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Thank you so much for having me.

I am the creative mastermind at My Early Retirement Journey. I am in my thirties and live on the East Coast where I reign as the last remaining single girl!

My Early Retirement Journey started as a personal finance blog chronicling my journey to early retirement because when I started my journey in Dec 2017 the space was filled with rich married white men that were already financially independent. Guess what, I’m not that! Now I mostly write about the daily struggle to reach early retirement.

3 Posts You Need to Read This Week


How Puerto Rico Became the Newest Tax Haven for the Super Rich


Horridly enough this post is from GQ. It highlights how some are taking advantage of Act 22. For those of you who have reached super rich status that you’ve moved from hacking your expenses to hacking your tax burden, you might enjoy this read.

Puerto Rico was also popping up a lot for me because it’s an overlooked US territory. Yet it hit healthcare (my industry) hard when thirty percent of the drugs on our project were affected by the saline shortage earlier this year due to the natural disasters in Puerto Rico.

How Puerto Rico Became the Newest Tax Haven for the Super Rich

A year after the tragedy of Hurricane Maria, the 51st state has become the favorite playground for extremely wealthy Americans looking to keep their money from the taxman. The only catch? They have to cut all ties to the mainland (wink, wink).

Early Retirement – How much do you need?


This post by Tuppenny is what drew me to her story. I had not previously thought of the idea of enough when I first started my personal finance journey. She highlights what their “enough” is and what it does and does not afford them.

Early Retirement – How much do you need?

Mr2P and I are planning an early retirement soon; in our early 50’s as we will have enough money to do so, but we don’t have anything like a million pounds in savings. Our enough will allow us to live quietly and fully without working.



Five Ways My Poor Mom Set Me Up for a Rich Life


I wanted to highlight the work of a new blogger like me but this post captivated me this week. If you can’t tell by now, I enjoy the backstory behind each person’s personal finance journey. Her story of growing up immigrant resembles my story. I sometimes wonder what else I could have become with a slightly more stable upbringing.

Five Ways My Poor Mom Set Me Up for a Rich Life | THE LUXE STRATEGIST

Compared to today’s parenting ideals, my mom broke every rule in the book, whether she knew it or not. She was illiterate, so there were no books in the house. She didn’t believe in babysitters, and left my sister and me home alone when we were as young as four and six.


A My Early Retirement Journey Post That Might Make You Bristle


How To Recognize Your Privilege: A Beginner’s Guide for White Men

I wrote this post about six months into FIRE and blogging about FIRE. I got tired of the big bloggers highlighting all the great choices they made making no mention that they started out ahead (though they didn’t think so). You might not get it, and you’ll likely disagree. But having a voice in the conversation is why I started blogging in the first place!

How To Recognize Your Privilege: A Beginner’s Guide for White Men – My Early Retirement Journey

I find that many men of privilege often have a hard time accepting that fact. From what I’ve gathered, they seem to think unless there was an actual silver or platinum spoon in their mouth, they have in fact made their own way of their own accord. I scoff at you, I scoff.


Geeky Fact


I might be too geeky to think of anything remarkable. I tend to avoid high school stories, but for this I shall make an exception. I was a mathlete in high school. I spent quite a few Saturdays at math competitions. (My other Saturdays were at drama and speech competitions.) I went on to get an undergraduate degree in mathematics – I loved it that much! You certainly couldn’t have guessed that given my personal finance history, but there you have it!

Side note. I was also prom queen. That’s just to show you, you can’t box people in.

Thank you so much for reading! Stop by my site when you get a chance. It’ll be great!


Thank You, MERJ, for hosting today’s Best of The Web.


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