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Aaron from Personal Finance for Beginners here. I’m a full-time marketer and part-time entrepreneur. When I’m not marketing or side hustling, I enjoy watching and playing basketball (my first blog was an NBA basketball blog back in 2005), reading non-fiction books, and spending my Southwest travel points on weekend trips!


This Week’s Best of the Web


I’m excited to share a few blog posts that have educated, motivated, and inspired me in my own personal finance and “real person success story” journey. Without further ado, here are my picks:


Life is About Finding Fulfilling Work, Not Saving Up Enough Money to Never Work Again  – Collecting Wisdom


“What humans need and want isn’t a complete release of tension and responsibility, but the pursuit of a worthwhile goal that they chose freely.” – Viktor Frankl


I’ve found myself guilty of falling into this and similar thought patterns over the years.


“When I’m rich, I’ll finally be able to…”


“If I can retire early, I’ll finally have time to…”


Zach’s post provided an always-helpful reminder that work can be fulfilling and not just endured.


Live to the Fullest With These 23 Self-Growth Experiences – The Rich Miser


“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming ‘Wow! What a ride!’” – Hunter S. Thompson



I’ve completed some 18 of the 23 items on Miguel’s list.


Ironically, I live in the state claiming “the greatest snow on earth,” and going skiing isn’t one of the 18 experiences I’ve had – yet.


When you’re completely obsessed with a goal – whether it’s reaching financial independence, starting an acting career, or beating a video game – it can be easy to get carried away and miss out on rich life experiences along the way.


I invite you to pick a couple of the items on the list and make them happen in 2019!


How Using Cash Can Curtail Spending – Sisters for FI


“When we use cash, we notice, touch, grab, sort, count the money and in the process, we feel a loss.”


A “cash diet” was one of the strategies I used to get my personal finances in order. My spending on food was completely out of control – I had no idea how much I was spending each month!


By setting a specific food budget for groceries and eating out at restaurants – and always paying with cash – I was able to make sure I kept my spending on track.


(At the end of the month, I was apologizing about paying for my meal with dollar bills and loose change… But the restaurant owner assured me they were happy I was supporting a local business!)


How to Move With No Money Or Job – Personal Finance for Beginners


“How are you single, earning a comfortable salary, living in a modest apartment… and have zero savings? Several hundred dollars a month are going somewhere, do you know where?”


This is the question that sparked my financial epiphany and eventually encouraged me to start blogging about personal finance.


A few years ago, I asked the Personal Finance subreddit if I had enough money to quit my job and move across the country.


Short (and long) answer: No.


However, my interest in potentially moving across the country (which I still haven’t done) motivated me to learn more about money management and finally get my personal finances in order.


A Geeky Fact About Me


I attend a local Quantified Self meetup. Each month, we take turns discussing all sorts of strange “life-logging” and biohacking topics such as sleep and nutrition tracking, DNA testing, and wearable technology (think of a Fitbit or Oura ring!).


Thanks for letting me share a few of my favorites in this week’s Best of the Web!


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