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Today I would like to announce a new series on the blog; Best Of The Web. Every Friday I will invite a fellow blogger to discuss their recommendations for the weekend’s must-read articles. Plus, we will dig into their geeky backstory!

Hello, fellow Money Geeks.

First off, thanks to Michael for letting me swing by. My name is Scott, I run the blog over at Making Momentum.

I’m shacked up here in Toronto, Ontario and enjoy craft beer, reading books by the waterfront, spending time adventuring the great outdoors with my amazing girlfriend and work in marketing and business development for a big brand.

Making Momentum is focused on taking control of your money and life. From the basics of personal finance and money management to traveling more for less and compounding small wins into something much bigger, the goal is to share resources, tips, and tools that help readers live the life they want.

 Posts I’m Digging This Week

Big City Vs. Small Town //Which Is Better for Saving for Early Retirement? from Our Next Life

Tanja from Our Next Life breaks down some of the key factors between the big city vs. small town decision and the potential impact on saving for early retirement. This digs into economic opportunity, transportation, activities, general pricing levels and a ton more between the two scenarios. It’s an awesome read! As someone who has lived in suburbia, a small university town and the downtown core of Canada’s biggest city, I can relate to the pros and cons of each.

How To Become A Millionaire And Get Rich The Right Way from Listen Money Matters

Lately, every single YouTube pre-roll ad I’m getting is about getting rich quick, fancy cars in garages and making millions passively. This post from Glenn at Listen Money Matters definitely isn’t that. This is about building wealth the “right way” through a long-term commitment to saving, investing and continued personal and professional improvement. It’s a big post but it pulls all those fundamental strategies and the mindset necessary into one insightful place.

Making Momentum Post You Might Dig:

Waking Up At 5 AM Changed My Life -Win The Morning, Win The Day

This is a post a little outside the general personal finance content structure. However, it has seemed to strike a chord with readers at Making Momentum and the broader public. The post has received over 1.6 million impressions on Pinterest, 60,000 pageviews since publishing and helped me connect with a broader audience.

I’ve always been a morning person my entire life, but as I progressed in the professional world I was stretching my alarm clock as late as possible and slowly becoming less productive in numerous areas of my life. Fed up with that negative shift, I decided I would wake up at 5 AM every day.

This has been the case for over two years and the benefits from doing so spread across my finances, health, productivity and general well-being. If it fits your lifestyle and you’re able to still get the necessary sleep to remain healthy, it could unlock major opportunities for you too.

The part of the post that has seemed to spark most interest from readers are the habits and routine I’ve developed to set myself up for success the night before and as soon as I wake up.

Early mornings aren’t for everyone, but it’s changed my life.

Geeky Fact

I’ve played the game Counter-Strike for almost 15 years. On top of that extended time in the game, I used to participate in local tournaments and online semi-pro leagues to compete for money as a teenager.

For those unfamiliar with Counter-Strike, it’s a 5v5 first-person shooter PC game where two teams compete against each other – one team looks to blow up specific targets, the other defends it (super bare bones explanation). There’s a whole in-game economy that fellow money nerds would appreciate as you need to manage that effectively as a team to take advantage of your opponents and control the map.

The game has blown up over recent years into one of the important global eSports with $1 million tournaments, a circuit of events all over the world and youngsters like the old me now earning over $200,000 annually. Rest assured, if this happened when I was a teenager I would be chasing that.

I still play every once in a while with my old high school buddies on the weekend when I have some free time and feel like I’ve been productive to earn some vegging out fun time.

Thank You, Scott, for this great post! I

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