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It truly is an honor to have something I have written be accepted by one of the best, if not the best, rising stars in the blogosphere, Michael Dinich, of Your Money Geek. So thank you so much for the opportunity.


I am a physician (Radiologist) who just starting dipping his toes in the blogging world just a few months ago and am loving every minute of it.


I post anonymously as Xrayvsn which also happens to be the name of my blog.


I have made many financial mistakes in my life and finally saw the light and turned my life around.


My blog describes this journey from my lowest point to where I am at now, which I consider a remarkable turnaround.


I hope to inspire people who have made similar mistakes to not throw in the towel and make necessary adjustments in their lives to eventually succeed.


If I could also prevent someone from making a similar mistake in the first place then I know I have accomplished what I set out to do.

3 Posts I’m Digging This Week


There are so many wonderful posts written by great bloggers all over the internet. I have distilled this down to what I consider the cream of the crop:


1) Every now and then I come across a blogger that has a wonderful writing style, as if he or she is speaking to me directly and I can relate.


Half Life Theory, who is relatively new to the blogging scene himself, is such an individual.


In “If This Should Cost Me My Marriage,” he eloquently describes some of the hazards of prioritizing financial independence above all else.


It truly makes no sense to jeopardize your marriage for the sake of money for if that marriage does fail because of it, you have considerably prolonged your path to FIRE.


2)  Another cautionary tale of how money can tear apart families, and even divide an entire town, can be found in, “Money, Greed, & Blood (in that order): A Peruvian Potato-Field War.”


This sad, true life story, depicts what happens when a large influx of money is gained by a few individuals.


We see this story retold time and time again with misfortunes of lottery winners and professional athletes who just a few years later are worse off than when they started.


3) It is amazing how witnessing something in the physical world can inspire us to write about something in the financial world.


Mr. Jamie Griffin does just that in his post, “3 Financial Lessons Learned From A Fallen Tree.”


Jamie makes a great analogy that, like a sturdy redwood tree that cannot be knocked down in a storm, we too need strong financial roots to help withstand whatever financial winds are thrown our way.

I hope you have enjoyed and gained insight from those three submissions as much as I have.

A Post of Mine You Might Dig


I would also be honored if you have time to visit my blog and perhaps check out one post that I am proud of, “Every Blade of Grass.”


This post holds a very special place in my heart because it commemorates the moment I first became debt free, just four years after the lowest point of my life financially and emotionally when I had just gotten out of a brutal divorce.


The moment I became debt free is what I consider my first step on the path to financial independence.

Geeky Fact About Me:

My best friend and I won the college championship foosball tournament as juniors.

Surprisingly, we still were not huge hits with the ladies. LOL

Thanks again for having me on your website. Very happy to be proud of something special.


Thank you, Xrayvsn, for your contribution! I love the variety of posts and how each one speaks to each of my contributors. I hope you feel the same! 


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