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I’m Mr. Thrifty from Thrifty Enough.


Unfortunately, I have some tough news for you. If you know Michael Dinich, you know he’s a lyrical gangster who loves his freestyle rap contests.


His rhymes are ill.


But he can’t break dance while he spits lyrics like I can, and he lost our rap battle and turned the controls over to me for the day.


So, for now, I’m Your Money Geek, and The Best of the Web is mine!


I publish Thrifty Enough, where you can find some of the thriftiest personal finance content on the web.


You can also find me on Twitter at @thriftyenough.

Here are Three Posts Worth Reading This Week:


Check Your Investing Privilege by The Mastermind Within


If you’ve read much of Michael’s work, you know he’s regularly preaching caution in investing. In this post, Eric at The Mastermind Within makes a strong case that we shouldn’t just imagine that we’ll be able to enjoy the same returns that have historically occurred going forward. It’s important to think critically beyond our own experience and have a plan in place.


How I Lost Millions by Retiring Early by ESI Money


Could you imagine walking away from 3.1 million dollars? John at ESI Money did just that. One of the main things I emphasize at Thrifty Enough is that money is a means to more important things like freeing up time and being generous. I think we could learn a lot from folks like John who live in recognition of the reality that there’s no value or prestige in being the richest person in the cemetery.


I Don’t Contribute to My 401k– Should You? by Fly to FI


I think heads were exploding all across the personal finance community when Cody wrote this one. There’s no way I’d turn down a 100% employer’s match, because there’s no other guaranteed return that high out there with zero risk. But he makes a pretty compelling case that, for some people, the sort of entrepreneurial risk that also has unlimited return potential might be the way to go. What do you think?

Here’s What You Can Find at Thrifty Enough:


Every Monday, we bring you original posts with a mix of humor, values, and even some personal finance content every now and then. It seems like You Can Always Make More Money, But You Can Never Make More Time and How Giving Generously Can Make You Richer have really been resonating with folks.


On Fridays, we feature some of the best writers in all of personal finance. For example, Half Life Theory’s post How Blogging About Early Retirement Made Me Love My Job More made it all the way to Rockstar Finance.


Saturday is probably my favorite day of the week at Thrifty Enough, because we publish This Week’s Thriftiest Content. If you’re looking for your fix of personal finance content on Saturdays, we do all the lifting of finding some of the thriftiest content on the web and deliver it right to your mailbox!


A Geeky Fact


Not only was I on the quiz bowl team in high school, I was also the captain.


Also, I often make up stories about things like wrestling grizzly bears and alligators.


Turns out the only place I’ve ever seen either of them is at the zoo.


And I may have shrieked and had to ask Mrs. Thrifty and the little thrifties to “save me from the scary animals,” even though they were clearly on the other side of an enclosure.


Help Me Get My Cow Tales


Well, that does it!


Michael still owes me a pair of parachute pants, a box of Cow Tales (long story), and a guest post.


So, if you see him, tell him I’m looking for him…and my Cow Tales!


Thank you, Mr. Thrifty, for bringing the best of the web to us! I appreciate your selections, great information in each one! 

P.S. Everyone knows my moves are fly and I don’t owe you the pants!!!


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