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It is an honor to host this week’s Best of the Web series by Michael Dinich. I would like to share some of my favorite posts for the week.


First, I will tell you a little about myself. I am an accountant by trade and decided to enter the world of financial blogging because I have been involved with finance since I graduated college.


I speak fluent Spanish. I entered accounting because I needed a job but learning languages has always been my first love (not counting my wife.)


I lived in Spain and my wife is from Nicaragua.  We have been married 41 years and we have a son, a daughter, and three grandchildren.


You can visit me at The Retirement Spot.


I am part of the FIRE group, not because I wanted to, but I was forced to because of a rare neurological disorder but I don’t let it get me down, at least I try not to.  I find blogging keeps my mind fresh and on my toes.


So without further ado let me get into what I have found are the best of the web this week.

3 Posts I Am Digging

Traveling with Cory Lee


My love of languages has given me a desire to travel the world. I am a bit apprehensive because of my disorder. That is why I found this post to be so inspirational.


Olivia from “Happy the Hollow’ interviews Cory Lee of Curb Free. What makes this post so interesting is Cory has traveled 26 countries in 6 continents in a wheelchair. He has Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA).


His adventures give me hope. If he can do it, I certainly should be able to do it.


 Why Doctors Lack Empathy – A War Story


Next, I ran across this post from the Physician Philosopher “Why doctors lack empathy.” This post also hit close to home.


Again, because of my neurological disorder, I run across many doctors who lack empathy. When I had my first symptoms, no one understood nor cared what I was going through. No one could figure it out so the medical community brushed me aside.


Physicians sometimes fail to realize that the medical establishment does not have all the answers.


Once, I ordered all my hospital records from Kaiser Hospital, and I found a conversation between my father and our physician that occurred when I was 15 years of age. The doctor asked my father “has your son taken any hallucinogens” to which my father responded, “Well, he has been kind of rebellious lately.”


The conclusion was I was either on drugs or it was in my head.


After decades, I finally found doctors who do empathize with my situation.


In my experience, I find that physicians who have compassion and empathy will be more successful in finding a cure for their patients.


It is interesting to see why doctors lack empathy from a physician’s perspective.


Suicide Prevention in the FIRE community


September is suicide prevention month, so I was drawn to this next post about Katie, a perfectionist who took her life when her world started to crumble.


My brother committed suicide. His story is on my blog.


Like my brother, when Katie committed suicide, no one saw It coming. I never imagined my brother was capable of taking his life. Neither my brother nor Kate had any history of mental illness. This post is well worth a read.


My Post You May Dig


Are You Frugal or Cheap or Are You Frugal Bordering on Cheap?    


And lastly, I would like to share one of my tongue-in-cheek posts. This post refers a lot to my dad.


I could sometimes never tell if my dad was frugal, cheap or both, so I wrote the post with him in mind. Sometimes there is a fine line between frugal and cheap.


Geeky Fact


I was such a nerd when it came to learning Spanish that I used to read the Spanish to Spanish dictionary. I didn’t understand the definitions in the dictionary, so I would read the definitions of each word I didn’t understand. By the time I was done, I had read the entire Spanish dictionary.


Thank you, Mark, for sharing your story and the posts that moved you. 

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