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Hello Fellow Money Geeks!


I’d like to start this hosting session by thanking Michael for giving me the opportunity to host Best of the Web on his site. As a fairly new blogger, I feel like this is a great honor. I’ve really enjoyed Michael’s great content.


My name’s Sam, and I run the website: Wise Money Home


My goal for the website is to make it your home for wise money. I enjoy writing about the intersection of money, faith, and family.


I write from the perspective of pursuing financial independence on a median income with three kids under 5. I’m always looking to find the right balance of what to do with my time and money both now and in the future.


My day job is working as a program manager in healthcare. While I enjoy this job, my dream job is teaching personal finance to high school and college students.


3 posts I’m digging this week


It wasn’t easy finding only three posts to share. There are so many good posts out there, and so many fellow bloggers have been good to me.


Bert’s September Dividend Stock Watch List

The Dividend Diplomats


The Dividend Diplomats put out a lot of great content.


I picked this post because it does a great job of simplifying the thought process behind picking stocks for dividend growth investing.


It looks at P/E ratios, yield, growth rates, and payout ratios among other things.


This is a meat and potatoes post, and I’m a meat and potatoes kind of guy.


Why You’re Not Rich Yet (Or may never be)

Apathy Ends


I appreciated this post from Apathy Ends because it clearly reminds people of the ingredients it takes to accumulate wealth over time.


Most rich people don’t get rich super quickly or easily. It generally takes time, patience, and wise investing.


9 Lessons You Need to Teach Your Teenager About Investing

Miked Up Blog


Chelsea Brennan from Mama Fish Saves wrote this guest post on the Miked-Up Blog about teaching kids about investing.


I’m a huge advocate of financial literacy, and this post is a great starting point for talking to teenagers about investing.


It’s so important to get kids interested in personal finance and investing early, preferably before they go off to college and rack up a huge debt..


These 9 lessons break down some of the basic ideas anybody should know before they invest.


Wise Money Home and Geeky Facts


Thanks for sticking with me this far. I have a couple more posts to share with you that I wrote.


By far, my most popular post is Children Make Us Rich. It shows what’s important to me and why I’m not rushing towards retiring in my 30s at the expense of living life in the now with my family.


Another post that shows a bit of my personality is Personal Finance Principles. I value understanding the principles more than implementing the various methods. Understanding these is key to long-term success.


I don’t have a single fact that exemplifies my geekiness, but here are a few bits. I love spreadsheets and legos. Some friends call me The Professor, others call me SamWise. I mainly read non-fiction. I use the Rule of 72 to talk myself out of random purchases.


Thanks for reading! If you like it, feel free to follow me on Twitter.


Thanks for your take on this week’s posts, Sam! 


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