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My name is Enoch and I am the guy behind the personal finance blog, Savvy New Canadians. I live in Winnipeg (Canada) with my wife and two little boys.


My blog started out as a chronicle of my understanding of all things investing; however, it has since grown to become a public resource for saving, debt management, retirement planning, frugal living, and other money tips.


Many thanks to Michael for allowing me to host this week’s session of ‘Best of the Web!’


Three Posts I’m Digging This Week


Living an Intentional Life: The Three Kinder Questions
By The Physician Philosopher


This post is about taking a closer look at your life goals and putting them all into perspective. Using Kinder’s Three Questions, the writer asks you:

  • What would your ideal life look like?
  • If you had a limited time to live, what would you pursue?
  • If today were your last day on earth, what would you regret?


Is it possible for you to start living the life you have envisioned for your future, today? When it’s all said and done, would you have lived a fulfilled and intentional life?


Let Your Receding Hairline Go and Save Some Dough
By Jerry Brown


This post caught my attention this week because it resonates with my situation… I have a quickly receding hairline as well!

I gave up on my hairline about 5 years ago. After a few years of battling to keep the sharp well-groomed lines that used to be the case after I had my haircut, I called it quits. Since then, I have cut my own hair or had my wife help me do it.

Cutting my hair is easy-peasy since all it involves now is using a clipper to cut what’s left of the hair to the skin. And, boy, it has saved us some good money through the years.

Sometimes we need to shun vanity in order to reach our goals. These goals may be relational, financial, health, or otherwise. Jerry summed it up best:


“As human beings, we often struggle to let go of things we feel emotionally attached to. For me, I was attached to my identity as a person who had hair. I was holding on to something that was not growing. Having an abundant mindset was no match for genetics.


I do not know what you are struggling with. But whatever it is, I want to encourage you to let it go and potentially save some dough.”


How to Make $1,000 Quick: 12+ Legit and Easy Ways to Make Money Fast
By Scott of Making Momentum


Sometimes, saving for retirement is not your urgent goal or headache. You need money fast – like right now! It could be to pay off your credit card balance before the Grace Period creeps past you, it could be to fund a ‘fun’ project, it could be for…


Thing is, you need extra money, like, right now.


Scott highlights 12 easy ways for you to earn extra cash through freelancing, decluttering, cash back, surveys, short-term hustles, and other things you can try out in the ever-booming gig economy. No previous experience required!


Need some cash fast? This post may be exactly what you need!


Must Read Post from Savvy New Canadians


14 Surefire Ways to Improve Your Finances in 2019


This is a must-read post if you want to master your money in the coming year. It takes a step-by-step approach to show you how you can overcome years of poor financial decision-making and turn your financial life around for the better.


These steps are the same ones we followed to pay off $30,000 in personal loans in 2018!


Geeky Fact About Me


I am a veterinarian by profession and not exactly your ‘artsy’ type of guy. However, I once put together a book of poetry (written by me), and while in vet school, I won a prestigious award for poetry from the Faculty of Arts.


Thank you, Enoch, for sharing your picks of the week! 


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