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I’m Tim from Life For The Better. I am an Air Force Officer who currently lives in a tiny house. I write about financial independence, tiny house living, relationships, minimalism and more! I’m really excited to share what I believe are the best articles on the web! Thanks, Michael for giving me this opportunity!


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The reason I love this post is that L and I recently got married and took our honeymoon! We did roughly the same idea of making it an adventure to create memories.

“But finances aside, we’re both okay with the amount of money we’re going to spend. It’s money we already have in the bank, and it’s not going to hinder any of our savings goals … which I know makes us very fortunate.”

This quote is so true that I had to reread it a few times. To me, it is saying “we saved up for this event.” So many individuals in the financial independence world think it’s taboo to spend money.

I disagree with this completely. Isn’t the point of financial independence to enjoy your life and to be free from the burden of money? If you’ve saved up for this event, go live your life!



Once The Money Is Gone Your Tolerance For BS Disappears By Financial Samurai


“The good times may very well be coming to an end. If and when it does, the lean years might be the best thing that will have ever happened to you. When the financial incentives go away, you’re left focusing on what truly matters: family, friends, purpose.”


What I really enjoyed about this post from Financial Samurai was the mic drop at the end. Family, friends, and purpose are what really matter at the end of the day. Money is just a tool towards freedom. Why sell out to some of these big companies when they don’t sell out for you? These companies aren’t going to continue to grow and grow. There might be multiple scandals or such related problems within the company that will send the stock down. Sometimes you can control these things other times you can’t. So why not focus on the things you can control and focus on: family, friends, and purpose.



How to Get Good at Dealing With Massive Change By Zen Habits


“It can be overwhelming and distressing. But what if we could get good at dealing with all kinds of changes? It would open us up in times of change, so that these times can be times of deepening, growth, and even joy. 

We can train to get good at dealing with times of massive change. And here’s a secret: actually, we’re always in times of change.”


Life is always changing around us so why not be ready to embrace that change? Learn from it instead of being stressed out. Be present in the moment and learn from that experience. To me, learning how to deal with change is an extremely important trait. This post talks about various ways on how to embrace change and daily training.



Life For The Better Post Others Would Love


225K Net Worth at Age 25


I reached this net worth with a goal in mind – financial independence. I want to have freedom from money and the choice to do what I want with my life. Choosing to be deliberate with where my paycheck is allocated to is meaningful to me to live a better life.


So why continue to save? I love the idea of financial independence. Financial Independence is having enough income from investments, real estate, passive businesses etc. to pay your living expenses for the rest of your life.


Another concept that I love is “retire early”. There is a movement called FIRE, which stands for Financial Independence Retire Early. However, I like to think of it as “FIOR”. Financial Independence Optional Retirement.


Once I have enough saved up, retirement is then optional for myself. I get to choose when or if I want to retire. I can pursue a passion project or start another career or even travel the world. Not for the money but for the passion and love.


A Geeky Fact


A geeky fact about me is I love to learn! What’s geekier than that?


I completed college in 3 years while working full-time shift work, mainly the overnight shift. Within that time frame, I didn’t just complete my bachelor’s degree but also my associate’s degree with the Air Force and additional job-related training upgrades.


Thank you, Tim for hosting today’s Best of the Web.


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