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Hello everyone, Chris here and I’m the outdoors loving writer, blogger and photographer over at Mindful Explorer. A big thanks to Michael for this opportunity to share my blog and what blog posts from others that I’m stoked on this week.

My blog started out as a way to share my thoughts on my path of discovery and diving into the financial independence world. It was a journey of living a new way with my daily habits towards money. Along the journey I found that my beliefs and what I valued most changed along the way.

My full embrace of personal finance blogs with the consumption of every post I could find has changed my life forever. It encouraged me to move across the country to the west coast of Canada. To sell all the excess in our life, downsize our home, live more frugally embracing simple living as well as saving the most money in our entire lives.

Thanks to blogs like Michael’s and all the others out there I was able to retire early last year and pursue my passion side hustle. I now focus full time on my photography, freelance writing and of course my blog. Thanks to principles I utilized I now have the peace of mind and financial safety net to live my life to the fullest.


Thanks to principles I utilized I now have the peace of mind and financial safety net to live my life to the fullest. - Chris, Mindful Explorer Click To Tweet


The goal of my Mindful Explorer blog is to inspire others, to share mindfulness as a way of life and of course encourage readers to get outdoors. My blog posts will sometimes cover topics on personal finance, living simply and being aware of our consumer choices while saving aggressively for the future.

Mindful Explorer may now focus mostly on my passion of the outdoors you will still see important messages and posts on personal finance weaved within it.


3 Blog Posts that stood out this past week for me


Want to retire early?
Make lots of money and don’t have kids.


I enjoyed this article from Steve a lot. Lately he has been opening up and becoming more critical of content circulating in the personal finance world. He is doing so in a positive manner though encouraging readers to engage deeper into the foundational practices of the financial independence movement.

The blog post also takes aim at the haters and commenter’s out there who read articles and come up with countless excuses. Yes some people have higher incomes, no kids or live in a lower cost of living area than others.

The thing is though, the personal finance decisions you need to make begin with you deciding to commit. Deciding to make a difference in your financial life regardless of your place in life.


Buyerarchy of Needs


J.Money at Budgets are Sexy is always on the ball with finding gems in content for us personal finance fans. When he isn’t sharing his own great ideas he is sharing ones like the most recent one of Sarah Lazarovic.

The Buyerarchy of Needs is a simple concept but hits straight to the core of the most important drain on our money, consumerism. With this simple to follow chart you can develop a rational decision making process to meeting your needs and ultimately helping you save money.


Gift of Light: Kilimanjaro


There are many bloggers in the personal finance world out there I really enjoy but I connect with AF (Accidental Fire) a lot. It is most likely because we both have a huge passion for the outdoors and being in the mountains. I enjoyed this blog post because even though it is recapping climbing a mountain there is a personal finance story.

To me it was about reflecting on our current position in life and being mindful of our reactions to events. It was also about knowing that when we think we need fancy houses, cars or belongings we just need to look at what makes others happy around the world.

Mindful Explorer Blog Post
I think your readers will enjoy


Money tips to fund your next adventure


For your readers and the majority of us that love the principles of the financial freedom movement this list is pretty straightforward. What makes me happy about this post though is who my readers have become on my website. My blog is for the most part capturing outdoor enthusiasts and travelers.

With this post, my goal was to engage a large base that loves to travel and adventures but softly introduce them to the personal finance world. I introduce some of my favorite bloggers and money saving ideas I engage with the most. The post is valuable new lifestyle financial information for visitors and a good refresh to those if us well versed on financial independence.

Fun possibly geeky fact
about Mindful Explorer


I use the name “Stasher” on my Instagram and Twitter as well as it being my username on all the forums I am a member of. So what the heck does that mean?

Well honestly it’s really simple, it’s my nickname that I got from my friends in college. My last name is Istace and you say it like this, Iss-tash. My friends ended up cutting it down to “Stash” all the time and eventually it morphed to “Stasher”. 20 plus years later I still have friends who have almost never called me Chris.


Thank you, Stasher (lol), for your incredibly insightful commentary on this week’s Best of the Web round up! 


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