think FIRE is possible for anyone but if you are a low earner then the choices you make will be very different from those who earn 100k+.

Low earners will have to do without. I’m sorry but you can’t have it all. FIRE is about making choices. If you want new cars and exotic holidays then go for it. But if you want to retire early and you don’t earn six figures you may have to make different choices.


#1 Way to Save 100k in Your 30s – My Early Retirement Journey

Single girl’s #1 tip to saving $100k by your next milestone birthday.


From my own site, I’d like to share

Daily Cold Showers And The Financial Independence Movement

I’m really not the queen of catch titles, am I? The premise of my post, apart from declaring my devotion to cold showers, is to consider the choices and decisions that make up the mindset of someone seeking financial independence.

Many FIRE seekers are adept at the art of delayed gratification without falling into the trap of deprivation. Successful FIRE seekers know how to stretch themselves without going too far. What have cold showers got to do with financial independence? You’ll have to read the post to find out!


Daily Cold Showers And The Financial Independence Movement

The correlation between cold showers and the financial independence movement. Both involve stepping out of your comfort zone, identifying your enough point and being conscious about what you are doing and how it impacts you and others. Find out how.


Geeky Fact


Geeky really doesn’t apply to me so I thought I’d share a little-known fact just for fun. I left school at 16 having taken some of my exams whilst under the influence. That’s right, I went into my exams whilst drunk and still got my expected grades.


Needless to say, I do not recommend leaving school at 16 nor taking exams whilst drunk. Both my daughters know this story now, but neither were told until they started university as let’s face it, it’s not exactly something to be proud of, is it?


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