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I’m Mike from MikedUp Blog. First off, I want to issue a big “Thank You!” to Michael Dinich for the opportunity to share some words and posts with you – I’m thrilled to be here!


MikedUp Blog is all about helping you find a better version of yourself through improvements in fitness, finance, and family. My posts share actionable details about the wins and losses in my life and those around me – and all that we learn along the way! I’ve been fortunate to have a few “teachable moments” throughout my life. Here’s a paragraph I share on my Start Here page to sum it up:


I played football in college, got injured, gained too much weight, then lost ~ 65 pounds. I have an intense drive to keep that weight off.

My degrees are in molecular biology and ecology. I’ve been fortunate to have worked, a lot – in a bunch of different fields (as a landscaper, men’s fragrance salesman, coach, server, quality supervisor, forensic scientist, blogger, and now CEO…) and in varying places (Ohio, Maui, Costa Rica, the Gulf of Mexico,…).

My wife and I took out some sizeable loans for her to go to graduate school and for us to buy our business, and we are working to pay off that debt and grow the business. We believe in credit cards that don’t carry a balance from one month to the next (love the points, hate the interest). We put family first and love vacations. Our world centers around our daughter.


3 Posts I’m stoked to share this week:


1- How To Save On Healthcare Costs (Jim – The White Coat Investor)


You want to help me reduce healthcare costs? I’m in. Oh, and you’re a doctor who knows the system inside and out? Yeah, now I’m glued. Jim is a licensed physician with over a decade in practice and he’s taken the liberty to give us some actionable and (actually) achievable pieces of advice to help reduce or eliminate health-related costs.

As we’ve set off in business for ourselves and will soon be responsible for our entire healthcare costs, this post was of particular importance to me. But even if you’re someone on the man’s plan, there are tips here to help keep you out of the office and on your feet. Make sure to read up!



2- The Costs of Having a New Baby (Jamie – Mr. Jamie Griffin)


As the father of a 3-year-old with the potential for more kiddos down the way, this post was a great refresher and brought back one of my most terrifying moments in life. My wife and I planned extensively for our hospital costs associated with the delivery of our first child.

We knew when mom’s out of pocket max would be met and what would be required over that “maximum.” The first day we got a bill for our daughter (which I hadn’t yet realized would come) – it took me about 15 minutes to recollect myself. No worries though because Jamie now has us covered!

He walks us through the expected and potentially unexpected costs of your new little one and makes sure you don’t overlook a cost so obvious to all (other than me…). If kids are in your future, you’d be wise to check this post out!



3- 20 Reasons Why I spent Over $10,000 on a Home Gym (Miguel – The Rich Miser)


While I’m not planning to shell out $10k on a home gym, my optimistic-self thinks that a (less expensive) home gym could be in my future. Aside from the convenience factor of having the gym in your house, Miguel goes on to extensively explain why what some may consider a luxury item should be at least considered as a staple.

Hey, I write about fitness on occasion, so the “fitness as a priority” point isn’t a hard sell on me, but if we’re remembering back to my featured article #1 up there – there’s more benefit to increased fitness level than just glamour.

Miguel admits he could’ve done the home gym for less. But like his price tag, his article doesn’t skimp on excellent reasons why having your own home gym is a phenomenal benefit. Check it out!



MikedUp Blog Post I hope you’re stoked about:


How Not to Have a Stress-Induced Heart Attack Before Age 35


Did I mention in my bio (above) that I have a lot going on these days? Well about 6-month ago my day job, personal life, blogging, and buying and growing our business all caught up to me one week when my teammate was on the DL (disabled list).


My wife caught the flu and all these obligations and stressors eventually boiled up to a point that at the time was one of the worst moments of my life… But in retrospect, that sequence of days was one of the best things that ever happened to me.


I ended up working with some family, my friends, and a professional to come up with my 10-Step plan to reduce stress and avoid burnout. I’ve been employing the strategy ever since and that’s what’s included in the meat of this post.


I was thrilled to see that so many others appeared to get value from the post as it was shared as a Rockstar Feature last month and helped expose my site to a whole new crop of readers. If you struggle with stress or anxiety, or if you’re looking to avoid these pesky conditions, I’d love it if my post could help you in some way!


Geeky Fact:


I met my wife by teaching her how to use a microscope… Does it get geekier than that?


Thank you, Mike, for hosting this weeks Best of The Web!

Special Post:

Russell Hodgkinson: “Doc” from the hit show Z Nation shares his Success Story

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